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Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong? (Score 1) 72

The best solution is one that sounds impressive, does little, has no risk, and quietly slushes money off to friends.

It sounds impressive to get votes. It does little so you can 'solve' the same problem again next year (see for example, the medicare doc fix). It has no risk, because, you know, that could make me look bad. Anything with risk needs to be rethought.

Comment Re:I couldn't get past "how do you write a game"? (Score 1) 188

I would do it by making a function something like, newGameStateScreen() which is a function of the old screen, and the current state (maybe even the old state). That part is fine enough.

Then I would cheat and optimize it to actually update in place. Conceptually it would still be functional, but every useful functional program ever written mutates state.

But if you have FP, then you have repeatability. Given a particular game state, combined with a given input, you can know what the next game state will be, every time. It's testable, provable, and helps you make sure that every possibility is covered.

Comment Basic / Pascal (Score 1) 539

I guess my very first programming experience would be Logo sometime in elementary school, but about the same time I was learning GWBasic. My dad got me a book from the library that had programs you could type in and run. I've never forgotten typing in 500 lines (supposed to be some kind of space shooter) and then program didn't work. I never figured it out!

Soon after I started using Qbasic (the version that could compile EXE files).

My next programming language was Pascal through Delphi and then C++ through Borland's C++ Builder. I picked up a copy,of the K&R C book around the same time that today is very well worn!

I was very interested in different languages around high school and so I picked up a smattering of Visual Basic, a senior high school independent study in Visual Studio C / windows API (why?!), x86 assembly, OS/2 REXX scripting, etc. I wrote an ecommerce site for a local business in 1999 using PHP and a perl cgi-bin cart system.

Picked up Java in college, one course with Prolog, etc.

Today I'm not a professional programmer, but I end up using PHP, Python and Perl for text processing, SQL, etc with some regularity.

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