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Comment Re: that's the entire point of facebook (Score 1) 81

I'm in the USA, we just passed a law encouraging ISPs to pimp us out to the highest bidder. Controlling opt-in pages isn't enough anymore, so I added TrackMeNot, a noise generator.


I'd not heard or TrackMeNot before, I'll look into it.

I was guessing the only thing else I could do was set up and start using Tor for browsing and/or sign up for a pay VPN service.....

Comment Re:that's the entire point of facebook (Score 1) 81

...but my impression is that it's mostly media sharing - I'm not sure that's the aim you want to start out with for business use.

Well, the business is photography/videography...hence the Instagram thought of the first thing to try....

The thing with FB is, they require you to set up a personal account before you can set up a business account. And if you falsify on the personal one and they find out, you're off FB including the business account, which is the one I want in the first place.

So, was thinking of trying to set up a business only Instagram acct....but now, I'm rethinking that. Grrrr.

Comment we don't have blacksmiths, either (Score 1) 362

Well, we do, but only people who really WANT to be blacksmiths - the whole 'artisinal' thing.

Societies evolve, technology evolves. Yes, the Horse Buggy Whip industry jobs have largely entirely gone - so have (essentially) the jobs of Elevator Pilot, Farrier, Town Cryer, and Jester.

Don't like it? Maybe make an effort to be more of a human and less of a drone. There are LOTS of jobs out there for people who want to actually learn how to do something - electrician, for example. Never going to be replaced by a factory in Vietnam.

Comment Re:Costco is the one suing (Score 1) 250

And this, kids, is why big companies rarely ever go after other big companies.

Big swingin' dick lawyers can be stalemated by OTHER big swingin' dick lawyers and then the aggressor looks like an idiot and wasted money.

Would any of us have any doubts about the outcome if it was 'Bill's Golf Balls', a $100,000 business in Madison WI instead of Costco?

Comment Re:Tesla is gonna take over - believe me folks... (Score 2) 57

Get an electric smart. Correct number of seats, and cheaper, too!

Well, aside from it looking fugly.......I think I read its 0-60mph times are like 11+ seconds???

Nope..I want a performance car, that looks good too. I'd like something like the original Tesla Roadster...or something in that ballpark for looks and performance but in the range of a Corvette price.

I don't really give a damn about pollution or mileage, but if I could get good looks and performance in an electric car for a reasonable price, I'd do it...

Range is a big deal that I need to be able to bug out of NOLA when hurricanes come this way and often that means long times in traffic if you don't leave quite early enough, on a HOT summer day where AC is a necessity.

Comment Re:Tesla is gonna take over - believe me folks... (Score 1) 57

"Once they release that model 3 for under 30,000"

That's going to take a while. They'll be fortunate to get it released at the promised $35k - although they were promising $30k some years ago and then quietly upped it.

There are more than a few Tesla-bashers who complain extensive auto experience that have been saying that selling the base model at even $45k would be barely profitable, if at all.

I'd not be interested in it even at $30K...has too many seats in the car.

I'm waiting for a Tesla sports car again..if they could put out a Roadster type out again, in the ballpark range of a Corvette....THEN I"d be interested. Until then, its just a speedy "family" car which I have no interest in....

Comment Re:"Shows Why We Can't Have Nice Things For Cheap" (Score 2) 250

I believe the Costco balls were actually rebranded Nike balls. So the company that makes the balls has the rights to make the ball and had the right under Nike. Costco is only selling the balls.

I was guessing the same thing.

I"m not sure who makes all of the Costco Kirkland booze...but it sure is good.

Their gin I"m currently trying out is very well made IMHO.

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