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Comment Re:Thanks Obama! (Score 1) 368

It's going to happen sooner or later. There are too many states for the current Federal system to function properly. If we combined them together into 13 or so new states, I think we'd find the Federal system would start to work a whole lot smoother.


The US has been working just fine so far, and is just fine currently, no need to change.

If it does, I hope it is LOOOOONG after I'm dead and gone. I've been 101% happy with it as it is so far.

Comment Re: Conclusion: (Score 1) 368

Yep, the illiterate rurals have enough guns and ammunition to stop the million+ hoards of urban zombies. Nice fantasy

I have to imagine they actually ARE pretty well armed, moreso than folks from NYC that pretty much ban guns.

And if you talk more N vs S...I'd posit that we are WAY more heavily armed, so, don't zombie your way down here.

Comment Re:Conclusion: (Score 1) 368

...but for me the main one is the lack of interaction you will have with a diverse group of people. You aren't likely to understand the issues faced by an inner city black male

Well, if you aren't dealing with them...and it doesn't directly influence your life, why should you give a shit?

I mean, there are LOTS of problems and injustices in the world, but if they don't effect my life, I pretty much ignore them.

I have plenty of things that DO effect my life that I need to spend time dealing with and caring about.

Comment Re:Three Laws Safe! (Score 1, Interesting) 172

Hey, if they are going to ever develop "fuck robots", they'd damned sure better be as convincingly real as possible....

Then again, if they ever do get to that level, that will pretty much solve overpopulation and perhaps put humanity itself into jeopardy.

I mean, if a guy can have a convingly female robot he can fuck, that never ages, whines, talks back, argues, or tries to divorce and take half his shit when he upgrades to a newer model....well, why would any guy ever deal with a real woman again..?

It could prove to be a scary future indeed!!

Comment Re:In this economy? (Score 4, Informative) 562

I still have my old Nakamichi cassette deck. If I recall, it needed to maybe have the heads adjusted a bit.

But, back then, you didn't BUY pre-recorded cassettes...those just sucked.

To get the best quality out of them back in the day, you recorded your vinyl album onto them....I used to get the Maxell high bias tapes...can't remember the exact model, but those sure sounded good for the day.

Now.....if they brought back Reel-To-Reel tape and tape decks again, I might be interested in that.

I never got one back in the day, but I sure wanted one...

Comment Re:Misleading Article, Basically Lies (Score 1) 208

I see the same thing as Sling -- packaged cable channels that mean I have to pay for a lot of channels I don't want to watch just to get one that I do. It's tied into a Playstation, which I don't have.

I was just mentioning VUE because it addressed the same short comings in sling that I also found...

And no, you do not have to have a playstation unit to use Playstation VUE.

I'm currently running VUE on my Amazon Fire TV boxes....

Comment Re:Streaming from the Dark Corners of the Web (Score 1) 208


Yes, I try to keep my computing in the office. I work there all day and when I want to relax, I usually want to be away from the keyboard for the most part.

My first actual viewing of kodi, was from it being on an amazon fire stick a friend brought over and plugged into my main living room tv.

I'd since loaded kodi on my amazon fire tv boxes, but I've not yet tried any plugins, etc....as that I was concerned about legality...well, mostly traceability of content that might not be 101% legal.

I've just never been able to figure exactly WHERE the content from those plugins is coming from....

Comment Re:Unlike the Netflix/Hulu model? (Score 1) 208

This right here. I'm finally at the point where I'm considering dropping my Netflix account. It was good while it lasted but the content is now garbage, there is very little popular content, and we seem to be inundated with crappy Netflix only shows with B list actors and even worse acting / directing.

Same here.

It seems the only way you can get mostly quality moves to watch these days from Netflix, is to rent their blurays, which I do in addition to the streaming.

I mean sure, some of their own content is ok, but I joined them to watch MOVIES, popular ones without commercials, etc.

It is getting to where the streaming part of Netflix is not really worth it to me anymore.

I find Amazon Prime streaming even less optimal for finding something to watch, but hey it comes "free" with Prime which I do enjoy, so I can give it a pass, but with Netflix, they have less and less "A" class content I'm interested in watching....

Comment Re:Streaming from the Dark Corners of the Web (Score 1) 208

On the other hand, there's always kodi. No need for a DVR since it's all there all the time. And... it's all free. Unless you want a kodi box for your tv. Then it's about $50 ish. One time fee for the box. Then it's all free. Anything that's ever been broadcast since they've been broadcasting. Anytime. On demand.

Well, a couple of things about that....

1. Of course I want to watch it on TV!! I didn't buy plasma and now OLED TV's to watch content on a small computer screen when at home. I have the video and sound system in my living room to get a movie theater experience, so I want a good image and sound quality source.

2. I've seen some kodi. Most of what was initially demo'ed to me, was live tv feeds from somewhere in Russia or eastern Europe. My other question is....is this legal content? I'm guessing it is grey area at best.....and if illegal, how is my kodi receiver receiving the signal? Where does it come from? Is it traceable like a torrent is?

I have some disposable income. I want my content in a relatively easy manner to access, nice interacts, and I want it to have quality video and audio signals. I'm not interested in watching some SD video quality signal, or some cam in a movie theater.

I'll admit, Kodi when I first heard of it, seemed interesting and still does...but I'm really curious WHERE the content is all coming from, and I've not found that out yet readily.

Free isn't all that great is you risk having some John Q. law guy possibly knocking on your door one day.

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