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Comment Re:Game Stop is like RadioShack (Score 1) 109

This is true. Although I've never really seen myself in a situation where I need a new game controller RIGHT NOW. Usually Amazon 2nd day delivery works for me. Overnight is a bit more expensive but still cheaper than my time/driving to the mall. But yeah you have a point. Maybe. I play PC games. Keyboard is all I need :P

Comment Re:Not really a call center. (Score 1) 17

I'm currently wondering how come every call center I call lately seems like I'm calling Mars. Ever called an airline to change a plane ticket? Then you know what I'm talking about. There's no point having a call center if all you can afford is a 4KHz connection and no one can hear each other. Skype or god forbid Teamspeak/Mumble/Discord sound like an audiophile's wet dream compared to say, KLM whom I called recently. I thought Amazon might be trying to solve this, but sadly not. /rant

Comment Re:I Do Call Center Work (Score 2) 17

If you're of average intelligence (and yes for argument's sake lets assume that average = median for a moment although I know this is not necessarily true) just consider that half the people in the world are dumber than you. Now imagine what it's like to live on the right side of the Gauss curve. No matter how hard you try to design something that will work for the "average person" there will always be a mind numbing number of complete idiots who will always get it wrong. This is why toothpicks come with instructions. It should be pretty obvious that "DO NOT POKE IN EYE" is part and parcel of normal toothpick operation. But it's not.

Comment Re:Doctors hate us... (Score 1) 181

If you're an addict you're borderline withdrawal all the time anyway. You've paid on the installment program. But it looks like you're arguing that withdrawal is a good reason to keep using. That's no the argument I'm making at all. Some people kick and never, ever go back. Some people die before they kick. Addiction is not a constant variable. Everyone is different even if the daily dose is exactly the same.

Comment Re:Doctors hate us... (Score 1) 181

Addiction is a complex problem. You want to blame the chemical compound, but it involves aspects of genetics, education, and psychology. How come people can take heroin for years and then suddenly stop? How come some people can try heroin once and be hooked, and others can do it occasionally and never spiral downwards, while still others can try it and NOT LIKE IT and never do it again? It's easy to blame the drug. That makes it simple. It's the drug's fault. The drug is evil. Ban the drug! The reality is that life is not that simple. Less so when you involve religion, morality and politics, because then you get "solutions" that have no relation to, let alone impact on, the real problem.

Comment Re: I guess /. still approves this crap (Score 0) 270

You are seriously comparing the Fed to Zimbabwe while harping how Bitcoin is so far superior to the US dollar? The only little problem with your theory is that reality has bitcoin fluctuating in value over 30% a day whereas the US dollar is still (despite 60 years of doom and gloom prophecies) the world's go to reserve currency. If I had a good I wanted to sell in Bitcoin I have NO FUCKING CLUE how to price my good, since I don't know how much bitcoin will be worth tomorrow. Call me when you can buy a car or a house in Bitcoin.

It's ok to live in a theoretical world if your models fit reality somewhat snugly to reality. However when your theoretical world has no connection to reality it's called FANTASY.

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