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Comment: Re:complain (Score 5, Insightful) 347

by dracocat (#41890583) Attached to: Google Doubts Apple Will Approve Its New Maps Application

Yes. Complain once the app is rejected.

Then we can have a good dialog about how Apple did not do the right thing. About how it is unfair, and anti-competetive. I can't wait to have that discussion after it gets rejected.

Only problem is, it hasn't been rejected. How can we have this discussion when so far the only story is that someone at Google doesn't THINK it will be accepted?

Comment: Ender's Game (Score 4, Interesting) 65

Am I the only one whose first thought was of Ender's Game? In reality, I think the idea has been around for a while, and seems quite practical AND useful. To me the only surprising thing is that it hasn't been implemented yet. It seems like we should have had the technology to do something like this for a long time.

Detecting some of the problems early on can significantly help the child.

Comment: Re:rotten (Score 5, Interesting) 136

by dracocat (#40705315) Attached to: Apple Yanks Privacy App From the App Store

This is probably nothing more than the app had to have broken out of its sandbox. There should not have been a way for the app to monitor what other apps were doing without doing something disallowed by Apple.

Not saying I don't want this app, or that some arrangement/exclusion shouldn't be reached by the two companies (perhaps with a code review to make sure everything they are doing outside of the sandbox is benign), but I don't think this is a big conspiracy.

Just simply Apple continuing in its tunnel vision of not allowing apps full freedom on its phone.

Would definitely install this app if it was brought back. Perhaps release code so we can install it ourselves?


+ - Orbitz Showing Mac Users More Expensive Hotels-> 3

Submitted by dracocat
dracocat writes: Orbitz has discovered that Mac users pay up to 30% more for their hotels than those using Windows. In response it has begun to experiment with showing more expensive hotels to Mac users. The WSJ Article claims that this sort of targeting will only become more prevalent in the future.

The WSJ has confirmed through searches that the results for Mac users are many times more expensive than those shown to Windows users. Orbitz has replied that users always have the option to re-order by price if they don't like the initial order of hotels provided.

I generally am on board with using data to show more relevant results, but not sure how I feel about the supposed relevant results being more expensive. Is this inevitable or do we need some sort of screen bias protection?

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Comment: EC2 + S3 (Score 1) 137

by dracocat (#38294636) Attached to: Webhosting For A Large Art Project?

You can just use Amazon S3 Storage. .10 per GB would mean $50 per month for 500 GB.

If you use EC2 for a simple virtual server you can mount the S3 volume onto your virtual server.

If you are like me and prefer rackspace virtual servers, then you can still mount the S3 volume with something like jungle disk.

You can then use something like Jungledisk to mount it as a volume on both machines, server and source machine.

Rackspace has basic virtual servers for like $10 a month.

So $10 for basic virtual server. $50 for 50 GB of disk storage on S3, plus $5 a month for jungle disk.
$65. Is that within your budget for a short term project?

Jungle disk is not required to make it work, but its only $5, and can make it simpler to mount the volume. If you use a virtual server on amazon EC2 you can actually just mount the 500GB volume.

Comment: The site should get this data (Score 4, Interesting) 130

by dracocat (#37833128) Attached to: Concerns Over Google Modifying SSL Behavior

If I am paying per click for certain search terms, then this data SHOULD be passed along. The other alternative is to just get a bill from google and trust that it is accurate?

As an advertiser I need this information. First to make sure I get the clicks google is charging for me, and more importantly to determine which words don't have a conversion rate worth paying for.


Deodorant Sought to Save New Zealand's Native Birds 102

Posted by samzenpus
from the safety-smell dept.
New Zealand researchers have received a NZ$600,000 grant to develop a deodorant for native birds whose strong odors make them easy targets for introduced predators. Since the birds evolved without any mammal predators they emit a very strong odor compared to birds in other parts of the world. Canterbury University researcher Jim Briskie says kiwis smell like mushrooms or ammonia, while kakapo parrots have a hint of "musty violin case."

Verizon Confirms Plan To Switch Away From Unlimited Data Plans 207

Posted by Soulskill
from the but-the-wireless-tubes-are-infinite dept.
loafula writes "Looks like Verizon is going the way of AT&T by not offering new unlimited data plans and switching to a tiered-only plan within six months. Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg said the new plans would be different from what AT&T offers, but didn't provide further details. 'We're not sure we agree yet with how they valued the data.' Everybody take a good look at your contracts; this will be a nice opportunity to jump ship without the hefty fee."

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