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Comment Viability (Score 2) 117

We keep hearing about breakthroughs in the battery technology world to the tune of several per year. After many years in this forum, the empirical observation is that such breakthroughs are forgotten after a few months, quietly buried, practically never having a measurable impact on our lives. Please explain why your latest claim about a battery breakthrough is not going to end up following that route.

Comment Underwhelming announcemnt (Score 1) 144

Underwhelming, for two reasons. First, the supersonic flight technology has been well understood for over 50 years - building a supersonic airplane is just a matter of will to do so, and sufficient funds. Second, related to the first, this is an easy undertaking, if operating it profitably requires charging $10K and up per passenger for the London - New York trip. Do it so that the price does not go beyond $1,000 per passenger for that route, and we will be impressed. Otherwise, stop wasting the public's time.

Comment A counterproposal (Score 1) 128

Studios: Make all the material available all the time, everywhere, at reasonable prices. Insist in your pig-headedness to stick to a dying business model, and watch how lots of potential income disappears in front of your eyes. Learn once and for all that most people download movies from so-called pirate sites not to stick it to the man, but because it is convenient and easy. Most of us would pay you a reasonable amount per movie (stick your silly packages you know where) event if we could get them free. The choice is yours.

Comment Re:Cognitive Dissonance (Score 1) 414

Is it me, or does it seem like those who argument so adamantly against the concept of a supreme being are perfectly happy to entertain the idea that we are part of a stimulation?

It is you. Many of us who argue so adamantly against the concept of a supreme being think that the simulation thing is nonsensical garbage^H^H^H^H^H^Hspeculation.

Comment More gimmicks (Score 1) 71

For the time being, these so-called digital assistants are little more than gimmicks, good for parties and little else. The bottom line is that they do not do much useful and, what little they do, one can, for the most part, do faster, and certainly more efficiently, at the keyboard. At least, in this case, coming from Samsung, it might be explosive.

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