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Submission + - Samsung Galaxy Ace Style LTE Full Specs (

An anonymous reader writes: Samsung is currently one of the leading companies in producing smartphones which hit the market with high expectations and never fail to impress. Samsung secretly launched one of the Galaxy Ace Style variant called Galaxy Ace Style LTE. It is priced at EUR 199 (nearly 15500 INR) on its German website. But does it make up for its worth? Will it survive the endless competition in the smartphone world? Let’s find out

Submission + - What are the Unwritten Rules of Deleting Code? ( 3

Press2ToContinue writes: I came across this page that asks the question, "what are the unwritten rules of deleting code?"

It made me realize that I have seen no references to generally-accepted best-practice documents regarding code modification, deletion, or rewrites. I would imagine /.'s have come across them if they exist. The answers may be somewhat language-dependent, but what best practices do /.'s use when they modify production code?


Submission + - Eight Cool Tools For Data Analysis, Visualization (

Lucas123 writes: Tools used by tech pubs for data-crunching are generally useful for a wide range of other, non-journalistic tasks — and that includes software that's been specifically designed for newsroom use. For example, GitHub has a host of Unix-like command-line tools for importing, analyzing and reformatting comma-separated data files without having to use an Excel spreadsheet. FreeDive is an er... free way to easily create your own databases from spreadsheets without writing code. And, Mr. Data Converter is a tool that can generate XML, JSON, ASP/VBScript or basic HTML table formatting as well as arrays in PHP, Python (as a dictionary) and Ruby.

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