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Comment Re:Paradox (Score 1) 183

... I'd prefer it if it was all white though because of the heat, ...

You do realise that they wear black because it's cooler?

No I didn't. I know you *look* cooler in black however I thought in all that heat you would just be better off not having a second layer of clothes over whatever else you are wearing. Perhaps I could wear a pair of swimmers underneath or something - or go nude under it perhaps.

Not being disrespectful here, I really do like the anonymity aspect of it.

Comment Re:Paradox (Score 1) 183

I'm a man, I'm not islamic but I want to wear a burka that fully covers me. I wish I could get around town completely anonymous and out of the gaze of cameras. If it's good enough for islamic women to go around wearing one why can't I?

I know I would look hot in a burka because I have a great ass. I'd prefer it if it was all white though because of the heat, but I'm not sure how it would go down showing up at my friends place in a pseudo KKK outfit.

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