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Comment Re:MS Hates Linux (Score 1) 480

Counter example:

A brand new AMD graphics card will happily drive two monitors at 4k from the dual-link DVI and HDMI outputs with the stock driver under Linux, with no user interaction required.

The same card, under Windows in the same computer will drive the same monitors at 4K from the HDMI output, but will limit the DVI output to a paltry 2048x1152.

And then there's the mountains of older computer hardware that still work fine under Linux but have long been abandoned by their manufacturers so don't run under any recent Windows at all.

Comment Re:Why do you have to be prepared for it? (Score 1) 458

Different people react differently when confronted with imminent death.

You want to prepare and screen people as much as possible on Earth, so that if something goes wrong during the mission you lessen the chances of someone going moonbat crazy and jeopardizing the rest of the mission.

Comment off YouTube...? (Score 1) 307

Well, when I was 16-24yrs, I was into and enjoyed high fidelity friends all did as well.

Er, not unless your parents and friends' parents were very well off, or all of them were in the military and bought their equipment duty-free in Asia you didn't. Before digital, in America a high fidelity stereo (let alone quadraphonic system) would cost your a couple grand.

I used to have an audiophile-quality system I bought stationed in Thailand, but it was stolen in a burglary. I have a pair of JBLs now, three way with twelve inch woofers. I miss my old stereo.

But I rip from YouTube occasionally, and rip from KSHE every Sunday night when they play six full albums. With Windows all it takes is Audacity and a setting in mmsys.cpl to capture a signal sent to your sound card, you don't need those goofs' web site.

I make CDs from KSHE's albums for the car, and they sound as good as factory CDs -- in the car. Their difference in quality in the house with the JBLs is marginal. It's a LOT better sound than a cassette recorded at home.

If you're in St. Louis (I'm not) you can plug your digital FM radio's "out" jacks into your computer's input jacks and you actually will have CD quality music.

The labels are fighting a losing cause.

Comment Re:Rich people toy at best due to energy costs (Score 1) 134

No you're just making that up. The energy to run a horseless carriage wasn't unprecedented: it was about the same needed to run a conventional carriage. You're correct that a manufacturing line and economies of scale were the major factor in making cars affordable though, because the cost of manufacture was what made cars rich people toys for over a hundred years before the model A came out, not energy costs.

Comment Re:Lefties? (Score 1) 11

If "not being a sociopath" is left, than I guess you're right, I'm a leftist. It comes from too much Sunday school, I suppose.

Comment Re:"Shitposting" is fraud, not speech (Score 1) 637

Gonna need a source for that. Consumer-led boycotts for political reasons in general are a neutral tool that could be used for good or bad. There have only been a few we'd consider bad today, most were explicitly organized by governments or political parties. Whether a boycott against Palmer Luckey or anyone else ends up on the wrong side of history depends on the intent and effect of the boycott, not on the simple fact that it is a boycott based on objections to an individuals' political donations.

Again, would you consider a boycott of my hypothetical supermarket where John Smith, ISIS donor, works to be evil? Answer that plainly for me please, and maybe we can get to the root of your assertion that this type of action is categorically evil.

Comment Re:"Shitposting" is fraud, not speech (Score 1) 637

We'll just have to disagree on whether ceasing to fund a business due to contributions to political activity you disagree with is evil. I think it isn't.

And BTW, we do basically live in a society where everyone does every evil thing they think they can get away with - almost all of the population does in at least some areas, some do in almost all areas. Laws are there to set the boundaries on behavior, limiting how much "evil" people can get away with. Some activities flourish on the fringes however...see: Tax avoidance, predator colleges, the mugshot shaming industry, PacNet, etc.

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