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Comment This is funny (Score 3, Insightful) 108

It's hilarious that the persistent arch-enemy of the supposed strongman Trump is a mainstream "news" anchor at a TV channel allied to his party. And a feminine-looking woman too! You'd think it would make every neckbearded alt-right head explode.

And what dastardly tactic has she used to thwart and frustrate the glorious-leader-to-be? Not asking him soft enough questions.

Comment Keep your RAID, build a server (Score 1) 354

Keep your RAID-1. It will protect against single disk failure and improve read performance.

Build a server. Just a little one. An old desktop PC will suffice.
Put in a cheap SSD (64GB will do), and a 3 or 4 TB HDD.
Install your OS of choice to the SSD (Debian, BSD, anything low maintenance).
Write or procure a script on the server to rsync the contents of your desktop PC to the large HDD, with the --backup switch, rotating monthly. This way you get overwritten or deleted content put in another folder (usually the day of the month), so you get one month to recover accidentally deleted or overwritten files.
Set this script such that it starts ten minutes after the server boots up, waits another ten minutes, then powers down.
Set the server to Wake on Lan.
Have your desktop PC (or other server if you have one) send a WoL magic packet to the server once a day.
Turn off the server.
If you ever need to retrieve anything, send a WoL packet to the server, wait for bootup, log in and kill the backup script (which should still be sleeping if you do it within 10 minutes).

Voila, cheap robust offline backup.

Comment I'm quite ignorant of the KKK (Score 1) 2

All I know about them is they hate blacks, Jews, and Catholics (presumably all non-protestants, but as I said, I'm ignorant). What views do they have that aren't hateful? I'm curious.

As to BLM, the entire reason that movement HAD to happen was because there really ARE people who think black lives DON'T matter, including black gangsters and bigoted whites. You have some citation for BLMers advocating hatred or violence?

Like the late humorist Will Rogers said in the 1930s, "all I know is what I read in the papers" and I have a LOT more newspapers available than he did, thanks to the internet.

Comment Re:I read the version with the photos (Score 1) 4

Yes, it was. I had the maid show me how to work the coffeemaker later. I'd have known if I'd bothered to read the coffee packet.

Some of the blur may have been because I was so shaky after hiking outside with all those books and falling down. That last photo is bad because there wasn't much light,

Comment Re:I read the version with the photos (Score 1) 4

The blurry pics are from Patty's new Samsung. I reduced resolution as well, because when I run out of hosting space at where the photos actually are (they won't fit in the's 10 megs) it will cost a lot more. The Sith is cropped way down, he was across the room.

That first picture, the worldcon logo, came from Google. The covers to "Random Scribblings" are GIMPed photos I took with the same phone I took to Worldcon.

I would have probably made a fool of myself if I'd gone to the first Midamericon in 1969 in St. Louis, but I was seventeen.

Comment It's because drugs AREN'T fine. (Score 1) 2

Most of today's junkies are far different than they use to be, although old school junkies still exist. These days, the drug pushers are doctors and pharmaceutical companies who are handing out very potent, addictive drugs like candy. Once the oxycodone gets you, you discover that heroin bought on the street is a lot cheaper than what "Doctor Pusher" is pushing.

So your garden variety "would never take drugs" upstanding citizen winds up dead of a heroin overdose. Having a place like that might save some lives and get addiction treatment for some of them.

It's hard for people to be rational about drugs.

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