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Comment Re:Confusing (Score 3, Insightful) 20

What? You get experience in implementing some hideous API that interfaces to some other Microsoft thing that no one will be using two years from now and that the company itself buries a couple years after that? I've never seen a place where developer experience points were tallied, either... In fact, I find the whole notion vaguely disquieting.

Comment Re:Why purge? (Score 1) 258

Because libraries became places relatively devoid of books in the late 1980's-2000 when their stock of actual reading material was replaced by books on tape, videos, and computer screens. Libraries have been sort of fucked up except for a place to get children's books ever since.

Get with the times - if you actually want to read, you can attempt to download their limited online books onto your e-reader of phone through their lousy e-borrowing software (which requires a special client to read - you wouldn't want to be a pirate, would you?). Or do what I do - avoid the place entirely and order stuff I actually want to read to be downloaded to my Kindle.

Comment Re:What the hell is a "Pixel"? (Score 1) 69

Wow. Like you couldn't discern from the first sentence that a device having a camera, audio, and LTE Band 4 capabilities, sharing the name of one of the most-hyped phones of the year, was a phone? You must either be an idiot or a troll. Although I did like the spittle-flecked shouting of your faux outrage.

Comment Re:what is this mysterious data? (Score 1) 534

Everybody should be able to reproduce climate models on a modern desktop computer with a GPU and check for themselves.

Do you know how much computational power it takes to run climate models? Anyone with a desktop and GPU is not going to be able to replicate many of these models' results. You need supercomputers on the scale of the Top 500 to do that sort of thing, you idiot.

Comment TPP, to quote Monte Python... (Score 1) 225

... is not dead yet. Trump is not sworn in, there are plenty of D's and R's still supporting this legislation, and Obama would sign it if it came to his desk. It's not dead until it's actually dead in Congress for this lame duck session. And then who knows? Trump could change his mind.

Thanks for electing us an inconsistent buffoon R's. Because you don't actually know what he's going to do.

Comment Re:And us too - soon (Score 2) 394

There will be a lot less Trump and Brexit cheerleaders on here in 4 years.

Don't count on it. Kansas is still red after the past dozen+ years of disastrous economic performance due to governance based on conservative economic principles. It never changes the idiots minds - there's always someone else to blame their problems on rather than facing the reality: Their economic principles shrink rather than grow economies.

Comment Re:Don't be so dismissive (Score 1) 471

This is one of the most concrete, attainable, and consistent things he's said.

And I'll believe it's happening when Apple starts building the plants.

For what it's worth, companies don't build domestic plants if foreign ones are cheaper to utilize. And there aren't enough regulations to remove to make the cost differential work out. Maybe with a tariff on all foreign constructed phones, but you'll need a steep tariff.

Somehow, I don't think the Donald can get all that done. Especially with half the R's in the House and Senate still yelling about free trade now that the TPP is dead.

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