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Comment Re:What's the big problem? (Score 1) 493

I either do a straight line or an X. The card (and thus my purchases with it) are protected against fraud. What's the point of signing it? The signature is absolutely not cross checked against any kind of database for validity. I don't have time to be wasting on a fancy signature that nobody will ever look at and doesn't matter.

Comment Re:I dobut it was NSA (Score 2, Informative) 113

USA is a bully for a very long time.

Says the Russian troll from St. Petersburg, whose country has been attacking and invading its neighbors.

Funny how the U.S. is the bully when Russia repeatedly interferes in the internal affairs of its neighbors, sends its troops to invade and attack its neighbors and funds and supplies terrorist organizations on its neighbors soil to destabilize them.

It's even more funny when Russia complains it's being bullied while at the same time announcing how it might use nuclear weapons on its neighbors or how it's ramping up its military spending as well as increasing its cyber operations against its neighbors.

Comment Re:G'Kar Said It Best... (Score 1) 70

"Welcome home, Mr Garibaldi!!!" The thing that made Babylon 5 stand out - especially given the vast amount of money being thrown at other contemporary sci-fi shows of the era, like Star TreK: Next Generation - was the passion that cast and crew had for the show and the respect they had for each other.

I think it's the story wide arch and that most of the episodes helped form the characters, explaining why they did the things they do later. If you watch TNG and miss five episodes you've barely missed a thing, it's the same crew on the bridge and their characters barely change at all. Sure it's a new situation every time but you can pretty much drop the crew from the first episode into the last episode and it'd all play out the same.

That said, I missed the beginning of the show and never got into it at first because they totally lacked a "previously on Babylon 5" to give you some essential plot pointers. I didn't get into it until season 3 when the Vorlon/Shadows were threatening to destroy everyone, then went back and saw it from the beginning. The Crusade spin-off wasn't the same, it was more of the episodic format that made it just another TV show and the movies didn't last long enough to build up any arch like what carried the show.

Today I think the CGI budget would have killed it. We're getting used to more and more "alien" aliens not all humanoids - though B5 had a neat explanation for that too which tied into the plot - but today we can do so much more though at a very high cost. In animation you can do a more cartoon-like style but having aliens that look like they really belong next to an actor is still freakishly expensive.

Comment Re:Current Version is GIMP 2.8.18 (Score 4, Interesting) 49

I must be getting in early as there is no whining so far about GIMP being far inferior to Photoshop. What real world work can be done in Photoshop but not GIMP? I'm not trolling, this is a serious question ... often obscure seldom-used features get compared ... out there in the world of practical productive work, what are the true shortcomings?

Well in the stable 2.8.x series you only have 8 bit support, not 16/32 bit as far as I know. That alone makes it pretty unsuitable for any serious photography work. From the bullet points of the 2.9.2 development release last year:

16/32bit per color channel processing

So they finally did it in 2015... well except it's not stable yet. They've only been talking about it for like 15 years. The other big one is non-destructive edits, basically Photoshop will let you do many operations that you can tweak later because it'll reapply them to the original image. That way you're not stuck with a linear undo-redo history you can actually modify an operation you did several steps back. The rest are as you say obscure functions, but much like Excel many people need a few of them so they add up. And often it's not can you do it, but is it equally intuitive and powerful. Five minutes extra here and there add up.

Personally I've found Paint.NET on Windows and Krita on Linux to cover my needs and somehow they feel more right to me. Photoshop is more of a "I'm sure it's powerful if I'd only bother to learn it" tool, while GIMP... I feel it's just trying to be odd for no particular reason, it's not that it doesn't work but it feel like they have their own pet UX theory. Like the DVORAK keyboard of editing tools.

Comment Re:What does it do most of the time? (Score 1) 59

You're probably not missing anything.. but when I compare this to say $2000 robot lawn mowers which I see quite a few of here in Norway I could imagine a vegetable patch robot pulling it off with the "I'd do homegrown organic but I'm too busy" crowd if this makes it easier to grow lots of different vegetables and herbs and whatnot that have different needs and won't mind if you go on vacation. This looks like a bit too much DYI though, I was thinking more like you put a seed bag with a QR code in a slot and the bot will grow it according to the instructions. And maybe with a delay so you have a ripe plant every two weeks instead of all at once, things like that. I doubt it'll make economic sense, but then... neither does my robot vacuum cleaner. Still got it, still love not vacuuming and not depending on a maid.

