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Comment Re:This is stupid (Score 1) 327

FICO Score 8 (scores range from 300-850) is not the only credit scoring system out there. VantageScore, for instance, goes to 990, and Fair-Issac itself provides a number of different scoring products for different uses (auto loans vs. credit cards, for instance). FICO Bankcard Score 8 ranges from 250-900, and it's a real FICO score.

Comment Re:Not a nice way to die (Score 1) 429

Bullshit. I've had many a mousetrap go off when I was nearby, that left the mouse screaming for several minutes before it died. Yes, my squeamishness exceeds my compassion, and I failed to finish them off more promptly by other means. Not my proudest self-realization.

Likewise, I've often had to finish what the trap started, usually by breaking their necks. Not fun, but I can't leave the little beggars suffering like that. My experience is that about a quarter are clean instant kills, half get their neck broken and die within a few seconds, and the remaining 25% require intervention. The worst one was when the mouse tripped it, and it took his snout off.

Comment Re:Robocallers need to die (Score 1) 44

I'd guess over 2/3 of people don't even answer the phone unless the number is already in their contact list. They just let it go to voicemail.

Hell, most of the time I don't even answer my work phone. Almost every call that comes in is from the same telemarketing firm trying to sell me something.

Comment Re:Properly designed (Score 1) 308

and the data circuits are passed through optical transmitters which essentially eliminate the power issue.

Optoisolators aren't going to help a lot if the voltage is high enough to arc over/around them, and with a sustained (longer than a few milliseconds) overvoltage of a few thousand volts, it's likely that they'd get burned out even if nothing else was damaged, effectively destroying the port. You can actively insulate the circuit to keep it from arcing, but circuitry that will effectively protect against this kind of attack is going to be hard to fit into a laptop case.

Comment Re:Not possible (Score 1) 69

How did they "connect directly to the IP address"? Did they place a wiretap on each of the 84 IP address to siphon the data?

Like another poster said, they're probably relying on the BT client's list of addresses. If that isn't sufficient, it's trivial to set up a monitor like Wireshark and be able to identify exactly which IP address sent any specific block of data.

Comment Re:Ignoring the point (Score 3, Insightful) 141

Likewise. I have a 12 Mbit business Uverse connection through AT&T. It has plenty of drawbacks - in particular the modem takes about 10 minutes to reboot/resync if the power blips, which happens several times a week where I live, and they can't decide whether or not I have problems with the physical line. One time they'll say, "oh yeah, we need to get that line replaced", and then the next it's "the line test looks fine to me". However, it's $65/month, I have 5 static IPs, IPv6 (finally) works well, and I can run whatever the hell I want on my connection. Every year or so, I get a quote from Comcast to compare. This year, it was $75/month for comparable service, plus another $30/month for 5 statics, plus $7.50/month for the modem rental (they won't allow customers to use their own gear with static IPs), and a $300 installation charge plus a 1 year commitment. I specifically told Comcast to contact me via email as I wouldn't be available on the phone during the day. Over a period of two weeks, three different sales reps called a total of 5 times while I was at work, and each time I responded via email and reminded them that they should contact me via that means. I never got a response, and eventually they just stopped calling. If that's how conscientious they are when trying to get my business, I shudder to think what the customer service would be like once they have my money.

AT&T sucks in a lot of ways, but they're cheaper, they're responsive, and if I have issues I can usually get in touch with someone that actually knows something instead of having to walk through a useless 45-minute script with some phone jockey. I'd like to avail myself of better/faster service, but Comcast seems to do everything they can to keep me from switching.

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