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Journal Journal: Lurking way too long

I have been lurking off and on for a year. I decide to make on stinkin' comment and bam!, I am slammed with the responsibility of mod points. Well I guess I can keep up the the work I started over a year ago now.

Interesting comment that points to the Endor Holocost. I've read it before so I was looking for a mention of it.

Informative quote of an article declaring why the geneva convention rules need updating

Informative quote describing a good place to watch a launch from VAFB

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Journal Journal: The slashdot job network

JobCenter has created a great centralized networking site for us slashdotters.

What I am I looking for? Network/System Admin. I've got 5 years Experience although it is almost entirely W2K and NT. I have worked with Active Directory, Clusters, DNS, DHCP, WINS, IIS, and Exchange. I have worked with FreeBSD UNIX and Red Hat Linux. I've been in the military and corporate sectors. I have had training in security, Cisco networks, and MS Windows 2000.

Where am I looking? I live in southern California, so my order of preference here is San Diego County, Orange County, and LA County. Other places I am considering are NC, VA, WV, and MD. If the pay was good enough, I would also consider OR, OK, WA and the rest of CA.

Here is the Summery of Qualifications that appear on my general resume:

- MCP, CCNA, A.A., MCSE 2000 Curriculum
- 5 years administration of Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 Server/Advance Server
- 6 years experience as Help Desk/Onsite Support Technician
- Excellent PC/Server/LAN/WAN troubleshooting and research skills to expedite repairs
- Extensive experience with MSDOS, Win 9x, ME, NT, 2000, XP and MS Office 95 - 2003
- Familiar with FreeBSD UNIX and Red Hat Linux 6.2 - 9.0
- Extensive experience assembling, configuring and repairing computers
- Design, setup, and maintenance of wired and wireless TCP/IP networks in fixed and mobile environments
- Highly effective team member and capable team leader with strong communication skills
- Formally recognized numerous times for outstanding job performance
- Held secret clearance during military service

For when this becomes archived, you can contact me at slashdot at Fitzingo dot net

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Journal Journal: How a good day can turn bad. 2

My car broke-down about 2 miles away and 15 minutes before my interview.
    I had scoped out the area about an hour before and went to get a light lunch. On my way back, waiting at light, the engine died. When I tried to restart it, it would turn, some cylinders would fire but it would not start. I push it out of the road as soon as the light changed as at least I was in a good position to do this. I checked my plug wires real quick but to no avail and time was a ticking. I found a ride, thank you to the kind gentleman who I do not recall his name. I made it right on time.

    The interview went pretty well. After the interview, one of the "HR" guy walks me out and keeps talking with me. He is not going away, so I ask him if he is looking for my car. Yup he is. So I have to tell him that it broke down. He is kind enough to give me a ride to it so I can call my towing company. (I couldn't remember the cross street it was on.) The guy tells me that I did really well in the interview and it is over. However, during the interview they had mentioned that you would have to use your own vehicle when visiting local client sites. As he is giving me a ride, I tell him I was intending to purchase a new car once I was employed and I point out that despite the breakdown, I did make the interview on time. So the mystery twist to this interview is will I still get an offer??

    So what went wrong with the car? Distributor housing went bad. Sometimes I really hate my car, but then I have had it for 10 years now. On the other hand, for a 90 Acura Integra with 250K miles, it still runs fairly good. (Except of course when it tanks like this on me. Last time was a broken timing belt near the Dallas, TX airport, April 2000. I was stationed 150 miles away at Ft. Hood.) Well, my car is in San Diego, and here I am 150 miles north in Santa Clarita and it is probably fixed by now. I'll be going back down Monday to pick it up. I tell you this really eats into my job searching time.

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Journal Journal: MOD XIII 1

I have mod points that expire 10-03. I will not have time to search, I have an interview and a job fair to go to tomorrow. Give me your suggestions...

Lost the mod points. See next journal entry for the why.

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Journal Journal: Mod XII

Mod points. You know the drill. They Expire 9/22/03.

Since I had time I decided to cruise on over to the latest Hurricane
Isabelle Poll, cast my vote for nothing (10), and moderate. I found this joke
about the Navy to be funny. Then there was the comment about subsidized insurance for coastal homes that I rated as informative. Of course I actually based that on some documentary TV show I watched several years ago, so I could be wrong. I hope not. Lastly I found dvk's informative comment which had some very good links to the "broken window" fallacy and how it is not an economic stimulus.

Then there is GMontag. Now this guy seems to be well informed most of the time. So I go looking at his journal entry from last week (yes it had been a while since I had gone through all my /. messages) I find that he has pointed out what he calls a troll. It's in an article about hybrid/electri vehicles and I know the GMontag talks about his Jeep regularly. I go take a look and at first GMontag seems right and even provides several informative links. But then Anonymous Canard posts a counter to GMontag using a link from the Natural Gas site that GMontag had used. So after much reading I believe that Anonymous Canard is correct. I gave him my last two points for an informative here and here. (It will be interesting to see if those two survive meta-mod.)

