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Submission + - Oracle loses Itanium case, owes $3 billion to HP (indiatimes.com)

drainbramage writes: HP had an agreement with Oracle for software for the Itanium processor. Sometime after HP sunsetted the series Oracle stopped developing for that processor.
HP sued Oracle saying their agreement held even though HP had stopped development and was dropping production.
HP won.

Comment Re:"Sigh. Here, I'll just fix it." (Score 1) 523

You are 100% correct, if not more so.
I have cow-workers that I have enabled to show up late, take 2 hour lunches, and leave early.
They are perfectly happy showing me their failed code and have me fix it.
I do the work, they get the credit.
If I point out that I deserve credit for finally getting the thing wotking the word I hear most often is "Trivial".
My fault for allowing it, would like to finf a manager that cared though.
In fact my manager says "No one can be abused without their consent".
It's a real learning experience for me.

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