Comment Re:Still an early prototype. (Score 1) 59

We have a lot of rabbits living around our neighborhood that have destroyed many trees and gardens.

They would probably chew this robot and attack the garden daily unless..... I wonder if the company will create a defensive mode for this? Strobe lights and water or air gun could blast animals breaking the perimeter?

Comment Re:Don't believe it (Score 4, Insightful) 70

Garibaldi was awesomely acted by Doyle and he will be missed. RIP. Too young to die at age 60.

Time to binge B5 for my respects. I would love to see a prequel called "B4", mostly because I like puns. Any remake would be able to examine closely the tropes of POV and "anyone can die" as they reimagine the series as a space epic. Game of Thrones in space is something that could potentially get a huge audience and would definitely be welcomed by all.

Comment Uber punishes drivers not using Uberpool (Score 1) 67

In an effort to extract more money from its drivers, the Uber cab company has been pushing them to use Uberpool where riders traveling to similar destinations are grouped together in the same vehicle.

This sounds great in theory, the Uber cab driver can carry more riders, but the downsides are several. First, the cab driver has to go out of their way to pick up the second (or third) rider, this leads to the second issue where the rider "experience" is degraded because the other riders might be undesirable in one way or another or their trip delayed because of picking up the other riders. This can lead to lower ratings for the cab driver, not to mention the cab driver gets fewer tips this way.

However, if an Uber cab driver refuses to accept rides using Uberpool they are penalized by the Uber cab company via "timeouts". The company prevents the cab driver from obtaining any other rides for up to 15 minutes.

As one researcher into how the Uber cab company operates via this method said, "You're saying to someone -- you're your own boss, but also go into the penalty box because you didn't behave in the way that we suggested you should."

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 55

Show me this type of vulnerability in VMware, any version. I think you are a bit off base here. The Xen Guys are good, it sucks when this type of vulnerability were to surface, but there has never been one like this on vSphere.

Any computer software more complex than this has bugs:
20 GOTO 10
(so does this one)

Comment Re:What's the big problem? (Score 1) 493

Hyperbole or not, it appears to offer nothing but hassle to end users, which probably means it's getting unpopular.

Virtually all US credit cards are chip and signature, offering little in improved security. It's slow. Most card readers have a slot but haven't had that feature activated (honestly, the only store around here that allows chip vs swipe is Wal-Mart. Publix, as one major example, doesn't) leading to confusion. The card readers themselves seem to be bug ridden, with some freaking out if you don't insert the card at the exact moment they expect it. Wal-Mart's even, until recently, made a noise like a submarine klaxon when the payment was accepted - someone and completely unnecessarily embarrassing.

Add to that the delays, and you have the least popular technology since GMX.

Comment Re:Lack of anonymity (Score 1) 176

There is no perfect system (nirvana fallacy) and your discussion does not compare the advantages and disadvantages of each system, and instead arrives at a conclusion based on listing disadvantages. Voters can already be intimidated and provide proof of their vote with MMS, or any of the myriad photo-sharing apps, many of which are now providing end-to-end encryption.

Not the way paper ballots are done here in Norway at least. You pick a ballot, fold it double so your vote is on the inside but they all look identical on the outside. Then you go outside the booth to get a stamp, not really sure why and then put it in the ballot box. You can of course film yourself picking up the "right" ballot, but you won't be allowed to film your actual placing of the vote. Nothing can stop you from putting the ballot back and picking another one before stepping outside.

The elimination of the voter being able to prove how they voted through official documentation removes the voter's ability to perform an audit of their own vote's tabulation. Voters uncovering elections fraud outweighs the very small (non-existent? - provide a link to cases of these claims, ever? Appeal to probability much?) vote-buying instances.

Outright buying maybe not, peer pressure hell yeah. In this family we vote [party] or all your friends showing off their [party] votes, if you don't show yours you can bet they'll assume it's for [other party] and you'll get punished/teased/blackmailed for it. I think you forget that leaving people will proof would lead to a lot of people sharing and showing off that proof and making life difficult for those who "have something to hide".

Comment Terminology (Score 4, Insightful) 67

Can anyone explain why we continue to use the term "ride sharing" when Uber, Lyft, et al, have nothing to do with ride sharing? They're basic car-for-hire services. Ride sharing has always been used to mean "People who share a car to get to a common destination" (eg commuters who work together and live close by saving on gas, that kind of thing), and while Uber started by claiming that this was essentially what they were doing, it became obvious pretty quickly that the service resembles ride sharing in no way whatsoever.

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