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Comment Re:These days? Hippos. (Score 1) 599

One hippo, all alone, misses the other forty four.

I read this and thought it would make a fantastic replacement for chapter 1 of The Hobbit.

Sadly, I think Smaug's Encounter With Forty-Four Hippos would have gone poorly...

Comment Re:The cameras do nothing (Score 1) 311

Exhibit A; this happened yesterday:

I suppose if anything, the *two* cameras installed at that corner might make it easier to catch the guy who decided to gun down a 13, 15 and 17 year old with an assault rifle. But I would surprised if any public official still makes the claim of deterrence.

Comment Low expectations (Score 1) 535

Realistically, even if all the MS stores did was set up an XBox corner and drove traffic to it by hosting a continuous Halo tournament, that would be a success.

Microsoft should focus on what works really well in these stores; the 360 is one of those things.

Comment Re:Oh the irony (Score 4, Interesting) 158

"25 States allow anyone to buy a gun, strap it on, and walk down the street with no permit of any kind: some say it's crazy. However, 4 out of 5 U.S. murders are committed in the other half of the country: so who is crazy?" - Andrew Ford

Is this because 4 out of 5 people live in the 25 states where you do need a permit?

Comment Where's "all of the above"? (Score 1, Interesting) 1026

Seriously, he's on the record for changing all of the above. Obviously he can't turn around the health care system with the same speed as you can reallocate TARP funds, but given the competent people at important positions in the government, I can safely say he's going full speed ahead in all above areas.

Comment Re:Wii got it right (Score 1) 583

I'm not about to re-test the concept, but my Wii once tipped over when it was playing a game, and the disc inside survived. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a little scratch on the disc as a result of that, because it made a nasty high-pitched plastic-on-plastic noise when it did that.

Ditto when I accidentally tip the Macbook when I'm getting up and there's a disc spinning inside of it.

That said, none of the discs in the above two devices were rendered "permanently unplayable" or otherwise unreadable, so the question is, does that make this lawsuit legit?


Submission + - Yahoo To Serve Adverts In PDFs (

Placid writes: "According to the BBC, Yahoo! has signed a deal to provide adverts within PDF documents. The article states:

The service will allow publishers to make money by including adverts linked to the content of a PDF document in a panel at the side of the page.
It is Yahoo's latest way of expanding the places it can advertise online following deals with the auction site Ebay and the cable TV group Comcast.
Dynamic adverts can be changed for particular audiences or rotated to make sure that a particular user never sees the same advertisement twice.
Unlike Web Browsers, the advertisements will not appear if the PDF document is printed."


Submission + - Iowa Wind Farm to use Earth as Battery (

lpangelrob writes: A group of local utilities in Iowa is building a system to indirectly store unused wind power in the ground, according to a story in BusinessWeek. The system will store excess wind energy produced at night 3,000 feet beneath the ground by powering a generator that pumps compressed air into layers of sandstone. When demand for energy is greater, the compressed air returns to the surface and assists a natural gas-powered turbine, improving the turbine's efficiency.

Similar systems are being examined in Texas, New Mexico and the Gulf Coast.


Submission + - Netflix Down. Unknown Return

DefaultJohnson writes: Netflix is down for the count, and it is not known when it will be back up. I just called the number from WHOIS and asked the operator. They are thinking things may be back up tomorrow, but are not positive. She could not give me any details as to why the site was down.

Submission + - Nintendo DS improving Safeco Field experience (

lpangelrob writes: The Nintendo-owned Seattle Mariners debuted a new feature for fans with Nintendo DS and DS Lites in Safeco Field this year; the Nintendo Fan Network. The Associated Press has a write-up of the new system, accessible through Sports Illustrated.

The Nintendo Fan Network allows users with DS systems to order food and drinks (with the tip included), watch the game live, and access scores and trivia from any seat in the ballpark. The program is still considered to be in beta; few advertisements have been run for the system, and a webpage for the network does not exist. The cost to upload the program onto the DS is $5 per game, or $30 for a set of 10 games.

If fan reaction is positive and the system continues to work properly, Nintendo plans on expanding the program to other stadiums in the league.

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