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Submission + - Safe Cracking Robot (

mschaffer writes: Kyle Vogt and Grant Jordan built this safe cracking robot in 2006. It’s designed to open any safe that uses a Sergent and Greenleaf 8500 series lock. These locks are classified as “manipulation proof” by the manufacturer.
Well, I guess this the locks are still "manipulation proof" as they were only able to open the safe with the correct combination.

Comment Re:torrent (Score 1) 198

No, they should calculate a checksum for the infringing file

They DO.

This would still not prevent people from uploading the file again if they really want to, but they would have to modify it in some way (for example package it into a new zip file) which is a lot more work than just uploading it unchanged.

Yes, that is correct, except the part about it being “a lot more work”.

Comment Re:My kids are not vaccinated. (Score 1) 813

Thiomersal is added as a preservative ... i.e. make it safer for longer

That is not what a preservative does. Formaldehyde is a very effective preservative but that does not make it safe for human consumption.

Preservatives are chemical stabilizers and/or toxins intended to prevent biological activity. To preserve things intended to go in the human body, you have to use a preservative that is non-toxic to humans in that concentration, and that doesn’t build up gradually to toxic levels.

E.g. salt is toxic in high concentrations but is safely used as a preservative. Suppose a 28 gram portion of cooked sausage contains 183 mg sodium; that is a concentration of over 6,500 PPM. However it is perfectly safe when it dilutes in the human body, and since salt is extremely water-soluble it normally flushes out of the human body long before it could build up to a toxic level.

Comment Re:People like cages (Score 1) 408

It would be good for you to kill yourself. Messily and painfully, please.

Your extreme jealousy and/or hatred of me is not warranted.

I mean, really. There is no cage. Your extreme jealousy and/or hatred of Apple is not warranted.

Nothing in my post inferred extreme jealousy and/or hatred of Apple. You’re imagining things.

Comment Famous British autism study? (Score 0) 813

TFA specified that the study was:
    published by the British medical journal BMJ
    performed by Dr. Andrew Wakefield
    an 'Elaborate Fraud', and deliberately so

About the only thing it didn’t tell me was that it was the famous study linking autism with vaccines, which was sort of the most important point...

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