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Comment Re:do you want $100+ oil changes at the dealer shi (Score 1) 176

Anyone that owns a performance car has been paying $100 oil changes at even a quickie lube for a while now. MY dealer oil changes are $160.00 If I buy the oil and filter myself it comes out to be $65.00 to do it in the driveway.

I'm guessing that you have not owned a car and taken it in for an oil change cince 1980? Even my Honda Civic was $70 for an oil change just yesterday at a Valvoline quick lube.

Comment Re:During the 70's or 80's... (Score 2) 176

Except you cant use Microsoft WORD to write anything that says anything negative about Microsoft.... it's in the EULA.
Oh and they own your docx files because it is in their format.
Oh and you had better read the EULA of their Visual Studio as to what they own of yours.....

Nothing has changed except that they hide it better in a wall of text written by the scummiest people on the planet. Intellectual Property Lawyers.

Comment Re:Terrible Idea (Score 1) 176

Ebay always sides with the buyer, open the case and ebay will simply refund the money paid if returning the item is too difficult. in international cases from china ebay wil even say, "here is your money, keep the item" because if the auction is marked "no returns" that means that the seller does not want it back for any reason at all even damaged so the buyer can get a refund and keep the item.

If he did not open a case with ebay then he is either very stupid or just started using ebay.

Comment Re:Using SHA-1 in this day and age is just lazy (Score 1) 167

Well, it is not the software's use non-cryptographic code for cryptographic applications.

I'm referring to use cases specifically like SparkleShare, By the way. Git-based Dropbox-like file synchronization tool.

It's arguably a major Bug in Git if the Git software keeps track of an object Solely by Hash, and lazily assumes that the Hash
uniquely identifies a specific version of the file, And that assumption turns out to be false, and data corruption or tampering can be caused as a result.

HOWEVER....... Arguably Git does not carry a promise that the software is Durable and Safe outside of its intended use cases. Sometimes it is valid for software to carry disclaimers, such as: Please check that your object is not malicious before checking it in.

That actually begins to become unreasonable, when Git is being used by a larger and larger development teams, however..... the chance that someone wants to try something funny greatly increases at some point, and the chance of a mistake occurring increases with larger volumes of source code being managed and updated and committed in on a daily basis.

Comment Re:One hour of basketball dunking per day. (Score 1) 137

Our schools (generally speaking currently mandate 3-4 *years* of PE and 0 years of computer science.

Some students are terrible at PE. So what? We make them do it anyway. These might even be the same students that excel at computer science, if the stereotypes are true.

But this isn't even a mandated year of CS. It's a bloody single hour, lodged somewhere in between the 4th and 12th grades. If you think we can't spare a single hour for coding, I don't know what to tell you.

The biggest obstacle to CS education is the sheer fact that nobody is exposed to it at an early age, so they don't know if they like it or are good at it before going to college. This stands in contrast to basically every other major STEM field, where everyone has an opportunity to (or be mandated to) take a high school level class. But only about 1 in 10 high schools even offer CS these days, and the numbers are going down because they're usually not counted for college science requirements.

So, no, this bill really is a good thing. The Hour of Code is so simple even troglodyte teachers can run it for their kids.

Comment Re:Using SHA-1 in this day and age is just lazy (Score 2) 167

As far as I can tell, this is a non-cryptographic use of hashing.

It's Non-Cryptographic until you start using GIT for alternative use cases which it was not designed for.

Code your developers write and store in Git should be trusted data, in the sense you are not trying to attack the system.
And code you accept from third parties should be reviewed by humans first to check that it is non-malicious.

Since the SHA-1 collision attack can be detected; It seems like it would be also a simple patch to Git to check before Adding or Updating a file in its repository if the file contains a SHA1 attack, And if so, spit out an error instead of saving the commit.

Comment Re:One hour of basketball dunking per day. (Score 1) 137

But we do introduce the game of basketball to students in phys ed. Some students won't have been exposed to it until then, and maybe it's a thing they like to do. We introduce a lot of different physical activities in phys ed class. That's what it's for!

You're not going to write a AAA game or whatever in hour-of-code class, but you're not going to do nothing but dunk in 40minutes of basketball class, either. In both cases you're going to go over just enough of the basics to hopefully have 5-10 minutes at the end to do something fun.

Comment Re:History repeat itself. (Score 1) 137

The only thing that could bring that future about would be AI that writes the programs for us.

Other than that, we're not going to run out of things that need to be stuffed in databases and crunched. As the databases or coding for databases becomes more efficient, governemnts will take advantage of the opportunity to demand even more things be tracked and ever more complicated legal requirements to be satisfied.

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