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Comment Re:Correlation is not causality (Score 1) 227

It's also possible that the ride itself reduces stress and that has a beneficial effect on the immune system.

My main concern from cycling to work is being able to have a shower when I get there so I don't stink everyone else out. I used to ride to work when it was close enough and now I am close enough again it is something Ive been looking forward to do to improve my fitness after recovering from injury.

The biggest issue I've had with cycling to work is some drivers. They approach from behind and don't realize that sometimes I'm swerving to avoid holes or other obstacles they would just drive over. Then there are some real jerks. Once when riding to work a driver positioned the front wheel of his vehicle about a metre or so from the back wheel of my bike and maintained that position while I was trying to avoid obstacles. Probably not the worst story out there but it shows that some people will menace you for riding a bike for no other reason than they can.

So I think the unmentioned thing in this article is all the bike riders that have suffered some injury because of someone driving a car and how careful you have to be so you don't end up mangled by one.

Comment Cygwin (Score 2) 109

Meanwhile Cygwin already does this and much more. Essentially bash on Win 10 that seems like an admission that powershell, whilst powerful, is about as an inelegant and clunky as it gets.

As a fallback my colleague did a installation of cygwin on Windows 10 and it seems to be broken after working flawlessly since XP. I've got a new install of Win10 for testing cygwin on as the Microsoft offering is pretty primitive. I don't understand why microsoft doesn't get behind the cygwin project and make it better as it already does what they are attempting to do, only better.

Comment Re:But is Wayland better? (Score 2) 226

Well, okay. But it sounds like you could figure out how to do the same thing via a remote desktop session.

With X11 the remote window behaves like a local application and the OS behaves like a presentation layer. With RDP the entire presentation layer is exported onto your local display where it has it's own behavioral characteristics. There is no comparison, X11 usability for high performance computing is king for users who need all of the power of their machines to be available.

But somehow I don't think remoting via X Windows would be any less awful...

RDP is pretty awful in comparison. Consider a use case where you need to have multiple X servers on your display from multiple machines. Using RDP you would have multiple desktops on your display. You can also encrypt and compress X displays over ssh which means they are also much more bandwidth and CPU efficient.

This isn't zealotry, there are a lot of good reasons to use X11, however most of the use cases are generally skewed towards admin or power users. They are important use cases worthy of a solid defense, after all who will replace the broken functionality?

With gnome I was considering returning to Ubuntu, with Wayland I will not.

Comment Re:But is Wayland better? (Score 1) 226

I am an ambidextrous mouser, mainly because early in my computing career I found mousing on the right hand was leading to RSI type pain. I started using a left mouse as well and the problem went away. Now all my machines have two mouses (apologies if I am using an incorrect plural).

The issue is with where the select and menu click is on a mouse. If you use a right handed context then your index finger is on 'select' and your middle finger is on 'menu'. If you are a left handed user you have to switch the mouse config over to get the same functionality. However when you do this the buttons on the other side become transposed which also elegantly demonstrates why the term 'left click' and 'right click' are an oversimplification.

So far X11 is the *only* windowing gui I have found that supports ambidextrous users so that the buttons are configured correctly.

The other, more subtle use case is the cut and paste paradigm. In X11 I select text boundaries with a 'index' and/or 'menu' click, then paste with a middle click - my hand doesn't leave the mouse. This is a massive boost of productivity over time that I think is an undervalued feature of X11, surely I can't be the only one who appreciates it?

It's a fairly popular use case to run X11 on my local display to support (servers/clients) over ssh. I have only tested this indirectly (on a colleagues machine who needed it) however Windows 10 seems to have killed Cygwin running X11, which means it is now more difficult to run X11 on Windows.

It would seem to me that the mass of user demands is overwhelming the power and more esoteric use cases that X11 satisfies.

Comment Earth Impacts (Score 1) 44

Our civilization only appears to be strong however I think protecting ourselves from threats from these objects is an area where we need to make a lot of improvement. I have a number of these near earth passbys in my memory of the last few years.

If they are increasing then we should be paying closer attention to planning to deflect them. If we are just getting better at spotting them then it just means we haven't been paying attention to the threat and it shows us we should have been figuring out how to do this years ago.

It should be a brain dead international agreement to devote resources to defending ourselves from being a hit by a mass of rock and ice from space because it is something that threatens us all, no matter how petty our differences are. From my understanding the amount we spend, globally per year, on watching comets from space is the same as it is to run a single fast food chain outlet location for a year.

If the Chelyabinsk had hit near a population centre I think this is something we would treat more seriously.

This group has an interesting hypothesis about the conclusion to the last Ice Age. Fascinating and a little sobering too.

Comment Re:Nationalists, not religious fanatics (Score 1) 505

We were discussing, whether the Irish terrorists were motivated by religion or other sentiment(s).

You said: Unlike Islam-motivated terrorists of today, the Irish terrorists were motivated by the sense of nationalism, not religion.

Which is clearly wrong, the IRA advertised its motivation as religious, as opposed to...

Out of the blue you switch the topic to Jews, claiming

...being nationalistically motivated, as in the case of the Irgun using terrorism to establish the Israeli state.

there certainly have been acts of terrorism before that.

You are free to provide any information you can find to support your claim about the IRA.

Of course, you offer no citations

Perhaps you were so committed to imposing your point of view that you the link I posted in my first post supporting my position. Where is your link supporting your position about the nationalistic goals of the IRA considering how long the Irish state has been established. You position is nonsensical.

and I'm already too tired of your lies, exaggerations, and topic-switching attempts False. Liar, liar, pants on fire. Four Pinocchios. Full Stop.

The standard reaction of an ideologue encountering counter rationalism, an emotional outburst and irrationality. You haven't supported your initial claim, which you accuse me of, despite a link being right in front of you and then try to alter reality when it is right there for anyone to read. Finally you throw tantrum because you can't afford the mental effort of defending your position.

I guess the moderators were right.

As I said, we are done here...

Indeed, it is unlikely that you have anything of value to contribute.

Comment Re:Nationalists, not religious fanatics (Score 1) 505

and is therefore contextually irrelevant in this conversation.

Said someone, who dragged Jews into a thread about Northern Ireland...

The thread was about terrorism. Both are terrorists.

Try it in Syria, post the results (hint — invest in a quality gas-mask before going there).

Diplomacy worked with the IRA.

Right or wrong, it was most certainly not a "troll".

Sure, you're wrong because the IRA advertised religious, not nationalist rhetoric.

Comment Re:Nationalists, not religious fanatics (Score 1) 505

The first terrorist attack ...

The first terrorist attack, likely, predates written history.

and is therefore contextually irrelevant in this conversation.

It is only in recent decades, that we started to frown on the method as a morally unacceptable one.

I think diplomacy is the only morally acceptable method. That's what made us different from terrorists, you know dialogue.

was conducted by Jewish terrorists

Bzzz! An attempt to change subject detected — and rejected.

I thought the troll mod was a little unfair. I was giving you an opportunity to re-frame your comment into a context that made more sense so you could elaborate. Looks like I was wrong and the moderation is appropriate.

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