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Comment Re:The Leftist Way (Score 1) 117

People who still in denial about climate science are delusional nuts. Full stop. There is an actual reality out there, and those who refuse to accept that should be marginalized and ridiculed, and should be given exactly zero voice in policy.
You're right they should be put in re-education camps until they see the error of their ways. Preach on tovarisch!

Comment Re:The only thing FAA 702 covers... (Score 1) 50

The Constitution prohibits the US violating the basic human rights of ALL PEOPLE, no matter where they are or of what nation they are a citizen.
Only on US territory. In both U.S. v. Verdugo-Urquidez and Odah v. U.S, the courts have held that non citizens outside the US, do not enjoy constitutional protections.

Comment Re:Well Mondale was the bigger idiot (Score 0, Troll) 237

The US space program is essentially a gigantic playtoy for white males
I liked this better the first time I heard it. As for this bit, Spending on social programs is never wasted as it goes directly to the people who need it most. Yeah, that is an awfully big assumption, no corruption or misdirection of funds?.

Comment Re:No, they have second marriages instead (Score 1) 282

Fun fact: women don't put men in the friendzone, men put men in the friendzone[*].
So you recommend both parties be honest about expectations and what is likely to happen in the future? Something like [dude bro]Hi, I am only being nice to you on the off chance you agree to copulation? [lady friend] I will probably never copulate with you, but will allow you to believe there's a slim chance so that you will help me move and fix my tech toys when they break. Is that what you think would be best, oh wise architect?

Comment Re:It's not Obama (Score 1) 475

When did it become OK to be patriotic and yet call the elected leader of this country "that asshole" instead of The President? I'm not even a US citizen and I have more respect and love for the country than you are showing.
Around the time it became de rigueur, to compare Bush 43 to Hitler, the thought at the time was "Dissent is the most patriotic form of speech"

Comment Re:Grants? That is your worry? (Score 1) 286

when government abuses its authority there is at least a theoretical ability to push back when corporations abuse their authority there is NO WAY to push back
You've got that backwards son, corporations don't tend to demand a monopoly on force, the way that govt's do. So other than large private corporations which are subject to law suits(something most govt's have the choice to disagree to, see sovereign immunity). What actions can you take against the govt that you can't take to push back against corporations?

Comment Re:stop with all the nonsense (Score 1) 504

Then we have the painful efforts in shows like FlintIf you mean Black Sails, the complete lack of interest on the characters face while getting ridden by Mrs. Barlowe was kind of a dead giveaway. The plot point was less he's gay, Hooray! But how a British sea captain could have his life turned up side down and become the fiercest pirate of the Caribbean. As for GOT spoiler alert some people care about gay dudes sucking dick left and right.

Comment Re:Not affecting life expectancy in a positive way (Score 2) 201

While this might seem like it reduces aging, US is 45th or 46th in life expectancy globally. Other countries are not using these treatments, and men live an extra 10-12 years in some of them
Ugg, So much wrong info. 1st US is 36th in life expectancy, 2nd our neighbors to the north, Canada lives 2.7 years longer and they're #11. So as you can see there's a not really a difference in living 3 more years yet those 3 years span 25 other countries. Taking these treatments isn't going to kill you that much faster.

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