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Comment Re:Bad Headline (Score 1) 588

Strangely enough, I don't recall Colin Powell being a Presidential candidate last month. Why don't you stay on topic here instead of trying to derail the conversation.

Oddly enough, he was the Secretary of State prior to Hillary and engaged in the same behavior. We cannot judge the scale nor the violations, because it's all been conveniently purposefully deleted. (Sound familiar?)

Comment Re:Annoying problem with that... (Score 1) 25

Theoretically fine, except for this:

... posting hyperlinks to pirated copies of material is only legal provided it is done without knowledge that they are unauthorized versions

How is a someone who has been taken to court over this but never knew that the content they linked to was infringing supposed to prove that they didn't know that the content was unauthorized?

Wrong question - the right question is "how do you know they knew it was infringing?" followed by "prove it".

Or, assuming that they are treated as innocent until proven guilty, how is the court supposed to prove that a person knew that the content they wanted to link to was unauthorized to get a conviction?

Still wrong premise, the court doesn't prove anything, the plaintiff has to prove it. Note that things like emails saying "post this link to blah from pirate site yarr and add this awesome ad so we make money" would likely be considered a smoking gun in this situation.

Comment Re:Bad Headline (Score 1) 588

As opposed to the media failing to make clear that if anybody but Hillary! with access to classified information had done what she did, they'd be in jail?

As opposed to the media failing to point out that the lack of safeguards on Hillary!'s illegal private email server likely allowed every damn intelligence agency in the world access to it?

There MAY be "fake" news regarding Trump, but there is CERTAINLY a whole plethora of news about Hillary! that ISN'T fake, but the media refused to report it simply because it accurately cast her as a corrupt felon.

Yeah, I guess Hillary's email server wasn't all over the news and there was no Hatch Act violation about 11 days before the election about those same emails and a "renewed" investigation splattered all over the news. Revisionism of this magnitude borders on delusion.

How about equal focus on Colin Powell's email server and the 20+ million Bush era emails that are, well, how do we put this? Gone? And we're just to take their word for it that there was nothing classified on any of them?

Comment Re:Bad Headline (Score 1) 588

2. A renewed effort into making journalism a trusted source to get information free of trying to push a political bias.

I would love to see #2

The Fairness Doctrine was killed by Republicans, and this current set of so far right they're falling off the plank group hates it. Wish I still had the links to the set of stories related to Trump, Breitbart, and some Trump supporters. The statements they made during a recorded interview are truly scary. Things like "the media reported 3 million illegals voted for Clinton" and other whacked out statements which, when all was said and done, were based only on Facebook posts. That FB is not a media source in the journalistic sense seems to be completely outside their understanding. And that is frightening. Goebbels is drooling right now.

Comment Re:I'm sorry, but what's your job again? (Score 0) 119

If Linux was more prevalent, you probably wouldn't have a job.

Hate MS all you want, but if your job there is to fix these problems. No problems = no job. Stop trying to make your job redundant, you should be praising MS for keeping food on your table.

And no, you aren't paying for it, you're paid to deal with it.

Actually, I do hate MS. I used to hold several certifications and several phone numbers. I haven't missed any of it in over a decade, and actively sought different employment. Even with all that said, I dipped back into the cesspool that is MS for 2 jobs in the last few years. It has not gotten better. In fact, they doubled down on their terrible architecture, so it will be unlikely that anything in that area will ever improve.

All that said, if the pay is right and I dictate the terms, I suppose I'll do another MS project. Until financial independence arrives, you take what most quickly gets you to your goals. Even then, pure pay isn't enough when MS is involved, because no one pays that high.

Comment Re:F Cloud auth (Score 1) 84

zwave thermostats still "require" outside access unless you hack it, unless things have changed relatively recently. I'm looking at acquiring a Radio Thermostat Company product for my needs, so corrections are particular pertinent. I'm looking to playing with my rooted wink hub this holiday season.

Comment Re:No, you're right, not sensational (Score 1) 191

Quote the contrary - Net Neutrality still makes loads of sense, for everyone but the ISPs. They, of course, want to milk everyone using "their" network for as much cash as possible and double and triple charge on top of that. Once for your connection, once to your remote data service for the privilege of returning data you requested, and finally charge you again for going over your data threshold because you're not using their own competing service which has no data cap. And therein lies the real problem, ISPs that are more than ISPs and would like to charge you at least double for the privilege of daring to use a service they don't own.

Comment Re:Bad year for the big 2. (Score 1) 91

I've owned several MBPs (2006, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014) several personally. I can say that through this year, MBPs were some of the best laptops out there in terms of performance and quality constructions, despite the decreasing ability to fix things yourself. I have not compared the newest MBPs so I cannot speak to them. As for performance comparisons, I'm comparing it to a slightly older hex-core desktop outfitted with SSDs. The performance between the two is comparable for most work loads, which is pretty impressive for a laptop that will run 6-10 hours on a charge depending upon load.

Comment Re:If it works (Score 1) 244

Besides the fact that your understanding of currently stated physics is sadly off the mark, as others noted before me with more than adequate detail. The other aspect you completely miss is that the physics of the early universe as described in TFS followed different laws than the current laws we have, which means all assumptions you make using currently understood physics based relationships are most likely invalid.

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