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Comment Re:Amazon fire is more locked down (Score 2) 99

And their fire line is far more locked down than Apple could ever dream of, with a small pool of apps.

Locked down what? You can sideload any app you want to any fire device you want. And what's more, you don't even need to plug in a USB cable to do it; They have ES File Explorer in their store. Once you have that installed, you can install anything you want, and uninstall ES if you like afterwards. The latest revision of the launcher on the Fire TV stick finally integrated non-Appstore apps into the app menu, so you don't have to launch them from application settings.

Comment Re:9.3 billion (Score 2) 32

:-) I noticed the pump and dump market trolls don't want to see their game exposed.

The vultures, as in patent trolls. Nobody else will really benefit.

Yeah, that's a given. I was kinda wondering which party is being set up as the pansy on Black Tuesday.

The way you can benefit is to cash out when its still possible...

Probably you can stay in it until around mid September, August for the really paranoid... Buy back in January, after the dust settles a bit, depending who wins.

Comment Re:It's a feature (Score 0) 301

Speaking of fire hazards, that's exactly what these things are, more than a phone or laptop because of the heating element used in addition to those nasty batteries, and it's too easy for the switch to get stuck. They are chintzy as hell, real low quality, and made out of plastic?! Not a good combination. As far as the chemicals being emitted, the makers didn't "intend" for that to happen, they just didn't give a damn. The smell alone should have been an indication though. That stuff is chemical soup, no better than burning badly refined crack with all the solvents still in it. With tobacco, you should go *back to nature* and smoke it like god intended. If you want to vaporize it, just throw the leaves into hot water.

Comment Re:It's a feature (Score 5, Insightful) 301

This is a device that was designed to emit toxic vapours.

Nicotine may be a toxin, but in the amounts in which it's consumed, that's the least concern about the effects upon the body. However, these devices weren't intended to emit other toxic vapors.

It's like saying that fireplaces pose a fire hazard or that an electric outlet carries the risk of electrocution. It's what it's supposed to do.

False. A fire hazard is an uncontrolled fire. A fireplace is designed to control a fire. An electric outlet is not designed to electrocute you. It's designed to deliver power to an appliance. Granted, some of them are not very well designed to explicitly not electrocute you, but that's a separate issue.

The idea of the vaporizer is to deliver as clean a smoking experience as possible. If you put water-based herbal extracts into them, that's what you're doing. What's interesting is that these other things aren't that clean, either. Anyone remember transparent cigarette papers? They were everywhere for a while, I went through a couple of packs myself on the basis that I was already smoking tobacco so who cares, but what was found is that only the center of the cherry is hot enough to burn the combustion byproducts into something harmless, which meant that you were getting a bunch of toxics from them even worse than smoking paper.

Comment Re: Hatchet jobs aside (Score 1) 391

No it isn't useful.

Really? You don't find the specific allegations to be useful?

This is why you are an idiot: that is just links to HTML on the internet. Anyone can put anything on the Internet.

Yes. For example, cowards like you can post stupid comments like yours.

"First hand account" means nothing.

I strongly disagree. On the other hand, a comment left by an anonymous coward does mean nothing.

For example you have been beating your wife for a long time. Why don't you stop? I have multiple first hand accounts of you beating your wife, yet it hasn't stopped. Why don't you stop?

Well for one thing, I'm not married, so it's impossible for me to stop beating my wife. I don't have a wife. For another thing, an anonymous coward like yourself making unfounded claims is very different from a person with a name and an identity making specific allegations.

My question was what the allegations were. The answer was clearly useful, as it linked to specific claims of specifically unacceptable behavior. Nowhere did I state that I accepted the linked statements as fact; what I said was that they were useful in the context of the question, and they were. If you believe otherwise, you are very stupid, and should not be permitted near a keyboard without supervision.

Comment Re: Hatchet jobs aside (Score 1) 391

Thank you, this stuff is actually useful. We could sub out most of the article with your comment and be better for it. And yes, I absolutely consider ignoring a safeword during sex to be rape. When you have negotiated specifically what means stop, you have set up an absolute condition which clearly demonstrates nonconsensuality.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 5, Interesting) 127

Tesla ditched Mobileye, and not the other way around. Mobileye's stock went down by 10% after this. Tesla's didn't.

Welcome to slashdot, where the moderators are dumbfucks and the points don't matter. Guess what? Mobileeye ditched Tesla, to spend more time working with other manufacturers. They probably saw the writing on the wall: Tesla wants to control every part of their car internally, and working with Mobileye was just a way to get their foot in the door sooner with a product. Sooner or later, Tesla would have dropped them. While their stock has taken a big hit since the announcement, it's probably best for them in the long run. It's also great for Tesla, since they can deflect some of the blame onto their now-departed partner.

Whose stock dips after an announcement doesn't inherently tell you anything, mostly because the market is not rational.

Comment Re:Aubout AUTOPILOT name (Score 2) 127

Same happenned with Autopilot: in aviation, it is a very precise thing

Who told you that? They lied. There are lots of different things in aviation, all called autopilot. We handle the distinction by breaking autopilot devices down into classes, which are defined by capability. In fact, "autopilot" means many different things, from a simple system that can only maintain a heading to complex systems (and when I say "complex", I don't mean supercomputers, only as opposed to a function you can implement with discrete analog components, as the oldest autopilots did.

The autopilot systems on the newest commercial jets are capable of handling landings unassisted, at least, if everything is working. This is just not that hard a job any more. An Arduino with MultiWii (GPL'd) is enough to take a plane off from a field, fly waypoints and take pictures or drop bombs or what have you and then return to home and land again. And that's without any beacon signal from the ground. So clearly, the word "autopilot" covers a lot of ground.

Elon should have called it "Ship's Commander mode" (as the one which gives orders instead of holding the wheel) sound both mor awesome and a little bit less passive role for the driver.

Do you know what you call a simple computer on a boat which maintains your heading, and does nothing else? Yep, you guessed it, that's an autopilot.

The truth is that you cannot get autopilot even activated without a safety lecture, and if you willfully ignore the admonitions of the creators and then turn on a feature that is dangerous both to you and others if you misuse it, you deserve to die in a fireball and the only tragedy is that you may take others with you.

Comment Re:Wooo AstroTurfing (Score 2) 127

Musk is in some ways similar to Steve Jobs. Early on, trolls would shit over Apple products. Too expensive. Too simple. Then Jobs guided Apple to be the most profitable company in the world.

Those people weren't trolls: Jobs worshipper detected. Your turtleneck is a bit too tight this month. Those people were just wrong. They forgot that stupid people will pay to be fucked over if it gets them ooh shiny shiny.

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