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Comment Yes but funding per movie (Score 1) 31

For a big movie with complex effects?
To make a really big US movie you need to get your actors and script to a low cost "Canada" to really enjoy the tax issues.
Then move the product back to the US to have more expensive US staff work on the project with really expensive US private sector super computers.
The script is easy to find. Actors exist in every state in the US with great talent and skills.
The super computers are still too expensive per frame per artist in the USA.
The ability to transport an entire crew to an international "Canada" like location to enjoy complex tax considerations is also a cost with the risk of local currency changes over the duration of the project.
The risks for the USA are:
Other nations with good support, gov "funded" private sector super computer services and lower all taxes on new movies.
If other nations can get that per frame art work cost down, parts of the trendy, creative USA could face real cost issues per project.
Ireland, England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada could just make that low cost happen by funding local artists, experts with the projection that long term tourism covers the digital "students" art costs.

How to win:
Anyone can find US actors, a new script. That US only super computer network that makes nice art still per movie is still too expensive.
So make movies that don't need a lot of fantasy, avoid the advanced computer work on every frame or get other nations to pay for the complex art.
Thats limiting. Find other ways to cover computer costs.
Invest in nations that welcome artists making complex movies and have the gov assistance to really prove their support of the arts. Nations that will do anything to create new hi tech local jobs.
Don't hire any actors from such nations but use all their services and see what gov support is on offer. A US company has more control over US actors who get strange ideas about wages, conditions, work place safety, the later "sharing" of profits... Local actors might have too many legal rights or even access to expert lawyers, unions in their own nations.
Enough US actors to pass as a US movie. Enough of an international crew to get international tax rates and art support in nations desperate to tax payer fund their own computer and art students.
Return to the USA with a product that will sell domestically and enjoy the international tax rate and low cost "educational" support other nations give away.
Its not gov funded art in some other wealthy nation. The project helped poor computer students in a poor nation with their first big "special effects" movie. It just needed free super computer time the gov had on offer for their poor students for a few months, years ...
In a historical perspective why stay in the USA and pay for a Video Toaster team when another nation will totally fund a complete 3D animation and rendering package?
No more US artist/engineers needed per frame, the costs are lower, the product can sell in the USA and globally.

Comment Re:Time for a new search engine? (Score 2) 49

AC why try and filter the vast internet with all the comments about illegal migrants, blasphemy, news results about Tiananmen square and 1989?
Why not just create a safe space with an internet list? All the Hero Brigades SJW teams could add the few news sites they think are politically and culturally appropriate.

Focus on the ability to build a new internet. Why try and hold back all the sites that are not inclusive in real time?
Think of looking up authors or composers.
With a SJW list of approved arts sites the users would be only ever be presented with inclusive diversity.

Comment Re:So it wasn't the Russians, for once? (Score 1) 22

The BND works with the NSA. The BND really don't want too many people in the EU or Germany or German gov working out their skill set or what they do with/for the NSA. (16.02.2017)
So the constant political talking point of the "Russian" ip range, timezone, code litter is politically better to have in the international and local tech media.
If not Germans might ask about the quality of data protection and network security in Germany.
Talking about Russia keep Germany asking about new German data protection laws, German funding to counter all advanced private sector crypto, networks, security funding, domestic politics, jobs, domestic telco security issues.
Then reality finally emerges and the tech media talking points are exposed.

