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Comment Re:Sounds nice! (Score 1) 122

Okay, well, with a cut-down population, you also lose the labor required to produce to support the population. Then labor becomes a short resource. Without a labor reserve, you can't take advantage of technical progress, and so the economy becomes unstable and poverty becomes more wide-spread, rather than the normal model of developing better access to food, clean water, and healthcare as technology improves.

This flies in the face of history. Cut-down populations lead to boom times of reduced poverty and inequality (most notably after the black plague). A terrible way to get a boom time, but that's what happens.

Comment Re:I know that I'm atypical here... (Score 1) 358

It did a better job showing a calculating dark batman

No, the Dark Knight series showed a calculating dark batman. Batman vs. Superman show's Frank Miller's "Punisher with a cape" Batman. I can accept that it's a different take on the character, but my dad was totally put off the movie by this.

Comment Re:Plutocracy (Score 1) 394

I'm pretty sure if you polled voters, even those in red states, they'd mostly be against this.

I wouldn't bet on it. They probably have some conspiracy theory cooked up in their heads to make not-selling your browsing history look like a bad thing. They're mostly against net neutrality, after all, either with the boilerplate "government overreach" argument, or a conspiracy theory about how it's the Fairness Doctrine 2.0.

Comment Re:Misleading and false (Score 1) 127

Most of the waste can indeed be recycled:

Meanwhile, coal power plants spew radioactive waste from smokestacks, the ground is pumped full of earthquake-enabling mystery sauce for hydrofracking, and oil refineries guzzle energy to transform fossil fuels from one form to another before they're even used, all while literally causing floods of toxic waste, and nobody on the right bats an eye at those environmental disasters that happen in the process of releasing fossil CO2. They have much bigger problems to worry about - an environmentally unremarkable electronics manufacturing industry that's giving us devices that produce carbon-neutral energy.

Comment Re:Misleading and false (Score 1) 127

It's a standard, procedurally-generated right-wing parroting point that executes in any discussion about $NEW_GREEN_TECH:

"$NEW_GREEN_TECH generates an incredible amount of toxic waste to produce, even more than $OLD_FOSSIL_TECH!"

Veracity is not a factor in the algorithm, the statement is simply generated and echoed. It's interesting how right-wingers suddenly become concerned (if fact-deprived) environmentalists AND income-egalitarians ("The CEO of $NEW_GREEN_TECH company is going to get rich off the backs of the working class!" they scream, as if tax code & labor policy problems are the fault of environmental policy) as soon as fossil energy is threatened.

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