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Comment Re:An interest dichotomy (Score 2) 152

Even if you don't buy Apple products, you're still effected by their business decisions. For instance, many laptop manufacturers stopped making a 17" laptop after Apple discontinued the 17" Macbook Pro. Worse yet, many phone manufacturers released phones without headphone jacks simply based on the rumor that the new iPhone wasn't going to have one. Therefore, even though you may not buy Apple products, your choice of features becomes more limited as companies blindly follow Apple's lead.

Comment Re:There is no "removing" of anything... (Score 1) 385

The reason why people are worried is that you will need to get a new phone at some point. The 6S won't work forever and it certainly won't be supported forever, so that means that at some point within the next few years Apple fans may have to decide between getting an iPhone without a headphone jack or switching to Android to get a phone with one. Worse yet, a number of manufacturers of Android phones are shipping phones without headphone jacks because, for some reason, they insist on following everything Apple does or is rumored to do - even on the most boneheaded decisions.

Comment Not Surprised (Score 4, Insightful) 179

Security vulnerabilities are discovered and patched all of the time. It doesn't make sense to spend a lot of time writing extremely meticulous code for an exploit that could be patched by the time you're done writing the exploit code. Combine that with the fact that there's probably a ton of vulnerabilities in a lot of different applications, drivers, and firmware and it probably makes more sense to focus on quantity of exploits rather than quality.

Comment Re:Apple is copying...Lenovo? (Score 2) 238

I agree with everything you've said. My 17-inch MBP is almost 10 years old and I refuse to replace it with the newer models that have a smaller screen, fewer ports, and no ability to upgrade the memory, storage, or battery. Apple should rename the MBP because there's almost nothing "Pro" about it anymore - it's barely even "Prosumer".

Comment Re:It seems to me... (Score 1) 796

Doesn't the NSA have copies of everything the guy has been downloading?

That would take a lot of effort to find that data, they'd still have to proceed with the trial and risk him getting off on a technicality, or they may not actually find anything because he might be innocent. From their perspective, why bother when they've already got him locked up indefinitely?

Comment Re:5th ammendment (Score 3, Insightful) 796

As much as I lack all sympathy for people in possession of child pornography

You might want to be careful about saying that. With all of the vulnerabilities in software these days, it would be relatively easy to have someone take advantage of one of those vulnerabilities to upload some reprehensible images to your computer and leave you with one hot potato on your lap. That's my main problem with any laws of possession: the burden of proof that you willfully obtained the contraband is so low that you're effectively presumed guilty until you prove otherwise.

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