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Comment Re:Ballmer still did everything wrong (Score 1) 114

Here's what it boils down to. Microsoft looked at Apple pulling in 30% of every app in their app store and got a raging hard-on for that kind of revenue and basically sacrificed everything good about Windows to try to achieve the same thing. Of course, they totally failed and we ended up with the ugliest version of Windows in 20+ years as a result.

Comment Re:Ballmer still did everything wrong (Score 1) 114

It's funny you should mention MIPS because Windows NT used to run on MIPS, back when it was more flexible. It seems every generation of Windows becomes less flexible in some way. Nowadays, Windows can't even render the "Windows classic" skin from Windows 2000 (the only Windows theme I ever liked), which was removed from Windows 8. I guess Windows isn't powerful or flexible enough to do that kind of thing any more.

Comment Re:Microsoft... (Score 2) 292

You're lucky. At least that works for you. My phone rarely syncs with my Ford's Sync system at all. Meanwhile, in my Kia Sedona, I have no problems ever. In the Ford Fusion, I just use a wire into the headphone jack because BT is usually too much trouble.

As far as being a car goes, I like my Ford Fusion fine, so this is a minor annoyance in general. I'm only (sort of) joking when I say the Fusion is built entirely out of blind spots.

Comment Re: Many believe that we live in a computer simula (Score 1) 1042

Donald Trump made the assumption that Lester Holt, the NBC moderator for the first debate, was a Democrat. Holt is actually a registered Republican.

Doesn't matter how he's registered... he was clearly pulling for Clinton with his constant interruptions of Trump, to the point where he was flat-out arguing with him. Holt did nothing of the sort with Clinton. He wasn't a moderator, he was a participant.

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