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Comment Re:Walmart (Score 1) 118

Walmart has a better selection of Amy's(tm) organic frozen food that is less expensive than most of the other generic grocery stores in my city. The exact same frozen organic food items are available at Nature's Grocer and Whole Foods in my city but are more expensive. Why should I pay more for the same item at those other stores? Now granted there are some additional brands of frozen organic foods at Nature's Grocer and Whole Foods but given the increased cost I don't see a reason to shop there.

Comment Re:Don't eat this shit (Score 1) 77

It's a meal box. Unless you don't eat fast food at all or don't order food to-go from restaurants, surely you've eaten tasty food out of small cardboard boxes before. Personally I don't eat out of a bucket either because I'm snobbish about eating meat on a bone with my hands. I'm not caveman. I don't need to hold the bones of the animals that have been slaughtered for my nourishment. Usually only *that* kind of fried chicken is sold in buckets.

Submission + - Blocking Ad-Blockers May Be Illegal in the EU Thanks to the Cookie Law (softpedia.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Alexander Hanff, CEO of Think Privacy Inc., has penned a letter to European Commission's president, this past winter, asking for clarification regarding the language of the e-Privacy Directive's Cookie Law. Mr. Hanff wanted to know if the cookie law is referring strictly to browser cookies or the general notion of gathering "any information stored on such equipment [is] part of the privacy sphere of the users requiring protection."

The answer he received was adequate and even more, the European Commission revealing that all scripts (client or server-side) need to ask for permission for accessing or gathering private user data. This means that the JavaScript snippets that detect ad-blockers on sites that block these plugins and then prevent users from accessing their content are illegal and the site publishers should ask for permission (to scan for ad-blockers).

Submission + - I finally caught them in the act! 5

fustakrakich writes: Slashdot is deleting comments!

I am asking you if you find this acceptable. To me it isn't. Indelible comments is Slashdot's only advantage it has over other what are now simple news aggregators. Deletions will mean the end of any of that. Better that the place shuts down completely. Please help save Slashdot. Don't let your comments be deleted. Please. Without Slashdot, there is no internet.

Submission + - Prince's death would have broken Wikipedia, but Michael Jackson did it first (wikimedia.org)

The ed17 writes: At one point, over 800 people per second were visiting Prince's Wikipedia article. When coupled with a large number of attempted edits, Wikipedia's "PoolCounter" kicked in. Put into place after the death of Michael Jackson, it protects Wikimedia's servers from traffic spikes. An engineer said “Without PoolCounter, all of [the] servers would have been tied up with the work of displaying and processing the Prince article ... It would have been impossible to view or edit the majority of all other content on Wikimedia.”

Comment Re: On What Spectrum? (Score 1) 74

What you are describing does not match my experience with Google when my ad-blocking plugin uBlock Origin is turned off. Ads on google search are still very small, unobtrusive and I've never seen them highlight words in the result page. If you are running Windows, I would suspect you had some adware installed on your PC that is causing this behavior.

Comment Re:umm (Score 1) 58

The draft of this bill states, "PROHIBITION.—It shall be unlawful for any person to access, without authorization, an electronic control unit or critical system of a motor vehicle, or other system containing driving data for such motor vehicle, either wirelessly or through a wired connection."

Reference http://docs.house.gov/meetings/IF/IF17/20151021/104070/BILLS-114pih-DiscussionDraftonVehicleandRoadwaySafety.pdf

IANAL and this is not legal advice. My reading of this makes me believe that if I own a vehicle and am not legally precluded from accessing data due to another law such as DMCA then this law would not preclude me from accessing the data. As the owner I would be the one whom authorizes accessing the data. If I buy a computer from Dell running Windows I don't have to get authorization from Dell or Microsoft to access data on or created by that computer.

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