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Comment Re:and fairy dust and unicorns too! (Score 1) 106

You underestimate engineers. We went from "first flight" to the moon in less than 70 years. We went from "First rocket" that flew 30 feet to the moon landing in about 4 decades.It's JUST AS LIKELY that we'll go from "material with enough tensile strength invented" to "space elevator" in a few decades too.

Comment Re:Rockets are too expensive (Score 1) 106

Indeed the Lunar Lander as it was built then could not have been done without the (recent) invention of Mylar. And they had to get creative at times - working under extreme limits on weight with an extremely precise set of requirements they had to meet. One of their biggest breakthroughs was tossing out the chairs. Have the crew stand upright - and that meant they could make the observation windows much smaller (since the pilot could stand directly in front of them as opposed to looking through them from a chair) - which cut the weight even more.

There is no doubt that a space elevator - if it's ever done - will require similar bouts of creative ingenuity which are utterly impossible to predict prior to the fact, it will be a case of engineers coming before a seemingly insurmountable conflict of requirements and getting creative to meet them all.

Comment Re:You don't own common sense (Score 1) 955

> it's cultural and people intent on killing will do so with whatever weapons are available.
At least other weapons don't kill innocent bystanders. Which make up a HUGE percentage of American gun deaths, the vast majority of whom never even KNEW about the event that led to their shooting and overwhelmingly kills women and children.

Comment Re:You don't own common sense (Score 1) 955

>Guns are readily available in New Zealand, Australia, Britain, China and most of Europe, just not legally

That actually MATTERS. You know why ? Because the kind of nutt who goes out and shoots somebody in a bar, or wakes up one day and shoots up everybody in a school - those kinds of nutjobs are NOT career criminals. They have no underground connections, they have no trust network. The kind of people who deal in illegal goods won't sell to them because they have no way of distinguishing the nutjob from an undercover cop. You can't just go down to the docks in Australia and walk up to the nearest person and say "Hey, I wanna buy an UZZI please" - you need to know who is selling, and HE needs to know YOU - or at least know somebody who will vouch for you.

Result is that these insane, and worst, gun crimes basically do not happen anymore. And the numbers speak for themselves. In the last 20 years the US had more than TWICE as many mass-shootings as the next 20 countries COMBINED. All of the next 20 countries combined had 22 mass shootings in two decades -just barely over one a year - or one each.
In the same 20 years the US had 48 mass shootings, and that's by the previous FBI definition of "four or more" victims, the FBI has ammended their definition to "3 or more" in 2016 - if you use THAT definition the US number jumps to over 70. But you can't just take that one at face value since the FBI differentiates between mass shootings and things like "armed robbery gone wrong" - which if you just take "more than three shot" by itself will include some of those. It's still somewhere between 49 and 70 though.

Comment Re:You don't own common sense (Score 1) 955

Almost all cases where somebody is killed by a single punch it's an alcoholic who got hit in the stomach and burst his liver. That said a gut punch can be fatal if you are unlucky - that's what killed Harry Houdini and he was an expert at taking punches to the gut.

But this is still an extraordinarily rare outcome from a fist-fight, almost as rare as SURVIVING a gun shot.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 955

Yeah yeah, we'll care about THAT hypocrisy when pro-lifers all accept that they are morally binding themselves to also oppose the death penalty AND support a comprehensive welfare state.
If you demand the birth of a kid to a person ill equipped to care for one, but won't assist in the feeding, clothing, shelering and schooling of that kid - then you're not pro-life you are pro-birth. And that's morally repugnant.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 955

>Please try to keep in mind that you, or your culture, don't get the privilege of defining what is "rational" for the whole world, or specifically in someone else's culture. "Rational" is defined by the culture it is being considered within.

Errr no. Rationality, be definition, is not determined by culture, religion or anything other than two things: facts and numbers. The things you cite are such perfect examples of irrational arguments that they are recognized as a fallacyh ("appeal to tradition"). They are not valid rational arguments.

More importantly - there isn't a single situation in the USA. There is a world of difference in what gun ownership even MEANS depending on where you live. In the country-side, a gun is a way to feed your family, in the worst-case (rare) scenario of a crime it may actually be an effective defense - but even if it's a bad defense it's better than nothing, which is the alternative, and the risk FROM the guns are low because you're isolated - if you miss your target you hit a tree. Big deal.
In a city - the facts are entirely different. Here - guns are used PRIMARILY to blow heads off, and hardly ever for things like hunting. Here - their extremely inefficient nature as a defense tool has much more serious consequences than "I missed and the bad guy got me" - here when you miss, you kill an innocent bystander. There isn't any empty space around you for the bullet to go. There aren't any trees to hit - your backstop is innocent people.

