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Comment Re: Louisiana is one big sinkhole (Score 1) 307

Consider the reality of it. Those that have the resources to effectively cause a solution are beating the drum loudest for humanity it ignore the issue of raising sea levels and those human actions that cause it. So you've got to ask yourself some serious questions. One such question is, "What would the sea level be if both polar caps and Greenland melted?"

Comment Re:Scam (Score 1) 163

I'm hoping you're being ironic? Gas stations didn't spring up over night, one went to a Dry Cleaners for fuel, and before cars, there was an industry of people that handled horses, and their, um by-products. As for transporting energy without glowing afterwards, Hydrogen is better. Consider piping hydrogen to a dry stream bed, add a fuel cell and one has electricity and water. Try that with gasoline.
I'll go one better, if China got its head out of their 'collective' ass and went Automotive Fuel Cell, quickly one could easily across the street; in Peking. Pun intended.

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