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Comment Re:Fake Title Alert (Score 1) 76

TRUMP! Was Most 'Talked About'

Indeed! Love him or hate him, he is entertaining. If you love him, he's entertaining at Making America Great Again; and if you hate him, he's comparable to one or more of the following:

1. Slow-motion train wreck
2. Batman villain in action
3. A 5-year-old who's had too much cake and ice-cream

Just can't turn your eyes away.

Comment Re:Hmm... interesting. (Score 1) 122

Not really. A single major incident could cost them a million or more in liability. If there are only 100,000 (of the 5M manufactured) in the wild, and they continue to have problems at the original 1/200000 per month, that's 6 potential liability claims a year on a product with no revenue. They're offering a full refund, token refunds of accessories, and $25 in "we're sorry" cash. Aside from being a stubborn asshole, there's no real reason to keep them.

Comment Re:They are not reimbursing costs (Score 1) 122

You can't link a single carrier in the US who is was not refunding the full price, plus tax, and alloing you to cancel your contract following the recall. ALL of them are offering full refunds on the phone.

Better yet - tell Samsung you bought if off of Craig's List and they'll refund you the full retail price plus $25 per accessory you bought with it, plus $$25 on top of that for your inconvenience. Then simply terminate your contract with the carrier, pay the ETF (usu ~$350) and pocket the extraI say pocket the extra because there were no subsidized Note 7s selling for more than $500, so you will come out ahead.

Comment Re:Welcome to the Trump future... (Score 1) 335

I've been following this story, and I expect we're not looking at the future, but rather stagnation in the status quo for the last fifteen years or so plus statistical noise.

Where things gets interesting when you start disaggregating the trends. If you look at the life expectancy data by county, the disparity is shocking: almost all rural and poor counties saw little or no improvement in life expectancy since the late 80s, but life expectancy has improved dramatically (5 years or more) in urban and wealthy counties. And here's an interesting fact: the gap between white and black life expectancy has narrowed, but this is largely due to stagnation in life expectancy among working class whites.

This indicates to me that poor access to health care advances for working class and rural whites has driven the overall stagnation in life expectancy. This is in part what Obamacare was intended to address, however it can't possibly improve the situation in rural counties without Medicaid expansion.

Comment Re:Welcome to moronic logic (Score 0, Troll) 336

Fact: Under Obama care, life expectancy declines. In addition, there are many news articles detailing how coverage cost as gone way up and services have gone down.

Conclusion: It is trumps fault.

If Donald Trump can take credit for the improving economy over the past year, then he can also take credit for the declining health of the nation over the past year.

Comment can I change my TV channel? (Score 1) 28

Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place but is there a simple interface that I can just name the TV channel and have my TV show it? I don't want 10,000 different choices on hulu or crackle. I just want to be able say, show PBS and it gets the over the air channel or the cable channel by that name.

Comment Re:Google, Motorola, Intel . . . (Score 1) 227

However what was being discussed by the OP was setting a flat rate for corporate tax lower than the current rate and eliminating all concessions and deductions. Companies only pay 10%... but they always pay 10%, no more or less.

That will never happen. The only way government can keep influence with companies is by exercising those concessions and deductions.

Trump's deal with Carrier was nothing BUT concessions and deductions. The fact that he chose to use his very first public act in that manner does not indicate someone who's going to want to cede the power of the "deal".

Comment home cinema (Score 1) 313

The main reason left to go to a cinema is that the screen is bigger and the sound system is fantastic. Everything else you can have at home.

With a good home cinema setup, you can come close, and you have none of the expensive popcorn, queues, guy next to you getting on your nerves, obnoxious advertisement and other bullshit. Plus you can pause the movie to get a drink from the kitchen and cuddle your cats while watching.

Cinema is on the way out. Once Hollywood understood the lesson that the music industry had to understand, things will get better.

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