Comment Hearts and minds (Score 1) 37

The US mil faced the same issues after ww2 in 1945 Germany.
What to do with all the people wondering around/captured by the US mil in 1945 Germany with skills that the French, UK, Soviet Union, nations in South America showed great interest in.
The US had the option in 1945 to walk away from all German science, to convict a lot of evil people in Germany for what they did during ww2 or fund what was Operation Paperclip .
The thinking in the US gov/mil on open source and its integration with US gov contractors is complex.
The US mil has a few options:
Ban open source at a gov/mil level as it is of no use to contractors and their sale of services to the US gov/mil. Fully support US contractors and their efforts to find US staff to work on any US gov/mil project.
Ignore open source and risk other nations attracting some US developers for unexpected dual use projects. The risk of an open source gap. A brain drain to nations that support open source and make it trendy, safe, fun.... and offer full funding.
The suggestion that a full security clearance to keep working on a dual use project in the USA might be needed?
A smart person in the USA is then lured to another nation that does not demand a security clearance and is very happy to see the complex "open source" project funded?
Attract open source code talent into the US gov/mil and have some oversight and say in the direction dual use projects.
The total funding of developers and staff can sway an open source project or even slow or halt a dual use project in interesting ways.
Or just have US mil/gov funding hidden by a charity or foundation with lots of grants. Staff can then be fully funded without direct links to decades of US gov/mil funding.
For that open source has to be accepted within the US mil/gov.
A bit like the way the US gov funded and always looks after US crypto studies :)
Efforts by the GCHQ with Linux could allow the UK to be less dependant on the NSA long term.
Better to have the GCHQ asking for NSA help with any and all "open source" efforts rather than a US gov ban on open source allowing the UK to fund its own projects without NSA advice, help and guidance.

Comment Re:if apps had rights to there own folder then (Score 1) 163

This was only intended for old programs, and it only works for 32bit applications. It is assumed that 64bit applications are modern enough to know where they should place configuration files and such

And that seems like a very bad assumption to make. I wonder how long before Microsoft realizes this and implements it for 64bit apps too

Comment Re: only one problem.. (Score 1) 163

Lol. Guess you never worked at a company that uses windows. See they have this thing called a domain. And the windows pc is joined. Then they have this thing called a user. They let employees have this. Then when developers like me want to install anything I have to ask fuck face neck beard to do it.

But no vulnerability... besides the back of fuck face neck beards skull from the large pc case crushing it.

We have an AD domain & ~10,000 users 95% of whom don't have admin rights. But judging by the number of malware infections and re-imaging I see reported, they seem to be really, really good at finding the 6% of cases where Windows without admin rights doesn't work.

Comment Time for a new search engine? (Score 2, Interesting) 49

A search engine that still searches the internet?
Less effort on creating Hero Brigades and more effort on been a search engine?
If a US search engine wants to be a safe SJW protected service with lots of ads, what would the results look like?
The rest of the internet can create a real search engine that finds results. Not having SJW approval to show results would make for some fun marketing.
The internet is not a problem. SJW filtering of the internet is showing less results and users expect a working search engine.
The news is good, as one global search engine becomes more of a safe space, better search brands are been developed and funded.
All a search engine has to do is search. If people want safe party political results why not set up a "safe" space list site?
Everyone can then be happy. The SJW teams get their reporting and banning projects funded. SJW approved political and culturally safe link lists.
Back to the early 1990's with the entire safe internet presented as a link list in 2017.
Just list the very best in safe sites? No filtering, no questions, no comments. Just safe news and party political talking points.
No blasphemy, no faith related cartoon sites, no mention of Tiananmen square and 1989. Think of how safe that limited list of sites could be.
No links to any news sites that allow comments about illegal migrants?

Comment Hudson: oh jezus, this ain't happening... (Score 1) 67

  • Hudson: this can't be happening man, this isn't happening
  • Alverez: Alright, we got seven canisters of CN20 nerve gas, I say we role them in there and nerve gas the whole fucking nest
  • Hicks: it's worth a try be we don't know it will have any effect
  • Hudson: lets just bug out an call it even, what are talking about this for
  • Ripley:I say we take off nuke the entire site from's the only way to be sure
  • Hudson: (draws a breath) Fuckin A

Comment Re:Rose tinted glasses (Score 1) 512

So they're pikers compared to Communists and Socialists, who have worldwide under many "leaders" actively murdered millions and caused many millions more to die? Stalin alone is measured to have been responsible for 20M deaths.

Two problems with that capitalist propaganda:

1) The figures are pulled out capitalist asses

2) It blames communists for every death from famine, something capitalists never do to capitalist-created famines

Comment Re:Libertarianism In Two Sentences (Score 1) 512

Libertarianism is an important and necessary philosophical counterpoint to overwhelming collective power.

Which is laughable, when the overwhelming collective (and oppressive) power throughout human history has come from concentrated wealth and power. Libertarianism does nothing but strengthen the power of those monied interests by removing the token restraints placed on their power.

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