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Journal Journal: Mod XI

Mod points again. Since I am so busy job hunting give me recomendations I won't really be searching. They expire Sept. 7th.

Didn't have much time. So here were a couple quick
ones for two of my fans. Lost the other three.


Cap'n Canuck

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Journal Journal: This Sucks? 6

Well, yesterday morning I got laid off. It sucks as it forces me to actually look for work now.

My company has been through a lot of shrinking and I had survived several rounds of layoffs. I was frustrated with the apparent lack of direction and the poor communication from upper management. I had been planning to look for work after this fall semester. This weekend I'll be polishing the resume and getting that ready to go. If anyone is interested I'll update this in a few days with links to my resume.

My wife and I had also been trying to decide whether or not we should move to San Diego County, CA or possibly Raleigh, NC. We have family in both locations, but no real family here in Santa Clarita, CA. Currently we favor San Diego County.

Despite the company's shortcomings I think packet of information they gave me regarding job hunting is pretty decent info. Most of it I already knew though thanks to all job hunting/resume classes the military provided on my way out.

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Journal Journal: IANAP

Before we even start, I am not a plumber. This weekend I replaced my water heater. The old one was rusting through the outer jacket. The project went fairly smoothly even though I had to build a new floor for the utility closet that the water heater was in due to excessive water leakage. Well I have the new one installed and everything seemed fine and the T&P valve started to "weep." I had not even turned on the gas for the heater yet so I thought that maybe it was some pressure stabilizing since it was the first time it was filled. I open the hot water tap at the sink for a few seconds and the weeping stopped. I lit the pilot and let the tank start doing it's job. About 30 minutes later the T&P valve started weeping again. I again relieve pressure by briefly opening a hot water tap. Since it late Sunday night I decide to leave one of the faucets open to drip. This effectively kept the water heater from weeping (important because I had reused the drip pan, which appeared to be in good condition but I discovered pinhole leaks in it last night.)

I am concerned because although I bought a water heater that was all the same specs that all the buying guides had suggested, all except the maximum supply pressure. I don't recall any guide listing this as critical, although I am sure it must be. The installation guide that came with my water heater suggested that the pressure problem came from a closed system. I am at a loss at what I need to do. I will probably call the 800 number tonight after work to see what help they can provide. Any have any ideas?

Install guide's troubleshooting help says for a weeping T&P valve the possible causes/solutions are:
Water pressure to high - possible closed system
Stacking - Caused by turning hot water on and off for short periods to often
Third cause I don't remember but it was definitely not even closely related to my problem. Update 8/29/03: After talking to the help line and checking the manual the third cause was a closed wate system which may be my problem after all...

Water specs are (New - Old) Update 8/29/03: These are gas pressure ratings
Minimum Supply Pressure -- 4.5 - N/A
Manifold -- 3.5 - 3.5
Maximum Supply Pressure -- 10.5 - 14.0
- Following are the same on both:
Input BTU 34000
Capacity 40 Gal
Update 8/29/03: These are the important water pressure ratings
Tested Pressure 300psi
Working Pressure 150psi

Update 8/29/03:
I have checked my water pressure and it seems that my pressure regulator may be bad. Pressure before the regulator is 140 psi. If I have used water recently the pressure after the regulator is 80 psi, but over a period of time the pressure equlizes to 140. Not too sure that is good. My HOA is sending a plumber to check the regulator.

One thought that occurred to me is to adjust the water pressure regulator outside. Of course I have no idea which way to turn the screw, as there are no indicators. It's a Wilkins model 600 and I try to look up on the net, long shot I figure, and no luck. I notice a tag on it the adjusting screw that lists the following:
Range 25-75
Temp. 180 deg
Max 300
Still no luck. So anyone have any ideas?

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Journal Journal: Moderation X

MOD points this morning. While I am open to suggestions, RobertB-DC has offered all his mod points for suggestion. I am off to dig through the stories for something worthwhile...

I originally got these mod points on the 19th of August, not sure if editing my journal is going to change the date or not, but here is what I moderated. It has taken a while to post this cause I was busy. There was even a funny post that I had forgot note, I had thought I would never find it till I got a metamoderation results message.

First I found this comment by Shamino0 slightly interesting. I know it's not a perfect concept, but it would seem feasible. In fact isn't this what AOL is?

phantumstranger had an insightful view of the Matrix series. I find myself waiting to see the third part of the story before judging the second half too harshly.

As I was reading through the Most Effective Subject Line poll, a post by an AC caught my eye with this. It made me laugh. (Still makes me laugh.)

