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Comment Re:What would Kissinger do? (Score 1) 230

>You seem to have omitted a few important details, such as Saddam''s funding and support of terrorism, training terrorists, and providing them refuge in Iraq.

I dunno - there seems to be a hell of a lot more "terrorism" in the world today with Saddam long dead than there ever was before. Barring 9/11 for actual death count, but that was the Saudis not Saddam.

Comment Re:My illusions have been shattered (Score 1) 282

>People have been on TV saying that they voted because of racism. This is called selection bias. Journalists are quite happy to portray the average white guy as racist - haven't you noticed? So they mostly air the racist comments and throw out the other ones. What you thought journalists ensured a homogenized, representative sample of what they broadcast? LOL

Comment Re: My tax dollars at work, coming to arrest me (Score 1) 174

I am sure if you write a check to the government as a donation to the revenue service they will more than happily accept it. Therefore why are YOU avoiding tax? You still have money. Give it to them. Tax avoidance is avoiding paying taxes which you do not have to pay. Only an idiot pays something he doesn't have to. I like to charge a comment reading fee. Feel free to pay it if you want, too.

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