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Comment Re:Unreachable? (Score 2) 106

And yet, somehow, they were able to file a claim and provide a point of contact following the demise of their phone.

TBH, the headline should be 26 Cases of Samsung Note Fires Have No Evidence Of Being Caused By Faulty Phones. But that's long and not very click-baity so nobody would read it.

I expect HTC, Apple, and Huawai to all have phones experience a thermal runaway (referred to as an "explosion" by media) in the next 12 months. It's a numbers game, really, and not news in the sense that there's anything inherently wrong. Pack that much energy into a small, thin package and every so often one will fail.

Comment Re:Does it matter? (Score 1) 146

Don't confuse the public's ability to tell the difference from their desires. Most people still feel safe with the TSA screening process, even though it's not really any better than before 9/11 - heck, the even demand "tighter" security. Look at all the shitty 4k TVs out there running 4:2:0, but everybody's proud of their "4k" TV they're watching.

Comment Re:So many problems... (Score 1) 325

If you start with a small syringe - say 0.5cc - it's practically impossible to (dangerously) overdose except in a very small child. Of course, and IMHO, everyone should know how to successfully administer an IM injection. It's one of those common sense, walking around things we seem to have forgotten about.

Comment Re:Street Traffic (Score 1) 395

Actually, this is a use case (presuming anonymized data points are used) which argues FOR the use of persistent telemetry. State DOTs pay tens of millions of dollars a year to collect a tiny fraction of this data for traffic studies. All the while, we sit on an amazingly complete set of data which, though crowdsourced traffic mapping, has become a reality.

Of all the seemingly infinite ways this data can be misused, traffic and route mapping data falls outside of the "always bad" mantra.

Comment Re:Dumb as bricks (Score 2) 177

And everything they touch is horribly flawed because their corporate policy has been Fuck The User for so long, they have no idea how to interact. Everything they make the kick over the fence around Redmond and there is zero support. Their own flagship table, the Surface Pro, can't sleep - not because of userspace issues, but because their own drivers cause the system to to be permanently in high gear. Their own OS doesn't work properly on their flagship device. It's like nobody there even has a SP4 to test their builds. And their support - well, lets just say I get more prompt and helpful responses from eBay and Aliexpress customer service.

Comment Re:A real Windows (Score 3, Interesting) 177

The problem isn't the power consumption of the CPU, it's Microsoft's inability to solve the "hard problem" (Panos Panay's own words) of an OS with control over sleep functions. The Surface Pro 4 has a battery barely 3x the size of flagship phone and yet manages to play video on a screen with 6x the area for 9 hours, and do regular work for 5-6 hours. The problem is that the OS has no control over the drivers, and MS is to fucking lazy to write their own, so a poorly behaving wifi driver (or BT driver, or USB driver, or even internal OS programs like memory management) means the entire system stays awake, burning power nearly as fast as if the machine were playing HD video.

When the SP4 is tuned just right and nothing is screwing up, it will last - in an suspended/active state (instant on/"phone sleep") for about 200 hours. Trim back all those internals and kick every driver out of ring 0 and a (formerly known as) m series x86 could probably be tweaked to provide decent life in a smaller form factor. But MS / Windows is to bloated and riddled with special exceptions to fix. They need to go Apple on the OS and blow it away and restart with a fresh core.

Comment Samsung pay is as close as it gets at the moment (Score 1) 206

I tried it out on my new Galaxy because - hey - I'm always up for a free $20 (GC after 3 trasnsactions). I was surprised how many placed had upgraded to NFC, especially given how rare the android pay and apply pay apps worked. Then on about the 5th transaction, I realized that is WASN'T NFC that was doing it - it was working on old swipe-only readers. So instead of swiping or dipping my card, Samsung was having Chase issue a unique, one-time-use card number and mimicing the mag stripe. Easy, universal, more secure than the original card. And since even chip and sign cards have no real second factor, the phone is probably more secure than anything in my wallet. I'm good with that.

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