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Submission + - Microsoft Unleashes Second Raspberry Pi IoT Starter Kit

Mickeycaskill writes: Microsoft is releasing a second version of its Raspberry Pi Internet of Things (IoT) starter pack, which combines microcomputer hardware with a lightweight version of Windows 10.

The new version come with the Raspberry Pi 3, a beefed up version of its predecessor with integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, making it more flexible without the need for hardware add-ons.

Microsoft also announced a new IoT starter kit created by Seeed Studio. The Seeed Grove Starter Kit for IoT based on Raspberry Pi, is how its rather clunky name would suggest; an IoT package that can be used with the Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi 2, and comes with the Grove connector, a module that offers common connectors for sensors in order to make it easier to connect them to a device platform without the need to worry about soldering electrical wires.

The package comes with Windows 10 Core, but also works with Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

Comment Re:You do, obviously (Score 1) 367

You just said you don't trust the evil right-wing blogs.

It's got very little to do with blogs being evil or right-wing, and far more to do with spouting unsourced assertions. And yes, evil left-wing blogs do this too.

But when Bernie does it his numbers "have merit" and are "mostly true." When Trump does it he's "misleading" and "mostly false." Fuck you politifact.

The difference is that Sanders qualified his statements to refer to a more specific demographic:

"If you look at Latino kids between 17 and 20 who graduated high school, 36 percent of them are unemployed or underemployed. African-American kids are unemployed or underemployed to the tune of 51 percent."

(emphasis mine). Trump didn't; his claim was far more sweeping:

"If you look at what’s going on in this country, African-American youth is an example: 59 percent unemployment rate; 59 percent," Trump said.

Politifact asked both candidates to clarify; Sanders pointed them at research supporting his more-specific claim, while Trump did not respond. They speculate that Trump perhaps meant everyone who wasn't working, including students and others who weren't even looking for work, which is not the official definition of "unemployment rate". There's a reason the BLS lists Employed and Unemployed rates separately; they measure different things.

Surely you can see the difference between those two claims? Trump's broader claim, using the normally-accepted definition of "unemployment", does not come close to the current figures. Sanders' more-specific claim was supported by research. If Trump wants his assertions to be accepted, he either needs to be more specific, or to back them up with sources.

More importantly, Politifact a) examined the actual words said, with some context, b) provided sources for their figures, and c) fully explained their reasoning. That's all we can ask a fact-checking site to do, as it allows us to see why they made their judgement. You're free to assume a different interpretation of the words if you like, and also to link to other fact-checking sites that hopefully provide equally lucid reasoning. But claiming that "they said the same thing and Politifact supported one and not the other" is clearly not the case.

Also, I did not claim that the left doesn't tear down sources (they certainly do), I said "they rarely work this hard to tear down every reputable source". Perhaps we have different definitions of "reputable"? My idea of a reputable source is one that provides well-researched sources (peer-reviewed where possible) for their claims, and makes it clear when they are indulging in speculation. There are plenty of blogs on both sides that fail at this, but fact-checking sites generally try harder. I'm sure Breitbart comes out with well-researched pieces too, but there's a lot of articles full of unsourced assertions mixed in with them, which does not do their reputation much good. One can hope that their higher-quality points are picked up and repeated by more reputable sites, where they may get a broader audience.

My point was less about political mud-slinging, since that's a god-awful mess on both sides that I have little interest in (not being American), but more about the common theme of science denial that a fairly large proportion of conservatives seem fond of (in my country too). That this is being extended to fact-checking sites worries me, particularly the assumption that any fact-checking site would automatically be assumed by the right to be biased towards the left. Is objective truth really considered so hard to pin down, now? Are there no well-sourced fact-checking sites that the political right feels comfortable with?

Submission + - Exploding Samsung phones may be more widespread than previously thought (

squiggleslash writes: Samsung is already feeling the heat from its exploding Note 7 phones, but according to The Guardian a lawsuit has been filed alleging Samsung's phones have for years shown similar defects. From the S6 to the Acclaim R880, the lawsuit covers 30 incidents where phones other than the Note 7 ignited into flames or became burning hot. The lawsuit may light a fire underneath Samsung's engineering group and force them to confront the issue.

