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Comment Re:We are much closer than you imagine (Score 1) 83

We are just years away from cars that work extremely well within a defined target area, like a city, or a narrowly defined route, like trucking - so companies like Uber will be the first to self driving cars and trucks on a wide scale.

Even with trucking it's still likely a decade or more away. Even then a lot of companies will probably employ drivers vs self-driving. Just a FYI, it's also a hell of an area to get into if you want to make pushing $90k/year or more at start and get everything from healthcare insurance to an actual pension(something that a lot of places don't even have). There is such a huge demand in the US for drivers that it's insane. Especially since so much of the business is pure JiT. Hell walmart in the US in a lot of places is paying $85k+10k signing bonuses for new drivers with benefits starting in the first 45 days, that's how competitive it is. Everything from free in-truck satellite TV to safety-haul driving bonuses and mileage bonuses on top of the flat salary.

Cars though? 15 years.

Comment Re:Intelligence Busting (Score 1) 83

I actually agree with your approach but the problem is if Uber ignored this is would be one step closer to having the drivers classified as employees no matter what Uber thinks.

I don't dislike unions so much that I care to spend my own money against them. But it doesn't hurt to warn others of the dangers so I put forth effort to do that when I can.

Comment Re:Careful Seattle, payback is coming (Score 1) 83

The thing is that in not allowing self driving cars, now you aren't just affecting Uber but regular people as well. That's why it's a whole different level of political action than trying to muscle Uber into allowing union takeover of the drivers.

does it make sense to expect them to just allow driverless, or even autopiloted ones?

If they really want to be thrown out of office, up to them. Any trying to back technology that cans obviously benefit the elderly or other less mobile people is going to face a horrifically difficult re-election.

Comment Re: That doesn't change anything (Score 2) 83

I was where you were before I started taking classes covering self-driving car technologies and current start of the art in neural networks and deep learning. Yes that sounds very buzzwordy but the thing is, it's working really really well now... You have no idea how fast those obstacles are being blown past. Already the tech exists to recognize very well various objects like signs and people around the car, even in extremely bad weather. I still think snow may foul up some things but with a small enough area (camera lens) you can use a lot of advanced materials and techniques to keep the camera view clear enough to work...

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 3, Interesting) 464

I'm genuinely curious as to how it damages / inconveniences / hurts you to just call her a her?

HE committed a crime. SHE is getting her sentence commuted.

If the sex change had happened before the crime, I wouldn't be using he/she at all. If it had not happened before the commutation, likewise....

Comment Re:The problem with strong AI. (Score 1) 147

There's probably a level where it's hard to know if it's conscious or not, but so far we haven't even gotten close to that level.

Incidentally, if you could define consciousness, you'd probably be really close to creating it. I think it's more important to figure out how the human brain stores information, though.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 5, Informative) 464

Snowden should also be pardoned.

Note that Manning was NOT pardoned. His (her?) sentence was commuted. So, he/she still has a criminal record, can't exercise his/her full rights as a citizen (RKBA is gone, for instance, in spite of firearms being completely irrelevant to his crime).

A sentence commutation just means he/she gets out of jail sooner. Not at all the same as a pardon.

Comment Re:Uber drivers also earn a living wage. (Score 1) 83

Well there is an inherent guarantee about being on a payroll


*gasp* When are you from gramps?

I haven't been on a payroll in ten years now and am wholly better for it.

So, if you're not one of the drivers that hangs out with SuperKendall...

Then you are one of the many other drivers making a decent living with great job flexibility. I have personally come to value job flexibility vastly more than money.

Comment Good counter-argument, but I think it won't happen (Score 1) 83

There's a gaping hole in your logic: governments that can block your human driver efforts could (would) also block your autonomous vehicles.

I consider that a good counter-argument, but I have thought about it and don't think that will be much of a problem... I think there would be a lot more pushback around most cities blocking self driving car technology than there is to simply extend union rules to ride sharing cars.

After all, self-driving cars should reduce cars on the road and also reduce accident rates, so there are a lot more parties interested in protecting the ability of self-driving cars to operate than there are to protect Uber from unions.

A current test-bed of this is New York City, where the drivers unions want a 50-year ban(!) on driverless cars to protect driving jobs.. note that doesn't mean they don't want self driving cars, they just want someone to have to pay for a butt in seat in the front.

Comment Re:That doesn't change anything (Score 1) 83

If they don't have a viable one which doesn't try to run over cyclist and run red lights and requires 2(!) drivers to operate

You obviously have no idea how technology improves, nor how rapidly it improves. Yes the current ones were missing some lights and sometimes did not see bikes. But that tech is rapidly improving. Today it's two drivers (really a tech and a driver) monitoring, tomorrow it's one guy sitting monitoring, the day after that it's one guy monitoring fifteen Ubers from a chair and a handful of support vans for a city of Uber cars.

Comment Don't realize who the robber barons are, do you? (Score 1, Insightful) 83

All hail the new Robber Barons!

That would be the unions of today, who steal from their members to give to themselves. Why do you think so many unions make it MANDATORY for workers to become members?

If a union was useful to a worker, workers would be eager to join instead of being forced to. Being forced to pay for an organization that provides no goods or services to you is the LITERAL DEFINITION of robbery.

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