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Comment They are both GM, mutagenesis and transgenesis (Score 1, Informative) 194

The concerns, legitimate or otherwise, about genetically modified foods such as Monsanto's Round-up Ready soy-beans, may be causing unintended consequences

This is all wrong and mistaken.

The concerns are legitimate. Look into "gliadin" if you do not already know. That was a product of 1976 mutagenesis experiments. People who eat it consume an additional 400 calories every day. It's popular with the food industry and it is why many people are fat.

The unintended consequences are the result of lax anti-GM regulations. Mutagenesis is Genetic Modification (GM). The problem is not that the "backlash" against transgenic Cauliflower Mosaic Virus vectors has pushed people to these crude methods, the problems are multiple and are as follows:

#1. that mutagenesis has ever been legal and has already been used to produce GM food.

#2. that gliadin-enhanced food is legal

#3. that glyphosphate (Roundup) is legal

#4. that glyphosphate-resistant crops are made via Cauliflower Mosaic Virus transgenic infection is legal.

#5. that any person who speaks English would write one word in favor of the hubris of Man and the obscure mutation of nature.

Hail to the misinformed who think agricultural mutagenesis has benefited humanity. You need to re-learn.

Comment You assume "fear" and are mistaken. (Score 1) 926

The reason many US citizens follow orders is a belief or assumption that "The Natural Order is the Moral Order." That is the title of a view in which those who are already in power, and those who are physically strong, are perceived as having the moral authority over what is right and wrong. Those who believe this have a habit of thinking that person arrive in positions of power because they inherently deserved to arrive there. Subsequently, it is immoral to question their authority.

This mode of thinking is clearly explained in George Lakoff's book, Moral Politics, in which Lakoff clarifies the mistaken belief system of those who engage in it. His book is based upon, but does not cite, the theories from Scripts People Live and the related world-changing books on psychology.

In short, OP proposes that the average American citizen supports tyranny after making some conscious decision to assuage their own fear. This is mistaken. In fact, the average American supports tyranny after not realizing they alreay elected it last time, and otherwise without applying much thinking at all.

Finally, if there were an emotion I would attribute most of the lack of thinking to, that is not fear but hate. The same people who engage in the poor thinking described above are simply not fond of intelligent people, and would rather oppose them simply for the pleasure of thwarting any ideas thay are unable apprehend, which would be most new ideas.

Comment It is almost like they know something (Score 3, Interesting) 170

It is as if they were the two countries who defeated the Nazis in World War II. It's almost like every other western country collapsed, and only the countries with the best intelligence and geographic advantage to apply it (i.e., water) avoided being occupied by Nazis.

I don't know how many people here have read "Between Silk and Cyanide," but it is worth reading. This system we are learning about (Echelon) pre-dates 9/11 and stems from the lessons that U.S. grandparents received during World War II.

Comment Ban samzenpus posts. (Score 0, Flamebait) 871

What is this "article" doing on slashdot? The proposed idea is juvenile and not worth debating, but typical of the kind of nonsense that Libertarians think is worth their time to discuss.

Slashdot is not the correct place to post stupid Libertarian drivel. Or, if it is, may I delete my account?

Comment Unfortunately, you need real molecules to do this (Score 4, Informative) 175

As the photons enter the cloud of cold atoms, Lukin said, its energy excites atoms along its path, causing the photon to slow dramatically. As the photon moves through the cloud, that energy is handed off from atom to atom, and eventually exits the cloud with the photon.

These are not photons in free space being described. These are photons which have excited electron orbitals in some material.

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