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Comment Do not Know (Score 3, Interesting) 857

My first home computer: A hand-me-down Apple ][ Plus in 1985 (on a loan).

The first computer in which I did serious work: A Sanyo MBC-555 (WordStar, CalcStar) 1984

The first Computer I programmed: Commodore 64 (Basic and Logo) 1984-1985.

The first computer which was my own: A comodore PC-10 1988 (yes, with MS-DOS 3.2 and an 4.77 Mhz 8088 CPU).

Comment Being able to understand the whole stack (Score 5, Informative) 467

Being able to understand the computer top to bottom, that's what I miss about that era.

Yes, it was frustrating to try and make it stable and configure it. But the HW, and the OS and the SW were so simple that, if you were so inclined, you could deeply understand the whole stack...

Nowadays, not anymore...

Comment Meanwhile other forward looking Directors... (Score 1) 360

... will begin to use digital Cameras, digital editing, and produce Netflix-front-and-center typw of films (not that they will not release in cinemas, DVD and Blue-Ray, mind you).

So the movie will be produced first and foremost to play to Netflix (and other streaming services) strenghts and limitations, and all the other forms of distribution will be an accesory revenue.

In 10 or so years, well check back to see who's making better, financially speaking.

Comment I am on Pro with deferred updates... (Score 1) 239

So, when the update comes my way in a few more months, with fewer rough edges after the microsoft personel apha tested it, the insiders beta-1 tested it and the home users beta-2 tested it, I'll be glad to be a beta-3 tester for the enterprise guys ;-)

More seriously, yes, i''l get it, but will not go out of my way to get it on April, or may, or june, or july, or...
Besides, I use a mac, this is in Bootcamp anyhow.

Comment The report from ArsTechnica (Score 2) 98

... here:

Especulates that:

  ***The custom version developed under the joint venture is essentially a custom image of Windows 10 at its core, with a set of policy settings hard-coded for government users. It's not clear if additional code is being added to the image.***

So, they changed some Registry Keys and Group Policies, and you do not have to play wack-a-mole every time an update comes...

Also, please remember that:

*** The Chinese government, like the US government, has been permitted source code review for security purposes in a secured lab at Microsoft's China Information Technology Security Certification Center in Beijing since 2003.***

So, most likely, the chinese already reviewed the telemerty and deemed it non threathening (or negotiated with microsoft to get a copy of it ;-) ).

But5 at this point, all is especulation, only time will tell...

Comment Not available in the oficial Mozilla site (Score 1) 91

As of March 2PM Eastern time, the official Mozilla Firefox ESR site

is still offering ESR 45.8.0 and NOT esr 52.0.0

Please notice that TFA links to their own download site and NOT Mozilla's


As per the NPAPI support:

NPAPI support is there in the code, since the NPAPI Flash plug-in still works. Is only that Mozilla's developers decided to disable it for all other plugins.
Plugins that do not use NPAPI are failing because Firefox is slowly rolling out multiplrocess (project electrolysis) and this interferes with Plugins.
As for Ad-ons (which are different beasts than plugins), the problem is both project Electrolysis AND the fact that Mozilla is migrating from their plug-in APIs of yore, to an API similar (but no completely equal to) chrome's, for security and performance reasons.

The path of least resistance, at least for now, is to install ESR 52, disable multiprocess and hang on to it until around june next year. Also, bear in mind that, on older hardware, Multiprocess (think core processos before the i series, specialy 2 cores non multithreaded machines) is actually SLOWER than the singlethreaded firefox way. This is specially important for Plugins used to handle pro grade equipment (servers, networking gear, etc)

The harder, but more efective long term path is to upgrade/substitute problematic Plug-Ins and AdOns and embrace the more secure multiprocessing future head on. Or change browser...

Me, I have been on the ESR channel since it was enabled, so you now my answer... ;-) :-P

Comment OFFLINE Storage, with FS Access (Score 5, Informative) 475

That a job for Linear Tape FileSystem

Tape is (still) the best medium for Long Term Storge. Over the years tape (or more likely, the engineers) has agresively incorporated in the standards things like FEC codes (from reed-solomon to more exotic ones nowadays).

And since 2010, with LTFS, you can aceess the files with the convenience of a normal filesystem (but bear in mind, access is slow as hell).

Back up your data to tape (more than one set), and send it to specialized offline storage facilities (cimate controlled: ie. temperature/humidity/dust/light control) from different providers, in diferente geographical areas.

Since now there is only one true-tape standard (LTO-7 released in 2015, the tape business has been shrinking, so the proliferation os standards seems to be over now), so, if you use that today, chances are you will still find equipment to read it 50 years from now. Nonetheless, keep a few (as in two or more) SYSTEMS (Computer+Drive+SW) set up so that you can re-read. A cheapo micro formfactor mobo with an Atom Pocessor (but NOT the Atom C2000series PLEASE), linux, a 1Gbps nic and a tape drive should be more than enough. ....

Now, for Online, as other posters have said, ZFS WITH ECC memory (and therefore, a very expensive Xeon, or AMD server type mobo) and JBOD will do the trick.

Comment How is this lashvertisement... (Score 0) 62

... news for nerds and stuff that matters for readers in:
New Zealand?
South Africa?

Or a long etcetera (basicaly)?

I mean, like many sites, slashdot started in the US, but have international following. Would be interesting to know if the US readership is bigger than the rest of the world combined.

I get it that the Advertisements could be targetd to the US if they are the most receptive. But this is suppoed to be an article...

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