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Comment Re:This won't fly. (Score 1) 44

The proposal is only a wipe. If this happened accidentally you can log back into icloud or your google account and resync. Crisis averted.

So to protect all your information, put it in the cloud. The NSA loves you.

How would they know the code?

Well what should happen when you type the wrong code over and over? Here it's company mandated that four wrong attempts = wipe. Somebody's figured out the hard way what happens when the kid gets hold of your phone, bye bye vacation photos (abroad, too expensive to cloud sync).

Comment Re:Path to profitibility (Score 1) 171

Establish a user base, put the current cab system out of business then raise your prices.

Uber can't do that without winning their legal battles, and if they do that then any competitor can waltz in and do the same thing Uber did. Given Uber's past and reputation, all they have to do to be different is not be sleazy.

Comment Re:Uber may be in trouble but no self driving cars (Score 1) 171

Even auto makers are in big trouble because you will need far fewer taxis as they can service more people per vehicle.

The automakers are not collectively in any trouble at all, because someone is going to have to build these vehicles and that someone is going to be the automakers. Remember, there are literally billions of humans without mobility today. If these new types of transportation network permit more of them to have mobility, that represents a need for more vehicles. Some automakers will almost certainly fail, or at least some redundant marques, but there will continue to be a need for a large number of vehicles in the future. Also, for the foreseeable future, people with money aren't going to want to share their cars. And then there's also the possibility that as the car changes into something else that people don't actually drive themselves, it might actually change a lot. For example, we might wind up with a whole bunch of low-powered RVs tooling along at low speeds, with people reducing the square footage they have at home in exchange for more mobile area. No one is really sure what will happen next, which drives the economists nuts because it totally screws up all of these predictions.

Comment Re:As much as I dislike Uber.. (Score 1) 171

When did Starbucks become "okay"?

It's because the bar is so very low. Starbucks treats their employees well and they pay more than fair trade prices for the coffee, so they are in fact a better influence on the neighborhood and the world than plenty of small coffeeshops. Sure, your favorite $8-a-tall-coffee joint is better than they are, but they're not going to be the dominant paradigm in a world without Starbucks' burnt-ass coffee anyway.

When did Starbucks become "okay"? When did 5 corporations owning over 90% of all US media become okay? (Thanks telecommunications act of 1995.)

Bill Clinton was a business-as-usual politician, not an actual liberal.

Comment Re:Uber is pursuing the wrong thing (Score 1) 171

Their fundamental issue is how to turn their network profitable before the traditional Taxi companies are able to get their own app out there.

Some of them have apps, but they are garbage. None of them do what the Uber app does, and none of the cab drivers want it to. They're probably just as likely to fire all the drivers and go self-driving as they are to implement a useful app. They would have to change their entire business model first.

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