Submission + - SPAM: Google's Eric Schmidt Working Directly With the Clinton Campaign

An anonymous reader writes: Eric Schmidt, the chief executive of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is working directly with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, according to a memo contained within an email released by WikiLeaks.

“Discreet conversations” of forming “working relationships” with companies such as Facebook and Apple were also facilitated as early as October 2014, the memo stated. This is at least six months prior to when Clinton announced her candidacy for president.

The document was attached to an Oct. 26, 2014 email sent from Robby Mook, now Clinton’s campaign manager, to Cheryl Mills, a longtime Clinton aide; David Plouffe, Barack Obama’s previous campaign manager; and John Podesta, Clinton’s current campaign chairman whose email account was compromised.

The email was posted to Wikileaks after hackers believed to be working with the Russian government breached Podesta’s email account.

Link to Original Source

Comment Re:You do, obviously (Score 1) 367

It's been asserted a million times. And I don't doubt one could find examples of fact-checking sites deliberately obscuring the truth - I certainly see it often enough on less-reputable blogs (the ones that rarely bother to cite sources).

But if you want to convince people that most fact-checking sites are just propaganda tools, you're going to have to show evidence of this. You know, like the fact-checking sites are supposed to. Telling people doesn't work, as you say, but showing them sometimes does.

It's interesting how it seems it's always the conservatives leading the charge against any source of objective truth - "scientists can't be trusted, peer review doesn't work, fact-checking sites are biased, the truth is what I say it is and you'd think the same if you just googled the blogs yourself". While the far left spouts their own brand of bullshit, they rarely work this hard to tear down every reputable source that disagrees. Why is that?

Comment Windows is the platform most open... ly hostile. (Score 2) 284

Okay, an attempt at a translation:

Nadella: "Windows is the most open platform there is"

Translation: Windows is the platform most openly hostile to users.

I doubt that Nadella is actually CEO of Microsoft. He seems far too socially inept. I'm guessing he was chosen as a kind of front man because he was less obviously annoying than others who were considered.

I also doubt that the former CEO, Steve Ballmer, was actually CEO. Business Week Magazine called Steve Ballmer "Monkey Boy" on the cover of the magazine. Could someone called Monkey Boy run a technology company?

Submission + - VeraCrypt Security Audit Reveals Many Flaws, Some Already Patched ( 1

Orome1 writes: VeraCrypt, the free, open source disk encryption software based on TrueCrypt, has been audited by experts from cybersecurity company Quarkslab. The researchers found 8 critical, 3 medium, and 15 low-severity vulnerabilities, and some of them have already been addressed in version 1.19 of the software, which was released on the same day as the audit report.

Comment Re:You do, obviously (Score 1) 367

they're really just propaganda and get cited as if they're authority

And here we have another claim that doesn't cite any sources (and no, Politifact doesn't say that).

If you have specific issues, cite specific examples. If you think that a fact-checking site is wrong about the literal facts, then cite a reputable source that disproves that. If you think that a fact-checking site is misinterpreting an issue, then cite sources that you think don't, preferably ones at least as reputable. Then people can decide for themselves.

That your unsourced assertion got marked as Insightful is exactly why we need fact-checking sites in the first place, or we'll all get buried in the bullshit.

Submission + - SPAM: Possible Internet "Kill Switch" used?

michaelwigle writes: The idea of the U.S. being able to "kill" the Internet if necessary has been discussed before. It was generally thought of as a bit of a "nuclear option". However, it looks possible that we have just seen a surgical outage that targeted certain key areas for a specific amount of time with a pretty fast response. It was all centered around a possible WikiLeaks release that turned out to be a "no go".
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Submission + - WikiLeaks has their internet intentionally cut off by a 'state party' (

DirkDaring writes: "Julian Assange's internet link has been intentionally severed by a state party. We have activated the appropriate contingency plans." Wikileaks mentioned in a tweet early Monday morning. The internet is one of the few, if not only, available ways for Julian Assange, who has been locked up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for more than four years, to maintain contact with the outside world.

Submission + - UK Freezes Accounts For Russian State News Agency Russia Today (

alternative_right writes: The broadcaster, which is funded by the Kremlin, provides English language news on its satellite channel across Europe.

Tweeting in Russian, its chief executive Margarita Simonyan said: "They've closed our accounts in Britain. All our accounts. 'The decision is not subject to review.' Praise be to freedom of speech!"

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