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Journal Bill Dog's Journal: Mustang (external) styling hits and misses, part 1

Starting from what we know of the newest going backwards, since that's just the kind of guy I am:

5th Generation

MY2013 Restyle

The bulbous nose adopted/adapted from the recent GT500 looks ridiculous. I think it's the absurdity of the schnozz rising higher than the brow over the eye that makes it look so clownish.

The hood vents on the GT make it look even worse, reminiscent of "Corvette Summer".

However the main headlights look cool, and the while the fog lights are still too big, they're downsized a bit from earlier. The tail lights look pretty snazzy, but I've never been a fan of the black matte plastic plate inserts between them, and same for below it for the licence plate area. Below that is an improvement over earlier, however.

Finally, like the rest of this generation, it continues with the front and rear overhangs being grossly out of proportion. On the plus side tho, as shown that blue ("Deep Impact Blue") of a gorgeous quality somewhat similar to mine (plus just a hint of purple) is returning.

MY2010 Restyle

A high-point in front styling, with the "power bulge" hood and the non-smiling lower fascia of the non-GT and 2013. The rear end tail lights are supposed to have been controversial, but I like it, esp. the sequential lighting of them. Gray plastic lower fascia makes it look cheap, like a GM product.

Best color of this restyling was the first-year-only, luxurious Sunset Gold. I've been a sucker for gold/bronze/pewter cars since the 70's, starting with the JimRockford-mobile.

Worst color was their sky blue. Gag.

MY2005 Restyle

Four headlights of the same size in the same row across makes for a drab front end. Vast, plain hood needs a scoop to break up the sea of monotony. Over-sized, plain tail lights look equally bland. Giant, ridiculous medallions are only cool if that's where the gas goes in.

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Mustang (external) styling hits and misses, part 1

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