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Comment Re:So MS is basically bailing on the phone busines (Score 1) 155

The problem Windows Phone had was not that it was bad, it was that it wasn't disruptive or innovative. Apple's iPhone disrupted the market, Google followed their lead and years later Microsoft caught up with an operating system that would have been great had it not been so late to what had by then become a mature market. You need a feature - or set of features - that will entice users to the point they will be willing to abandon their existing applications in favor of your platform and its applications. This is the same reason Linux hasn't been able to supplant Windows on the desktop, it's not that there is anything wrong with it, it's that it doesn't offer anything compelling in innovative or disruptive features. There's no point waiting for Microsoft to screw up, if their past screwups with Windows haven't driven customers to Linux then nothing will, Linux needs that disruptive innovation to capture the users. Windows Phone needed this too, but it didn't have it so it was relegated to that low single-digit marketshare.

Comment Re:Sounds like more H1B are on their way. (Score 1) 155

Funny how many illegals built Trump's properties? Why didn't he hire real Americans?

Who was the party that supported outsourcing? Who created a whole department in the White House funded by tax payers to help corporations fire Americans and replace them with foreign counterparts?

You think protectionism and higher wages will force your boss to pay you more if they can't bring in Indians? Or will they give someone in Bangalore an AD admin account or root access to do the work there and just not bother to bring anyone into the office for IT work?

What will happen is if these positions can't be filled they will start outsourcing more and since they alreayd have an office in India now they will just eventually move the whole IT department there for cost savings since they didn't have one pre-trump thanks to protectionism.

Comment Re:32% would vote clinton (Score 1) 431

You WANT TRUMP at the hands of you all the nukes of the United States?? Really?! Do you actually feel calm and secure with that idea?

Do you want someone who is scared of a girl reporter at Fox news to represent you in a heated showdown with China or Russia? You want a man who encourages Russia to commit espionage against his own country to be in charge of crucial decisions?

Politics is not football! There is a lot at stake and voting for the red elephant because of ideology is stupid. Clinton is more conservative too by the way if you are a capitalist. Trump is not and you can look up his scary stances on free trade and protectionism if you want to prove me wrong.

FYI if a democrat had the same flaws I would vote straight GOP! So I am not biased more than I have a brain. Sorry but who is the idiot here? Hillary I am more comfortable if China or Russia threatens us in the office. I am more comfortable in her decision making and hiring staff and handling touch decisions and working with both parties.

Comment Re:It didn't have an off switch before (Score 1) 354

In my book, something that deliberately goes around a firewall is malware.

If something can just "go around" a firewall then it's not really a firewall. Obviously Microsoft's implementation is designed to allow traffic like Windows Update through so you don't accidently block security updates, if you trust that you won't do that then configure your own firewall and in fact you should configure that at the gateway, not on every individual system that way you don't have to replicate your firewall configuration onto all devices and indeed there are many internet-connected devices that don't even have the capability to configure a firewall.

Comment Re: Basically... (Score 1) 370

The original claim was that note-taking works. Prove your original claim.

Again you fail to read. I didn't make the that claim, in fact I didn't make any claim at all so I'm not sure what you think "my original claim" is or what you are asking me to prove. I only questioned whether you believe the outcome of your experience is applicable to everybody, and if so obviously the follow up question would have been why.

Comment Re:It depends. (Score 1) 431

Yes, first-past-the-post is a bad bad system, because it inevitably leads to situations like this. The sensible response, however, is not to pretend we don't have first-past-the-post, because we do!

The sensible thing to do, from a game-theoretic viewpoint, is to vote strategically (because that's provably the best thing to do with FPTP), and, in the mean time, try to get other voting systems accepted. My city uses instant runoff (IRV) instead of FPTP. If more cities used IRV or Single Transferable Vote (STV) or similar, then we'd be able to talk about getting the state to do the same, and if enough states switch, then maybe we could get the country to switch. Then you could vote for your favorite candidate without worrying that you'll case the worser of two evils to triumph. In the meantime, however, vote using your brain, not your gut. You're supposedly a nerd, unless you're on the wrong site, so that shouldn't be a difficult concept.

(And again, "vote strategically" does not necessarily mean "vote for the lesser of two evils". That's simply one possible--albeit frequently useful--strategy of many.)

Good advice! I like STV a lot.

Comment Re: 32% would vote clinton (Score 1) 431

I'm not sure what you mean by tactical voting, as opposed to any other kind of voting, but I would argue that the problem is the system, not the users. There are any number of alternative election or voting systems we could be using instead of a winner take all representative democracy. Many of those would at least better represent public sentiment, if not provide more desirable outcomes as well.

I think I supposed to say something hip like "This!", so show my heatfealt agreement.

Comment Re: A wasted vote... (Score 1) 431

Actually, it's not. Trump only has one path to victory, and that involves winning Ohio, where he has 0% support among blacks. So, even though the media would like you to believe that it's an ongoing contest, so they can keep you reading articles and watching pundits, the election is already over.

I suspect that you are broadly correct, but the polls agrigators over at actually have Trump with a 60% chance at winning Ohio.


I like their methedology.

Comment Re:Rules for thee, not for me (Score 4, Informative) 211

For an imperfect analogy: If I loan my volunteer fire department use of my car, I haven't given up title, Nor have I indicated that anyone is now free to abscond the vehicle with impunity.

In fact, Getty not only stole these, by falsely asserting ownership rights, it's as if they took the car from my analogy, and drove it for Uber.

Her images are NOT public domain. They are her copyright, for which she waived license fees for re-use and distribution, via Library of Congress, per her attribution remain.

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