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Comment It's a simple case of cost (Score 1) 473

For me, I have always dreamed of flying until the experience a close friend had to finished his commercial and multi-engine license (he's also an airplane mechanic). Here's the kicker - it cost him nearly $50k to just get enough hours to qualify up to Commercial, including his ILS,nighttime, and multi-engine ratings. On top of that, the average cost to rent a simple Cessna 152 or 172 for an hour is anywhere from $175 to $250 depending on the outfit.

It gets better - the airline he works for wanted him to take a pay cut by HALF to become a pilot. That's right - the pilot pay is so crappy, he would have to loose over half his pay to sit in the right seat (co-pilot).

Coupled with expensive educational requirements and fees to keep current, no wonder its in decline. And the industry is known for crappy wages, crappy hours, crappy jobs, coupled with long times away from home. Who in their right mind would like a job like that? Hence my friend is still a mechanic.

For me I'd rather be wishing I was up there than flying wishing I was on the ground in a better job.

Submission + - EA wants to know my Political and Religious Views ( 2

Mr.Fork writes: "Every once in a while I take a look ay my Facebook app security settings to see what information is being collected. Mostly, it's the usual info — who my friends are, a little info about me, but it's all within the norms. Then I take a look at Origin and SCRABBEL — both owned by Electronic Arts. Last info grab they took my religious AND political views — both not mentioned in their privacy policy (I checked). So what do I do? I plan to file a privacy complaint via the regular government channels, but really EA? You need my fracking Religious AND Political views? Wow. Just wow. So I took a picture and tweeted it to them. Of course they haven't responded now that they got their hand caught in the cookie private info jar."

Submission + - Why did Steve Jobs choose not to effectively treat (

Mr.Fork writes: Ramzi Amri, a medical student who did 1.5 years of research on the type of tumor that affected Steve Jobs, writes: "I hesitated a long time before addressing this topic, but now that someone asked me to, I'll just do it. To avoid any risks of bias, let me start by stating that all the details on Jobs' specific case are based on secondary sources, albeit from reliable sources in the media. I write this on a personal title, I do not pretend to know anything about the case on a personal level and I never participated in the care of Mr. Jobs. I base all my cancer figures on sources from biomedical research known to me."

Comment Quick question... (Score 1) 410

How would the authorities and new media react be if we didn't have the Fukushima nuclear crisis we have right now? If not, would we as Slashdotters have gone 'COOL BRO! - SOMEBODY HIRE THIS GUY!' and then that would of been the end of it?

But no. Why are we playing armchair bureaucrats? I know it was a big 'oops' - but he was nothing more than a individual who has a passion for nuclear technology and let me remind everyone - it was he who contacted the authorities. Has this reaction from authorities moved the hobby into seclusion when we need it MORE out in the open?

Just something to think about.

Comment Duh (Score 0) 229

Find a local Comic-Con event of course! It's a GEEK's haven. San Diego is just over, but they tend to roam around North America like Midway filled with Geek carnies. I don' t know where you live but it's worth a shot if one is up and coming to your area.

Comment Re:Best value (Score 3, Insightful) 574

Gellenburg - I think you nailed it. What else is out there that provides the quality of signal, selection, or portability of view-able devices out there that is even remotely compatible? I'd pay triple to get access to even more content, like HBO and AMC shows, and new movies on DVD from Paramount, Universal, Dreamworks, 20th Century Fox etc.

What is crazy is that the senior management of these companies can't see ---here we are SCREAMING --- LET ME PAY FOR UNLIMITED ACCESS TO CONTENT---HERE TAKE MY MONEY PLEASE!!!... and they would rather send me a subpoena from a RIAA lawyer. Oh the humanity! :)

Comment what? no training program? (Score 2) 300

Where's the baseball head-splat, and chainsaw training programs for citizens assist in the control of the spread of the disease? Ammo depots? Location to get two-for-one specials for Colt 45's? Bait tactics? how about shot-gun modifications? You know, where to saw off the butt and barrel? And of course, Axe control - how to swing an axe at the head to ensure accuracy? You know, maybe if they created one of those diagram cards like we see on airplanes...that would be good.

Comment interesting... (Score 2) 301

The Netflix business model is proving that a payed-for distributed content is 'working' and successful model! Hats off for Netflix's ability to be innovative with client pull-on-demand content that is shifting TV and online media at its core. The mere $9 a month I pay (and that's ALL I pay for TV since I cancelled my cable) is a drop in the bucket to what I would pay if I could get more content.

What MPAA has to learn is that consumers like a business model where actually 'owning' DVD's is not a choice that most want. I've been also saying that Blu-ray is dead (long live blu-ray) ever since it came out. I really don't care to own a plastic disc with a movie burned on it when I can fire up my laptop or PC or Playstation or Wii and watch any move I want, anywhere I have an internet connection. Heck, my P2P downloading of movies and shows has fallen drastically since I subscribed to Netflix. Would I pay to have access to even more content - YOU BETCHA! Would I stop downloading if I could pay monthly fees to have access to quality Disney, Paramount, Sony, et al studio movies and TV shows? YES!!!!

If I, a lone consumer, can figure this out, why can't they? I just want access - irregardless how I get it. If I can pay for it, brilliant! If I have to pirate it to get access, so bit it. But it's their loss, not mine if I'm forced to be a criminal because the studios can get their heads out of there legal asses and figure out their market and customers are screaming to have access to their content.

Comment I'll say it... (Score 3, Interesting) 238

...the problem with this entire situation is that Japan let commercial companies run their entire nuclear infrastructure. I'm not sure about you folks, but all commercial companies do exactly what is required within the letter of the law, but not an ounce more if it would cost more money. Sure, it's a 40 year old facility, sure it was built within the specs for the time. But it was still operational in 2011.

Question is, would a public-run utility design and build nuclear infrastructure to within the letter of the law or would they 'overbuild' for safety? Is this entire situation the cause of capitalism running into its core fault - its lack of concern for the expensive 'doing the right thing' vs the cheaper 'doing things right.'? I don't really know, but it smacks of the reality of letting a company totally focused on making and saving money vs making decisions to protect the people of Japan.

Submission + - Studio makes Canadian kids camp drop Tolkien name (

Mr.Fork writes: "A small Canadian Community Association was recently forced to rename the camp after entertainment giant Warner Bros. — the studio responsible for the film trilogy — decided it didn't like the use of the trademarked name and sent the Bragg Creek Community Association a Cease and Desist letter. The camp, formally known as Rivendell, decided to change their name to "Camp in the Creek" to avoid any issues. Isn't it amazingly smart for a big giant media company to legal-troll a campsite for children, destroy their image and free advertising all in one swoop? What a wizard of a move!"

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