And never over-estimate the effectiveness of guns as a self-defense device, in all human history we have not invented a LESS effective tool for that job (with the possible exception of the bow and arrow). Guns only fire straight if your breathing is right, and your hands are steady. When your life is at risk - staying calm is very hard, and when your not calm your hands get sweaty and shaky, and your breathing becomes rapid - that makes it virtually impossible to hit what you intend to shoot at - and, in a city, that almost guarantees hitting somebody who has nothing to do with the event. I love guns, I grew up with them in a rural area - and I'm an excellent shot. But I refuse ot own one, I refuse ot have one in my house - because this is a city I live in now, and a gun is a terrible idea. The risk of my toddler getting her hands on it is BIGGER than the risk of us being attacked. The odds of it helping if we ARE attacked is so low that it's now worth the risks. There's a reason why the number one performance enhancing drug for Olympic shots is Prozac... what good is a self-defense device that only WORKS if you are perfectly calm ? A good self defense device should work well even if you are panicking. Guns are terrible at the job. Hell a bat gives you better odds - you can swing accurately enough to hit your target even if you're panicking (and the adrenaline rush would probably make you swing HARDER than you otherwise could) - and if you DO miss the odds of killing your own kid or the neighbor's kids are practically zero. You can just swing again.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 955

It's a LOT easier to defend yourself against any of those than against a gun. A gun-wielder doesn't have to get close.

Besides which -this 'perfectly logical' argument is disputed by the fact that deadly hate crimes are among the biggest reductions in the immediate aftermath of gun bans everywhere. Guns give people a major ego-boost - exactly because they are hard to defend against. Take that away, and a helluva lot of hate-filled people are too scared to actually ACT on their hate.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 955

>I have yet to see a study that shows that (legal) gun ownership is a significant factor in homicide rates

Well it's interesting how conveniently Americans go from "all gun ownership is legal" to "only illegal guns are used for crime"... how can there BE illegal guns if all gun ownership is legal ? Even then - 100% of all illegal guns no matter WHAT law system makes them illegal were once legal. Illegal guns all START OUT as legally owned guns.
The only possible exception are home-made fire-arms, which are a tiny minority of them - and only 'illegal' in the sense that their manufacture did not pass through the usual regulatory channels (in the US - there are so little of such that it's quite possible that in most states those are quite possibly entirely legal).

But guns don't start out illegal -they get made, legally, in a factory and sold, legally to somebody. Somewhere along the line this status changes - usually as a result of them being stolen from legal owners, but contra your beliefs -that's not an argument for increasing the supply of guns to steal.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 955

Now consider this - that ammendment also says this has to be 'well regulated'.
Yet that part is apparently always ignored.

It's supposed to be well regulated. That means - with good regulations around it. Sane gun control laws = well regulated.

Do you know what ELSE could meet that requirement ? Nothing.

Comment Re:but but but .. (Score 1) 58

IE 11/Edge may not be safer. I just feel Chrome kind of has an unfair advantage and I dislike the whole concept we have with the way the web works security wise. If you want a pro MS version of this head to Trust me, you will be shocked if you feel this site is pro MS haha.

I go to both sites as I want to hear both sides of stories. There are some on who do run Linux in the forums, but it is very anti android and pro MS phone and want exciting new .NET technology or Surface will be coming next kind of stories.

Comment Re:but but but .. (Score 1, Insightful) 58

Microsoft Edge running under windows is the most secure browser on the planet, Microsoft says so.

As much as it is fashionable to bash MS at this anti MS website I will ask if you think Chrome is any better? It is kind of unfair as of course Google won't disclose it's own bugs.

The problem is anything that executes programs (javascript and flash count even if they are not compiled) from anywhere on an untrusted world wide platform is stupid beyond belief!

Perhaps we can replace javascript once logic can be performed through CSS. Of course at that point I would imagine CSS would then become an attack vector.

I will bash MS on this though, SMB is a security issue (old SMB like in server 2003/XP especially) and I wonder why a browser would use this? Sharepoint integration perhaps from an era of IE 7 when MS was thinking a browser is an operating system? This should be seperated

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