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Comment Re:Oops (Score 2, Insightful) 215

All the 'normal' sized people I know who drink soda drink diet soda.

But, the "normal" person today, is pretty much obese as compared to someone as recent as maybe 20 years ago or so....

But heaven forbid you say that to cannot "fat shame" people, and everyone is to feel good about themselves.

Hence, overweight is now the accepted new normal.

While that might help peoples' self image, it won't ever help their physical health.

Comment Re:Its pretty important... (Score 2) 302

Seafood doesn't even factor into this. "More" ocean is supposed to translate into less seafood? Seriously?

Actually it will.

The brackish water of the marshes that is a major part of the ecosystem of birth and lifecycle on a lot of fish that start there, breed there, but move more into the ocean. Oysters live on that edge between fresh and salt water....if you lose the marshes, you lose that wide area they can proliferate.

There's also the bird population that depends on this area.

So, no, it is not as simple as "more ocean". That entire ecosystem between the ocean and the fresh water is very important and if not replaced and allowed to disappear, will have great consequences for the seafood and other life that feed a good bit of the US.

Comment Re:Its pretty important... (Score 1) 302

That's your choice. Why should the rest of society subsidize your poor choices?

No, to suggest that they just pack up and move is common sense. The U.S. is a mighty big country. Just pick another location, and move. To continue living anywhere that continues to get battered by Mother Nature is just plain ignorant. Just because they think it's "home" is not a valid reason. Just because they were born there is not a valid reason. At some point in your life, you have to take responsibility for your actions. And that includes where you choose to live.

The point is...if this happens off the coast of LA to the point of the worst case scenario....this will not just affect those people who "choose to live there" will effect a great portion of the US economy, which will affect the whole country.

If you even discount the amount of domestic seafood that this part of LA produces for the whole of the US, you'll definitely feel it in the shortages of oil and gas that come from this area. Not only production from the Gulf coming in (those people that work those platforms live close to the coast for access to work)....but also the large processing plants in LA for oil from all over the world that feeds into the US.

Chances are, no matter where in the US you live, you likely get your gas from the processing plants in southern LA.

And for many parts here, New Orleans for instance, it is OLDER than the United States itself. The danger has evolved over the years, and a lot of this erosion is due to the pipes cutting across the bayous and the artificial water ways dug to transport all that oil from the Gulf to the processing plants and then to your tank.

SO, if you drive a car, or fuel your home do have a stake in the coastal erosion of southern LA.

NIMBY the rest of the US, doesn't want the oil refineries....we've given our coastline for the rest of the US, so why not shows some togetherness and thankfulness for that and help restore the coast.

If you're going to be that way....there is NO safe place in the US to live. Should we tell all the folks along the MS river to move, since it floods there? What about all those folks living where wildfires annually are rampant in CA? NYC is pretty much a huge terrorist target, why should we pay to protect it...etc?

Don't be so fucking selfish....

Comment Its pretty important... (Score 4, Informative) 302

This area of LA....a large percentage of the US's seafood comes from here, and, a large portion of the US's domestic oil comes from the Gulf into LA, and processed here.

Oil from all over the place is processed here.

The people that work these jobs, live on the coast and the sealife that supports these folks and provides a good amount of seafood to the US will disappear if this coastal erosion is allowed to continue.

This isn't just for the people of Louisiana, but for the great resources it provides the rest of the US.

Comment Re:Ick (Score 0) 131

Once again, common sense has flown right out the window....

Seriously, if you do NOT want to risk having nude or even more compromising images of yourself being posted online or in dead tree form....DON"T TAKE NAKED PICTURES OF YOURSELF!

And..don't let someone else take them of you either.

Simple really. I"m just amazed at how this simple truth evades so many people.

Comment Re:TED ideas = super obvious ideas (Score 2) 261

Why would they broadcast one entirely in Spanish?

If this is for US only....ENGLISH!!!

If you're wanting to become a citizen here, one of the prerequisites is to show a level of proficiency in English.

If these are TED talks for Mexico or other Spanish speaking nations, fine, but having an immersive situation in the US, where everything is published and spoken in English, would certainly help visiting and immigrating folks learn how to speak the country's language faster.

It sure worked in college....why not on a larger nation scale?

Wow..really? 2 for 2 troll?

When did it become unpopular to be proud of the US being an English speaking country?

This just used to be common sense...or, have we been "invaded" successfully at this point?

It's sad to see what used to be unwritten truths, values and common sense overridden.

But is well known, in the US, if you are an English speaking person, you will be more successful in the country, and what's wrong with that? Learning the most common language would seem to be in everyones' best interest, no?

Comment Re:Wow! (Score 1) 261

Anyone concerned about illegal immigration and crime, as a combined subject, is at best misinformed or at worst racist or xenophobic, considering the statistics on the matter.

Well, Illegal Immigrant, by definition is someone here by criminal act.

They committed a crime coming here illegally...what part of that do you not understand?

That's not racist or xenophobic.

Most US citizens absolutely do NOT have a problem with people immigrating into this country....

We just want them to sign the fucking guest book on the way in, you know?

Comment Re:TED ideas = super obvious ideas (Score 0, Troll) 261

Why would they broadcast one entirely in Spanish?

