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Comment Re:Wow! (Score 1) 380

Give me a fucking break.

You don't cite any examples of the "massive bribery," of course. The truth is that copyright law was revised to be relevant to modern times. You want copyright law to remain like it was centuries ago when we didn't live in a world of mass media in which properties continue to make money for copyright holders for longer than a century and don't deteriorate due to digital distribution.

Then you make a really stupid statement about how they "quite literally raped the public domain dry." First off, making money off a copyright property you own isn't evil, no matter how much anti-capitalist garbage you read around here. Second, you're saying they literally raped the public domain, which means you believe they actually did forcefully penetrate an orifice with a penis of some sort. You may want to look up the definition of "literally" before abusing it.

Finally, you make the crazy claim that the characters have been "treated like shit for years," despite hugely successful film franchises like Spider-man, Ironman, the Hulk, and more as well as countless videogames and comic books spanning decades. If you missed the summary, you'll notice that the companies have "licensed media rights," meaning they signed a licensing agreement which isn't a one-sided deal--someone representing Kirby also signed it. They didn't steal it. It was a legitimate deal. Slashdot is positioning it as some kind of reclamation from the evil media companies, because that's Slashdot's agenda to rile up people like you.

No sane system would throw beloved properties into the public domain and disallow the creators' estate to profit from the public's continued commercial interest in those properties. Despite what you've read around here, there's nothing wrong with making money off of something. Public domain access to popular superheroes isn't a right or a necessity of life.

If you're so opposed to copyrights, that must mean I can do anything I want with GPL code including violating the terms, since the GPL is a copyright license according to the FSF and relies on copyright law to have any legal power.

Comment Re:Criticize the Numbers Not the Presentation (Score 0, Flamebait) 207

No. Private companies pay executives for the associated risks for being executives. If you think you're up to the job of managing a multinational corporation, then I implore you to give it a shot.

And as a side note, those jobs didn't belong to those tens of thousands of people. They belonged to the company.

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