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Comment Re:Cue the lawsuits. (Score 0, Offtopic) 437

I hope English is your second language. If not, please go back and get your GED, your post was as aliterate as the ignorance I see in facebook.

"Who's job"=="Who is job". Correct word "whose".
"In it's height"=="In it is height". Correct word "its".
He's == He Is. Possessive "His"
She's==She Is. Posessive "Hers"
It's==It is. Possessive=="its"

Please stop spreading aliteracy. Read some books, kid.

Comment "Religious" hacker? (Score 2) 161

What religion? Devil worshiper? Money worshiper? Hindu? Christian? What if that Muslim were an atheist who also did it because he hated hookers?

I swear, you FSM worshipers are worse fanatics than an Alabama Christian evangelist.

Fools, all. BTW, Christians consider the guy's actions sinful.

Comment I wonder what changed him? (Score 1) 2

Forty years ago he made sense, even if I didn't always agree with him. Maybe I was more foolish in my youth. I read of it yesterday wondering where his faculties have gone, but my mind isn't as sharp as it used to be, either.

Submission + - USGS Lab Forced To Close After 'Disturbing' Data Manipulation ( 1

schwit1 writes: Nearly two decades and $108 million worth of “disturbing” data manipulation with “serious and far ranging” effects forced a federal lab to close, a congressman revealed Thursday.

The inorganic section of the U.S. Geological Survey’s (USGS) Energy Geochemistry Laboratory in Lakewood, Colo. manipulated data on a variety of topics – including many related to the environment – from 1996 to 2014. The manipulation was caught in 2008, but continued another six years.

“The problems were so severe, in fact, that the USGS has already closed the inorganic lab in question permanently,” the Arkansas Republican said. The lab was terminated in January.

The research topics that faced data manipulation – including uranium in the environment, health effects of energy resources, and U.S. coal resources and reserves

Where are the criminal charges?

Comment Re:Have you tried Pinta? (Score 1) 9

I was rather surprised at how well the install went.

The only distro I ever tried that was hard to install was Red Hat, and that was around 1999 or so when I was dipping my toes in the water. Every other distro I ever sampled was far easier to install than Windows, at least the amount of time and work it took.

Comment Re:I missed that debate (Score 1) 4

I retired a month before my 62nd birthday. I like time more than money. I've been grubbing for money all my life and now that I don't have to, I don't.

I'm sure that's not the only thing we agree on. I'm against keeping guns out of the hands of folks on the no-fly zone; you have the right to bear arms but not the right to fly commercially. Felons? I'm for keeping guns from them; felons lose all sorts of rights.

User Journal

Journal Journal: GIMPy Text 9

(There's an illustrated copy of this at

The GNU Image Manipulation Program is an excellent free and open source graphics program that will do almost anything you want to a bitmap image.

Almost. When text is needed in an image, GIMP is indeed gimpy. Rather than use fonts installed in the computer’s operating system, it has its own, very limited set of fonts, and no way to exactly position your text.

Comment I missed that debate (Score 1) 4

I have to agree with you, especially about SS. I'm 64 and my family history says I'll probably be around a while, but I've already lost friends my age and younger. Jim's my age and heart gave out two weeks before he was 40. His brother is about 8 years younger and has a pacemaker with a built-in defibrillator. Tom died from stroke last year. Mike's in his fifties, worked for the post office and retired last year for health reasons.

And like you pointed out, all of us have paid into it all our lives. It's insurance we've bought and paid for.

Comment Re:moof (Score 1) 8

But most of the rest is your own damn fault for insisting on being "alternative".

I'm not quite sure what you mean. I use Oo because I prefer its interface and I prefer not to buy something when there's a free alternative that's superior. When they demanded "no alternatives" I was "fine, Office was on this computer when I bought it so I'll just use that.

I only used Word for magazines, composing in Oo (because it's far less annoying than Word). The problem is Office keeps suiciding and when I try to "repair" it it can't tell I'm on the internet.

Comment Re:It is not incompetence. It is quite purposeful (Score 1) 8

Unfortunately you are venting at psychopaths

Quite true, but better than putting my fist through a wall.

And these magazines are being assholes if all they accept are Word .docs. Have you tried "persuading" them otherwise?

All but one or two are like that. Rather than being assholes I think they're just ignorant and apathetic; Word has become a staple in almost every office. There's no way I could persuade them; they get a thousand submissions a month and print half a dozen. None of them have as yet been mine.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Damn it, Microsoft, you incompetent sons of bitches! 8

I like Open Office but needed .doc file to send science fiction to magazines, so I needed Word; I wasn't sure Oo would write the files properly and it turned out it can't export to anything except PDF, so I installed Libre Office. It will write the files, but MS Write can't read them.
I had an idea for an article about playing cards, so googled for open source playing card images. There should be plenty since playing cards have been around

Comment Re:Or make it critical for social networking (Score 1) 306

I don't understand why anyone would install an FB mobile app in the first place, their web site works fine on a phone. FB Messenger? That's just teenage stupidity; every phone that will run FB Messenger already has texting.

I also don't understand how nobody seems to understand that the more crap on your phone is turned on, the faster the battery will run down. That alone is reason enough to keep "location services" shut off unless you need to use it; likewise bluetooth and wi-fi.

I do know one guy who had a temporary need for FB's messenger; he had no phone, only an iPod. Thankfully, he has a phone now.

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