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Journal Journal: Buy Vicodin Without Prescription

No distraction of the head could reduce the great suffering nor deliver a relief for the hapless child. It was such a helpless situation. I trusted to offer migraine remedies, just to encourage the juvenile, but had no familiarity of any migraine remedies that could offer relief.

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Journal Journal: I've been featured on The Onion! 1

OK not really, but the similarities are absolutely startling, they even know which floor I work on!

Onion article

And I made Firefox's Session Restore fail from too many open tabs a few weeks ago!

The big difference being that I obviously don't work that hard all the time :-P

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Journal Journal: What would happen if Apple Inc becomes the sole sponsor of the Olympics?

With Apple suing the world, and the Olympic Games just started in London, I can't help but imagine the scenario of Apple Inc being the sole sponsor of the Olympics

Now that the London Olympic Games already barring people wearing Pepsi t-shirt from entering the Olympic venue, would Apple impose even more draconian measures?


Journal Journal: Installing hplip on an HP C4500 printer - what a nightmare

It's working now, so I can laugh about. Ha ha.

This all started when I decided I wanted to print a file to a PDF (actually, save a web page as a PDF). That wasn't supported, but googling told me I just needed to upgrade my version of hplip. "So simple! I love open source!" I probably trilled.

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Journal Journal: MS windows Vista tweaks For Ones Vista

Microsoft windows Vista is without a doubt quite a reputable as well as easy operating-system to work on, that provides a good base for the computation needs of people. Yet perhaps the finest as well as technologically excellent computer system could also wear out following a major time duration and continual utilization. Regarding MS windows Vista, this major dip may come even lot more speedily and in the far more bothersome manner because of the strict equipment specifications which are nec

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Journal Journal: Meditations on Time, Spammers, Trolls and Fame

As I've been working this week to build a supplement for our existing hall of fame, I've been making decisions (or guesses) about many things, some the I expected, and some that I didn't... We will be releasing this thing into the wild soon, and some of the decisions I've made may be reversed once we see how readers actually interact with and re-act to it. All of you that are smart/lucky/bored/crazy/unfortunate (you pick the adjective) enough to be reading and following my thoughts are invit

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Journal Journal: Useful Tips Concerning how to Outsource Building back links

The vast majority of the working population has almost no time to shell out amount of local outlets with regards to daily requirements. They might instead prefer to do their buying habits with the assistance of their internet. Ordinary scenario any company which is little or big must have a very good presence on the internet will reap in the benefits by attracting the web users. Creating a good and fashionable website isn't doubt important, but developing a website is only one component of th

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Journal SPAM: Acid Reflux Medication Products Selecting Guide and Warnings

Since every particular person does have dissimilar preferences and choices, due to this fact; selecting the best acid reflux disorder medication couldn't be attainable early, and it takes considerable quantity of time. There are few individuals who wish to have medicines with weak power, since they could be managed easily.infant acid reflux medication Then again, there are so

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Journal Journal: David Aardsma criticize entrance music for wild rehab strive

You will to do a spit-take after hearing this one.

Rehabbing Seattle Mariners closer David Aardsma said he threw harder than he wanted in a Triple-A Tacoma appearance on Tuesday night because his entrance music pumped him up too much.

The tune in question?

Saliva's "Ladies and Gentleman," the song that Aardsma uses to begin his saves at Safeco Field.more info. pls visit

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Journal Journal: Summit County Colorado Bicycle Tours

Find the true beauty of Colorado's Summit County by taking a bicycle tour that offers a rare glimpse of what this area is all about. No matter if you are staying in breckenridge or any place in Summit County, these bicycle tours will open up amazing new vistas as you experience all that the Rocky Mountains in this area have to offer.

The Internet

Journal Journal: Has CSS (+ JavaScript) wrecked the WWW?

Pop-ups are back. You've seen them, right? "Take our short survey." "Subscribe to our magazine." Crap like that. Stuff that uses JavaScript and CSS to scroll out some stupid invitation to waste time and give up my (and your) personal information.

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