It is rare that I mod down, and while I am sure every parent is as proud of there kids as I am of mine, this guy should have gone to a parenting forum to brag about his kids. The parent post was a good joke, but fwr's comment just doesn't seem to fit the whole /. feeling. I was still skeptical about modding negatively, so I went with an overrated.

Finally, for my buddy Gmontag, here is an informative.

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Journal Journal: An examination of my Friends and Fans 3

A few Saturdays ago in the early part of August 2003, I was getting ready to change my sig line again when I noticed I had two new fans, zedmelon and RobertB-DC. I think I picked them up after my comment about roller coasters (which must have been hard to moderate because I had thrown a bit of humor in with what was really intended to be informative.) Today, since it's a slow morning, I have decided to look into my fans and found a few more, dracocat, MonTemplar and turg. I think I picked up turg because of zedmelon's journal and the other two because of my bits joke. (Oh the grammar errors in that one. I was in such a hurry to get the joke up where it could be seen.)

As for the rest of my fans, lets see who the are. Since I have typically made fans my friends, we'll take a look at friends after this.

Cap'n Canuck (622106) - One of the first few fans I remember getting. Not sure why but I am going to go out on a limb and say maybe it has some thing to do with this story on slow day.

cyt0plas (629631) - Hmm not really sure with this one, but he's been here for a little while.

dracocat (554744) - Picked up this month, see above.

forged (206127) - I believe forged added me after I added him to my fiend list.

GMontag (42283) - I believe GMontag also added me after I added him to my fiend list.

Kredal (566494) - Another one that I am not too sure when he showed up. We both posted in this article although this is just merely coincidence.

mabster (470642) - Added as friend when he posted in my first journal entry.

MonTemplar (174120) - Picked up this month, see above.

RobertB-DC (622190) - Picked up this month, see above.

thomkt (59664) - The one person I know from real life and the one who got me to reading slashdot in the first place. We were buddies in the Marine Corps and still keep in touch.

turg (19864) - Picked up this month, see above.

VladTheBad (178747) - I remember seeing Vlad show up as fan and wondering if I should make him a friend. There weren't many comments at the time, no bio, no journal. Alas I decided to add him/her as a kind geasture.

zedmelon (583487) - Pick up this month, see above.

Here are my friends who have not made me their friends. These are people who have impressed me in some way. Lets see if I can recall why...

Atzanteol (99067) - Not sure where this one came from.

Galvatron (115029) - We both had posted in this article, but I don't think that is why I made Galvatron a friend. Maybe it was because his username has something to do with transformers.

Moofie (22272) - I remember Moofie claiming to be a rocket scientist. I thought that was pretty cool.

neuroticia (557805) - I seriously must have added this person because she is a girl. I look at her journal entry in June and it seems she has decided to leave. I also look at her fan list and it is huge. I must wonder to myself, should I bother keeping myself on her fan list. Hmm....

nigelc (528573) - I see Nigel posted an intellegent reply to my post about Lucas Arts. Maybe I added him for that reason. Or maybe it was this funny post. Can't think of any other reason why I might have.

PIPBoy3000 (619296) - Cool user name. Gotta love Fallout. I think I was playing Fallout Tactics when I saw a post from this guy. He hasn't posted that much, no BIO, no journal entries its got to be the name

Radio Shack Robot (640478) - Must have been something funny this guy said.

SlashChick (544252) - Another person added most likely on the sole reason that this is a girl. FortKnox says that he met SlashChick in person.

softsign (120322) - I added softsign because he reads Wheel of Time. He was even kind enough to give me a spoiler on the most recent book.

syukton (256348) - I have no Idea why I added this person as a friend. Since he hasn't returned the favor, maybe I'll consider removing him.

Xavier000 (449480) - Another person I have no idea why I added them as a friend. They haven't posted a lot and they haven't posted lately. This is their best post so far.

Alas I have some freaks too. I have had the same three for a while and we'll look into these later. I'll just list them, for the record.

Incognito Dastard (657140)

SANTA'S LIST (655608)

spazoid12 (525450)

If you made it this far, you might still be wondering what I was going to change my sig line too.

Ready or not? Here it comes! - MS OEM T-shirt for Windows 2000.

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Journal Journal: MOD IX

I must say I was completely surprised to find that I had mod points this morning. I had them just last week. Here I was trying to read slashdot less too. Maybe I really should pick a different home page for my browser...

Anyway, off to find some good comments.

I guess I am not on the Bash MS Bandwagon (TM) today. So here is an Informative, an Insightful, and a Funny (some people pick some really stupid reasons to bash on MS.)

As for people looking out for one another, these two really impressed me. I realize these two posts, 1, 2, support each other, but I agree with both. In retrospect, as I am typing this, this generosity seems to closely compare to what open source is. Hmm? Maybe I am wrong, maybe not.

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Journal Journal: MOD VIII

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