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Comment Vibrant economy? (Score 1) 39

Regarding "The country's IT industry is booming in Brazil -- still Latin America's most vibrant economy", I think one can make a better case for Chile.

Brazil's 5-year compound annual growth is 1%, and last year GDP growth was -3.8%. Brazil GDP per capita is $15,615, most recent unemployment was 12%, and inflation is 9%.

Chile's 5-year CAGR is 3.9%, and last year GDP growth was 2.1%. Chile GDP per capita is $23,460, with unemployment 6.8%, and inflation 4.3%.

IT outsourcing is more mature in Brazil than Chile, and Brazil's overall GDP is six times larger than Chile's, yes. But is Brazil's economy really "vibrant"?

Comment Re: EditorDavid (Score 1) 145


I switched to tmux mostly just to get easy vertical splits. The RPM based distros (fedora, centos) didn't have a patched version of screen so it was just easier to deal with. Also mouse control so you can easily drag around splits. You can also check out byobu which adds some really nice features on top of tmux.

A lot of people have also ditched irssi for weechat but I just haven't invested the energy because irssi works fine for me.

Comment Re:Its not vote stuffing (Score 1) 145

Slackware is what weaned us into Linux two decades ago (Infomagic CDs).

I think that's why it holds a special place in my heart. Slackware 3.1 was the first distro I ever installed on my IBM Aptiva. Very quickly switched over to Redhat (i think 4.1 or 4.2) and never looked back. Redhat through I believe in version 9, then Fedora. This is all on the desktop. At some point I made the switch from Redhat on the server to CentOS (might have been around Redhat 8.0?).

Anyway, I digress. Slackware will always be that first Linux OS and that first exploration into feeling like I was really in control of my computer and how empowered that makes you feel, especially at such a young age. I'm forever grateful to all the developers who made that possible, it completely altered the trajectory of my life and ultimately launched my career.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go download Slackware.

Comment Re:Cyanogen Mod Folding Isn't Surprising (Score 1) 145

You seem to be under some misunderstanding that FOSS developers have some desire to cater to businesses and that they care if a business chooses proprietary software over the project they wrote for free for a personal need. It's kind of amazing you haven't figured that out in 25 years.

Do you really think someone cares if you chose to use software they released for free? If I painted a picture to hang in my house and you came by and said "man what a shitty picture you should change it or I wont look at it" what do you think my reaction would be?

Comment Re:libreoffice (Score 1) 145

The obvious future is your office suite running in a browser. I haven't used LibreOffice in years because Google Docs is just too convenient. I'm considering setting up Sandstorm with EtherCalc and Etherpad because they're pretty much at the basic level of functionality I need in a spreadsheet and word processor application. I don't use 10% of Microsoft Excel's features so the open source alternatives like Ethercalc/pad are good options for me.

Comment Re:For the people who can buy a nice laptop (Score 1) 118

In the past, claims that Apple were more expensive tended to ignore the horrible screens or limited storage on the cheaper counterparts. In this instance the Apple for a similar config is $800-$1000 more expensive.

The Apple display is better. It might not be higher resolution, which is mostly irrelevant because it's retina and you can't really resolve the higher pixel density of the System76, but the Apple display also has better contrast and color reproduction. The display just LOOKS better. That's the thing that's hard for people to compare on a spec sheet unless they really know how to read in depth reviews.

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