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Comment Every molecule is moving, every one. (Score 1) 134

Not a lot of CRT's left around to demonstrate this to people though.
It's not just the horizontal and vertical deflection coils, the flyback transformer can be quite noisy.
As these things age the varnish binding the coils can deteriorate allowing movement.
The plates in the flyback transformer can suffer a similar fate.

Comment What is KDE Connect? (Score 2) 30

Been using KDE for years, had not heard of KDE Connect. So thank you!
Per their site
KDE Connect is a project that aims to communicate all your devices. For example, with KDE Connect you can receive your phone notifications on your computer, or just use your phone as a remote control for your desktop. To achieve this, KDE Connect implements a secure communication protocol over the network, and allows any developer to create plugins on top of it. Currently there are KDE Connect clients on KDE, Android and Blackberry, and soon we will support iPhone as well.

Comment Slashvertisement much? (Score 1) 425

The "Mark Zuckerberg of guns"??
Is Zuckerberg a massive failure too?
Does he champion a product that fleeces stupid investors too? Okay, that might be a draw.
              (He said draw, while talking about guns! He should be banned!)
Beautiful, take away the ability to use it the the most common function of self defense but cleverly leave the common use of sick peope available, suicide.
I submit they ought to name this suicidal gun "The Kevorkian, model 666".
It's also cheeper than my obamacare deductables by far.

Submission + - Oracle loses Itanium case, owes $3 billion to HP (

drainbramage writes: HP had an agreement with Oracle for software for the Itanium processor. Sometime after HP sunsetted the series Oracle stopped developing for that processor.
HP sued Oracle saying their agreement held even though HP had stopped development and was dropping production.
HP won.

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