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Submission + - Ashley Madison facing FTC inquiry (theguardian.com)

bobthesungeek76036 writes: Troubles for extramarrital website Ashley Madison are not over. Parent company Avid Life Media has released that they are being investigated by the US FTC. Probably over false advertising over the female membership which was revealed to be mostly fembots in the aftermath of the recent hack.

Comment I'm confused (Score 1) 77

To you get to keep this watt-a-box after you have eaten your food? The article is not clear on that point. If not then it's not that practical. For fast food, I sit around 20min to eat. That's not very long on the charger. Probably give you 10-15% battery maybe? But if you get to keep this box then that must jack up the price???

Comment Re:Cool (Score 1) 1023

Taxes? Healthcare? Months of the year when lawns don't get maintained? Maintaining a competitive advantage in an essentially no-skill occupation?

Seriously??? He did say "Texas" and "Mexican". I'm sure taxes and healthcare is not in play here. And here in Texas I mow my lawn from March to November so there's not much downtime for the lawncare industry.

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