If this is for US only....ENGLISH!!!

If you're wanting to become a citizen here, one of the prerequisites is to show a level of proficiency in English.

If these are TED talks for Mexico or other Spanish speaking nations, fine, but having an immersive situation in the US, where everything is published and spoken in English, would certainly help visiting and immigrating folks learn how to speak the country's language faster.

It sure worked in college....why not on a larger nation scale?


Not many years ago, this would have been taken as "common sense", now it gets modded troll....?


Comment Re:Wow! (Score 1) 261

Unfortunately this horse seems to have squeezed out so we now have to go back and argue out why racism, homophobia, mysogyny, and every other form of bigotry is bad, at best so that we can once again eliminate those until-recently-unacceptable ideas from civil discourse and marginalize those who espouse them, or at worst as the beginning of an ongoing effort since that may not be possible anymore.

Well, first, if you think that type of thought had gone away or become completely or even largely eliminated from public discourse, they you have led a sheltered life my friend.

There's an old saying that still holds true to a large part in the US..."When does a black man become a n1gg er? About 30 seconds after he leaves the room.

It is largely true that people freely talk that way still despite you thinking it had disappeared.

Now, that being for sure is an EXTREME example....the actual terms "racism, homophobia, mysogyny" have been throw about so liberally and freely by the left in recent years, that they have lost almost all meaning. People that aren't scared of homosexuals (homophobia), that don't really want to interfere in how two grown consenting adults conduct themselves, but merely say they disagree with that lifestyle and question if it is choice vs biological (where's the gay gene)...they get brand Homophobes or anti-gay.

Even if you disagree with that viewpoint, you shouldn't try to to brand one as extreme.

What I'm saying is, there still is a WIDE breadth of views out there on race, sexuality and peoples' places in society. If you disagree with someone, don't shout them down, but try to reasonably argue your point.

And do admit at some time, neither will fully change their mind and you have to live with that....

But one of your main points was you thought that anything but leftist thoughts on race, religion, sexuality had largely been eradicated, is false.

I can assure you, once a minority of any type has exited the room, peoples' true feelings have been and continue to be expressed about them.

When you try to suppress that, then, you never know when someone truly has those views and you lose your chance to try to converse with and change their views.

And trust me, "racism, homophobia, mysogyny, and every other form of bigotry" are NOT confined to the far-right. All types of thinking pervades all ends of the political spectrum.

Comment Re:Wow! (Score 3, Interesting) 261

This is equally true regarding how the political right behaves towards the left - and that's the problem. Currently in the US, both the right and the left see their own beliefs as the One True Truth and are unwilling to even consider that people on the other side of the debate might have legitimate concerns and grievances.

Well, for the most part (of course there are always exceptions), I don't see those on the right, have protests that turn violent against the counter protesters, etc. Again..IN GENERAL.

I don't see the right trying to actually shutdown or prevent talks by left leaning speakers at town halls or colleges especially.

Yes, both are opposed to the other, however, I don't see the folks on the right trying to actively suppress the liberal views being presented in public. They may disagree with them, but they don't riot outside the hall where the speaker is supposed to talk and actively try to intimidate the leftist audience or prevent the speech even being given.

This is something that has been happening with greater frequency in the past few years.

Comment Re:Wow! (Score 1, Informative) 261

Actually, dialogue is the ideal way to solve problems.

Well, that's true.

However, for the most part, the party/ideology from the left in the US that promotes itself as the party of diversity and tolerance, is ONLY tolerant of viewpoints they hold and not only will put you down for what you think (overusing terms like racist, etc) but will try to actively prevent you espousing your viewpoints at all in public (see recent colleges shutting down speakers coming to campus).

How can you have a dialog, when one side tries to actually prevent any opposing views from being presented at all?

WoW....quick on the Troll mod draw.

This is a prime example of not wanting to let another side even be put up for discussion.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 349

but the "bags" are actually a very good idea to capture the same market that Keurig captured with K-Cups. A decent drip coffee maker can cost a fraction of a K-Cup machine, and even if you don't want to grind the beans yourself (the best option for the freshest coffee), pre-ground coffee by the bag/can costs WAY less than a comparable amount of K-Cups. Yet K-Cups were wildly successful - because there are too many things going on in life - people don't want to waste time grinding coffee of cleaning up the pot and brew basket when all they wanted was an easy cup of coffee that they could just push a button for while getting ready for work in the morning.

I"m not much of a coffee drinker myself I must confess, but I imagined that most people that owned those systems used the refillable K-Cups to fill with their own coffee that is cheaper to buy, and just mostly did the reusable stuff with it, but that it was handy for single cup brews quickly.

Comment Re: Seriously? (Score 1) 349

You can mention it, but that doesn't make it true. I prefer the fiber in my pressed juice, so I use a nutribullet at home, which is essentially a superfast blender.

That's a form of a smoothie...not juice from a juicer that pretty much by definition, is only the liquid and no fiber included.

That being said, I find room for both in my diet when possible.

I like smoothies...I try to eat LOTS of whole veggies. I also try to supplement that with mostly vegetable nutrients from juicing, to get more in my system than I could possibly eat if I kept the fiber in everything consumed.

I have a Breville juicer and a Vitamix for the blender...two different beasts, each with their own place.

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