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Comment Re:What (Score 1) 372

Boo fucking hoo. Your argument does not apply to a situation where someone is charging 1000's of percent profit. The ONLY reason this happens is because it's a highly regulated, specialized industry with almost impossible barriers to entry AND a litigious mindset has convinced people that they're just too stupid to inject THEMSELVES the old fashioned way. Not to mention insurance companies who just pay whatever, because after all they just pass the cost onto YOU - they don't care.

This has nothing to do with some poor hard working soul barely earning a buck, and everything to do with greed and getting away with murder.

Comment Re:What exactly IS a Bitcoin? (Score 1) 43

It's totally virtual and has no direct use value, just like fiat money.

Fiat money has the backing of the government that issues the money. That includes the police and military who can prevent you from using other currencies whenever they want and the government that will enforce laws and protect said currency. Tell me, which army will force you to use only bitcoin? In a "free country" you are free to use whatever medium of exchange you want - within certain limits. You're also free to go bankrupt. Start a business granted special status by the government because it's a vital service and then oblige people to pay in chocolate chips only and see how long it takes for the government to show up on your door. Judging by the behavior of many countries, some governments are actually doing the opposite - with varying degrees of success.

Comment Re: "Leonardo da Vinci who identified" (Score 1) 112

Yes, they can be wrong while still being far more correct than conspiracy theorists and religious nuts. Wrong is not an absolute. There are different shades of wrong. There is "oops I made a typo" wrong, and "delete your account" wrong, and the FBI is about to break down your door and put a bullet in your head wrong. See?

Comment Re: "Leonardo da Vinci who identified" (Score 5, Interesting) 112

Not only that I but distinctly remember studying the mesentery and its functions in medical school when I was there over 20 years ago... although it may not have been specifically granted the name "organ", that's not really how medical students classify things anyway. Organ simply means a collection of tissues performing a specific function or functions. You're far more likely to get a question asking about those functions, or where the blood supply comes from, or what embryological layers went into forming this structure on any test at medical school than "is this an organ?". We've known for a long time that the mesentery has quite a few functions from immune system functions (the thing is FULL of lymph nodes as anyone who has ever had adenitis mesenterica will testify) to being able to move through chemotaxis towards and plug any leaks in the bowel.

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