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Comment Re:It's a start! (Score 0) 208

2) Force employers to pay a 10% tax on that salary

Isn't this the part where all the "free market" believers tell us that "companies never pay taxes, they just pass them on to their customers"?

So far, we've got Trump proposing a 35% tax on US companies that build products overseas and Slashdot fools telling us that raising taxes on companies will lead to greater employment.

Did something change with the Trump inauguration that's suddenly made believers in "economic liberty and small government" love taxes?

Comment Re:There are fatter phones out there, buy one. (Score 1) 86

those are your choices with pretty much every single product in the world.

No. There are more smartphones than cars in the world, but I can buy a Ford with an automatic transmission, a manual transmission, a big trunk, a small trunk, hatchback, truck bed or 20" rims that spin backward when I drive.

So where is my 2017 Samsung or Apple with a replaceable battery?

Comment How do I block this? (Score 2) 157

That is my only question. How do I block this?

I see a dire need for a subscription service that stays on top of blocking all the shit that MS seems to think that they can infest our computers with. I didn't buy my computer to be a MS advertizing machine. I bought it to work. I have cut all forms of media that I can that advertize at me out of my life. No radio, no TV, adblock, I even hate roadside signs.

I literally was thinking of moving to a city I recently visited because they banned all but the smallest of outdoor signs. Certainly nothing that was like the eyeball melting LED signs that are at every major intersection in any city where the government hates the people.

So I switched to MS for visual studio. But I am 100% leaving if I see more than one or two popups like this. Definitely a 3 strikes and windows is off my machine.

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