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Comment home cinema (Score 1) 294

The main reason left to go to a cinema is that the screen is bigger and the sound system is fantastic. Everything else you can have at home.

With a good home cinema setup, you can come close, and you have none of the expensive popcorn, queues, guy next to you getting on your nerves, obnoxious advertisement and other bullshit. Plus you can pause the movie to get a drink from the kitchen and cuddle your cats while watching.

Cinema is on the way out. Once Hollywood understood the lesson that the music industry had to understand, things will get better.

Comment Re:Be careful how hard you squeeze (Score 1) 320

The equivalent of "stop outsourcing" would be like Wyoming blocking imports of almonds from CA just because it wants its own local almond farmers to have business.

I agree that the question isn't borders. If you are in Texas, northern Mexico is more "local" than NYC. But in either case, China is not local.

People *are* permanently unemployed. Not a large percentage of the population but unemployment has never been 0. Ever. I'd say what well-intentioned tariffs we've passed to try to keep unemployment down aren't working very well. And with the upcoming onslaught of automation...I don't see how you *can* keep people from being unemployed for long periods of time.

The part that's never zero is called "structural unemployment", and was mentioned in the part that you cut. People between jobs, people who are moving, etc.
But unemployment-because-you-cant-find-a-job is not god-given, and in fact in various countries around the world there have been periods when this unemploymend was zero.

"the upcoming onslaught of automation" - the 60s called. They want their argument back.

Rather than cling onto the idea that everyone needs to be employed (when reality obviously isn't letting that happen), perhaps it's time to revisit how we make sure every citizen is taken care of in a post-industrial society and this idea that "everyone needs to work".

Oh, I agree on that. I've had periods in my life without a formal job (self-employed, my own small company, not working very much) that were wonderful except for the not-much-money part. If that were somehow covered, I'd immediately go back to working 20 hours a week, or 80 hours a week on stuff that I love.

Trade and technology are the 2 pillars that create wealth

How we are all caught in the Silicon Valley mantra and the Venture Capitalist religion. Most of the really large and powerful companies in the world are not called Google and Facebook. They are energy companies, food companies, and a dozen others. Trade and technology matter, but you buy an iPhone every year while you buy food every day.

Comment Re:Not exploits though (Score 1) 100

Actually under XP where people logged in as a real local admin it was worse as VBScript could be run without any execution policy right from IE 6!

A good NT system administrator would create a GPO to block this in IE .... however really horrible CRM apps at work required this functionality to run! So full scriptkiddies away. These insecure apps are the reason Windows 7 was avoided for so many years at these companies who kicked and cried to leave these IE 6 apps behind.

Powershell is a big improvement over vbscript that I can not even start to say how.

Comment Re:Well duh (Score 1) 100

Users have not run as an admin since Windows XP. The administrator local group from Vista on is really a user group with a UAC token to run admin tasks ala Sudo style.

The user would have to manually run it or if the hacker can change the execution policy to run code in powershell then he/she already has 0wned the PC in question.

So your question was the default installation. Windows actually does have an admin account and a service account to do tasks but it is not logable and setting a user profile is disabled with this by default. YOu can not log in as admin like you could in XP. Yes hackers find overflows or try to trip a process that uses the admin or service account like Adobe flash.

Comment Well duh (Score 4, Insightful) 100

WHen you run powershell as an admin it can do bad things. Who would have thought? I wonder if Linux is vulnerable if someone is logged in as root?

Powershell is not enabled with an execution policy by default. It has to be enabled and most people do not even know what it is so this is no threat? At work we have a GPO that blocks powershell for any non AD admin.

Comment Re: What year it is, you fucking paid shill?!! (Score 1) 82

Yep made it all up.

My Nvidia 770 gtx was solid. AMD is a nightmare of never ending driver problems. I have owned ATI 5750, 7850, and now an Rx 470. Drivers break is a fact of life and you need certain ones that never change for a stable system.

Yes, I reimaged my computer so it's not my system.

Looks like I got a -1 and hey it worked on my computer there you must be stupid replies from the ATI fanboys.

Comment God no (Score -1, Flamebait) 82

Just last night I downgraded my driver's due to a black screen freeze after a sleep. This is for a new card too.

Their drivers are crap and sooo horrible that you cannot even upgrade their drivers. It will bsod. If you need to update your drivers you go to the internet on some questionable websites to download a 3rd party utility called DU written by some guy to uninstall the old driver first.

Yep AMD is so crappy you cannot even remove the drivers under add or remove programs?!

I wish I paid for the Nvidia premium tax so I could get something that worked! When was the last time you heard of an Nvidia crash? Never.

If this auto update breaks my computer every week I will certainly buy Nvidia and put AMD in my do not buy list

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