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Comment Nuclear is stupid; here is why (Score 1) 146

I'm giving up moderating hoping to wake some people up.

1) Nuclear power takes 10+ years to build. This is fact not some next gen "in 5 years" magical nuclear power which can go from permit to power in a year. By the time they build nuclear power, the coal plants will have been running too long. Global warming has time limits... which we probably passed already (but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to minimize how much we are screwed.)

2) Solar is cheaper than nuclear, has been for years now. Wind I believe did or will soon.

3) Nuclear is HEAVILY subsidized by government, it's totally dishonest. If you subsidized solar and wind that much they'd be so much cheaper it would be funny to look at anything else. (coal is subsidized too; even with automation killing about half their jobs natural gas is the main reason they can't compete and I don't think natural gas is subsidized as much as coal.)

4) Base power issues are almost solvable with an upgraded GRID. the transition process might take 10 years (depending on our motivation if we acted like this was WW3 it would be done in no time.) Natural Gas can fill the gap.

5) Battery storage is a new market. It is moving quickly. We could move to storage right now at higher prices-- we don't need to WAIT for the perfect solution-- which is a common trick used to delay progress. The time and cost wasted on nuclear can be put into battery storage power. If we are SERIOUS we can take the added expense on, it's pure BS to say we can't do something right now.

6) Nuclear regulation is poor and less of it won't help; more of it likely won't help either since it's just more of the same incompetence. They only people who seem capable of managing nuclear properly is our military. The worries about it being safe are totally justified. Sure newer stuff is better, the newest things actually being done NOW are way better but are they as safe as our growing incompetence? I think that is hard to predict... Maybe the "in 5 years" tech will be that safe but it's going to take too long to implement even with a faster build process because it's new tech that won't be proven for maybe the 10 years a conventional nuclear plant would take to build.

7) too many people. most problems are a result of too many people in the world. that is the topic that never gets discussed. we will have 10 billion people not long from now unless a bunch die off. (many years ago now everybody needed was born-- they will have kids at projected rates and that gives us 10 billion. known. already. trends have to drastically change for the basic stats to not be proven true.)

Comment Libtard thermometers (Score 0) 142

Thermometers are just tools of libtard propaganda. I mean, how can I possibly have a so-called "fever" if my feet are cold? Where are the peer-reviewed scientific papers that show thermometers aren't a hoax? And I don't mean in libtard fake "scientific" journals like Nature, but in legitimate journals like this one:

Trump needs to outlaw thermometers, is what.

Comment Re:BeauHD, can we get some programming subs? (Score 1) 83

I'm not going to create yet another online account just to submit content here to you for free!

Wait a minute. You're complaint is that you don't want to submit content for free but you want more articles about an open source programming language?

You might want to think that through.

Comment Re: theodp (Score 1) 198

It helps to know something about the topic you post to ... just an idea.

It helps to be right when you tell someone else they are wrong. Since I'm a physician I kind of have an inkling about what they do and do not teach in medical school. You are confusing osteopathy and orthopedics. Kind of like the difference between a maxillary surgeon and a dental assistant. I dare you to visit a chiropractor with a type III C compound fracture.

Comment Re:Bleep this (Score 2) 34

(Fucking salt lamps, really? I knew people were stupid, but come on)

One of my neighbors got a salt lamp for Christmas and put it on the curb for garbage pickup by New Year's Eve. I saw it when I was walking the dog and snatched it up. I was hoping to wrap it again and re-gift it to someone as a gag, but my wife saw it and plugged it in. Now it sits as a night light on the counter in the hallway going to the bathroom. True story.

I don't know about any health benefits, but it is strangely attractive. A light bulb inside a lump of salt. Who would've thunk it?

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