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Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 1) 737

or more likely, he's one of those people who's so focused on their field he doesn't know anything else, but so egotistical he thinks he knows everything.

This. He knows everything about brain surgery and nothing about virtually anything else, including many medical topics. In all these non-neurosurgery areas the Dunning-Kruger effect is in full force.

Comment Re:Perceptual or cryptographic hash? (Score 2) 221

I'm wondering which they will use. A perceptual hash greatly increases the chance of a false positive but greatly decreases the chance of a false negative. A cryptographic hash virtually eliminates any chance of a false positive but allows media files to be trivially altered to get a false negative.

One is a real solution and the other is somewhere between a basic effort and a symbolic effort.

Comment Re:"people largely irrelevant" (Score 1) 499

The people cheerleading the current direction of things believe that the 1% can demand enough goods and services to provide employment for the rest of us. Building pyramids in their honor or something, I don't know.

I'm not sure which is worse, if they turn out to be right or if they turn out to be wrong.

Comment Re:Curing Greed. (Score 2, Insightful) 468

Actually it was the curtailing of greed from the New Deal until just before Reagan was elected that created the middle class. Before and after that the middle class has always been wasting away as inequality was left unchecked to maximize itself, as it naturally does. The greed was curtailed due to political pressure from a credible communist rival. We need to learn to curtail greed once more to restore the middle class.

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