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Comment Re:Because Windows Sucks (Score 1) 265

It's common now for a freshly installed Windows 7 system to spin for 36 hours before finding it first major set of updates.

Ridiculous, but true.

if you've migrated recently, might I recommend XFCE as a Desktop Environment? It's slightly less modern (based off GTK version 2 rather than 3) but much snappier. I found a ten year old laptop works much faster with Mint + XFCE than it ever did with XP.

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Journal Journal: Agorophobia 2

“Say, Ed! How was your trip? Lager?”
“Hi, John. Yeah, I’ll have a lager. The whole trip was lousy, a journey through hell all the way.”
“Didn't you fly Green-Osbourne?”
“Well, yeah.”
The bartender swore; he was a wealthy man who owned the bar he was tending and quite a bit of Green-Osbourne Transportation

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