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Journal Shadow Wrought's Journal: Final Three Observations from the Election

And my last politically themed JE for awhile. (In fact I'm looking forward to flipping apenny a little later to see how much ground Abe is going to pick up on me in football;-)

First off, I thought Obama's speech last night was very powerful. His words for McCain went far beyond the minimum required on such an occasion and showed great respect for McCain's service. Overall I thought it was a speech of inclusiveness and, yes, hope. But isn't part of the Presidency leading? Perhaps my greatest frsutration with Bush, et al was their focus on fear, and how the Government needed more power to keep us safe. Obama seemed to focus on how we can all make a difference. And how nice is it going to be to have a President who isn't embarrassing to listen to?

I think McCain choice of Palin ultimately lost him the election. There were several Republicans I know for whom the choice of Palin was a deal breaker.

Finally, the funniset moment of the campaign season came as I was driving to Cold Stone last night ('cause if you're going to watch returns, you really need ice cream;-). Going down the road there was a whole line of election signs. The smaller plastic ones with the thin metal legs. Candidate after candidate went by and then last one before my turn read, Tired of Pests? Call 1-800-GOT-BUGS!
"Yes, I was wondering how much you charge for an infestation of politicians?"