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Comment Re: 3 years probation (Score 1) 177

That depends entirely on the situation. In the case of an active shooter (which is what most of these calls claim) the police are obligated to storm in to save lives. After Columbine these policies were changed because if the police had moved in immediately they would have saved a lot of lives. Instead they did what you suggest as the standard procedure at the time, but that procedure doesn't work with a shooter whose aiming to kill people and doesn't care if they live or die. In that situation the only way to save lives is to storm the building.

There isn't a good solution to these problems that doesn't involve some major changes to the internet that break all anonymity or completely disconnecting the internet from the phone network. Neither is a viable option. Unfortunately SWATting needs to be handled with law enforcement, I guarantee that the number of these incidents will go down dramatically when they start visibly putting these people in jail and extraditing people from overseas that do it. That 14 year old kid might think twice if they know they will get caught. But this would mean the police would need to dedicate investigative money to these crimes, and that's not going to happen as long as drug crime is far more profitable to the police.

Comment Re:Not about the free market (Score 3, Insightful) 905

There is nothing more insidious and anti-free speech than claiming that someone else is required to provide you the soapbox to stand on.

Saying that Youtube or anyone else must pay to provide a platform for someone else is as about not free as you can get. I don't' care that their big or that it gives them market power. Your right to free speech ends at your nose, no one else is obligated to help you speak. You are literally demanding that these companies provide the soapbox at their own expense and that's wrong in so many ways and you probably don't even realize how evil that suggestion is.

If you think there should be a platform where anyone can say anything and no one can take it down then you should support the government building the platform, not forcing some private company to provide the soapboxes and pay for it all.

Comment Re:Stuff That Fucking Matters (Score 1) 905

If he believes they lied and caused him financial loss he can take them to court.

There is nothing more insidious and anti-free speech than demanding that someone else carry your speech and pay to have it broadcast to the masses. youtube, disney and everyone else has no obligation to carry his material.

Comment Re:No more Haze in Grand Canyon (Score 5, Insightful) 200

More propaganda, you people will blame Obama for everything, even things he had nothing to do with. This plant is going to be shut down because gas is cheaper, it has very little to do with Obama era regulations. It should have never been exempted from the Mercury rule for more than a decade (the exemption goes away in 2018 so they'll need the scrubbers in 2 years). The CO2 regulations Obama added on top had very little impact to this, it was driven primarily by costs, in particular the combined phase gas plants that are super efficient compared to this awful 50's era coal plant and have cheaper fuel.

The utilities were going to pay the costs to upgrade the plant until gas prices cratered and with wind/solar dropping so fast if they authorize it for another 20 years they'll be losing money on it for 18 of those years. Navajo generating station was dead when gas prices fell and it's about fucking time. It's poisoned two generations of people in the southwest with heavy metals and put haze in the grand canyon since it was built.Good riddance.

Comment No more Haze in Grand Canyon (Score 5, Informative) 200

This plant is one of the worst polluters in the west. It was exempted from the mercury limits rule when they went into effect and it's responsible for 90% of the air pollution and haze in the Grand Canyon. This plant should have been shut down as soon as viable alternatives existed and market forces are finally doing it in.

Comment Re:Factory reset before you get off the plane. (Score 1) 626

There is a reason the ACLU has that border zone map on their website and it's to draw attention to the issue the courts have allowed to happen. There is solid supreme court precedent on the CBP having the right to basically search anything they want at entry and the only way it's going to change is if people get mad enough that congress takes that power away from CBP.

Comment Re: Saponins (Score 2) 291

Quinoa is 70% Carbohydrate. Wheat and Rice are about 80% Carbohydrate. In addition Quinoa only has a few percentages higher protein than Wheat and Rice.

Most people who make statements like yours don't know this and spout mindless nonsense they heard someone say without any personal understanding of what they are talking about. Quinoa like any other grain has very high percentages of Carbohydrate. If your goal is to avoid Carbs you should avoid grains entirely and get the carbs you eat from Vegetables, not grains.

Comment Re:Shades of Theranos (Score 1) 39

It wouldn't surprise me if an immune response triggered the accumulation of certain organic markers in the breath, after all one of the first symptoms of an on coming illness for many people is a bad taste in their mouths right before the illness sets in. But like you I don't see any possible way they could differentiate immune responses to identify what's causing it. The bodies immune responses to disease is virtually identical regardless of the vector within the broad categories such as virus, bacteria and parasite. You'd have no way to identify if the immune response is due to a cold, the flu or even Ebola unless it's detecting an actual virus in the breath, not just an immune marker.

As with all science related news, the proof will be in duplication by other researchers and consensus in the scientific community. Until that point it should be at most an interesting possibility and nothing more.

Comment Re:Warrant issued upon probable cause (Score 1) 216

This type of testimony on his potential power output sounds like all the other pseudoscience that they've used to convict people in the past. It's horseshit, if a 40 year old out of shape mother can pick a car up off her kid in a moment of extreme anxiety due to an adrenaline release then anything the doctor speculates about power output is just a bunch of horseshit. Adrenaline is there precisely to provide enhanced power output, mental acuity and reaction times far above your normal output in times of stress so you can avoid being killed.

If the guy can get a decent lawyer he should be able to beat this "evidence" but he probably can't afford a good lawyer and will get railroaded.

Comment Gabe with Valve warned everyone this was coming... (Score 1) 183

Gabe with Valve warned everyone when Microsoft introduced the windows store that they'd eventually try to kill outside software distribution. It's the entire reason he built SteamOS. Tim and the other game company CEO's happily dissed SteamOS for years.

Microsoft is going to try to kill outside distribution. They might even succeed.

Comment Re:Success rate (Score 1) 180

It's possible, even with yes/no questions, to manipulate the question, the phrasing and the body language to indicate a desired result when the person is actually capable of physically responding, I can't even begin to imagine the confirmation bias that could be imparted when the questionee isn't capable of responding in a recognized way.

Wait to see if the study can be confirmed by someone else without the same motives of this researcher. This result of "I want to live" reeks of someone that's trying to prevent euthanasia and shut down the debate and caution should be taken with any claimed results without repetition and review by experienced researchers.

Comment Re:Seventy Percent (Score 1) 180

You can only claim better than Random in a situation like this if the questions and responses aren't conditioned or influenced by the questioner. Count me a skeptic. Time will tell if the methodologies are sound, without consensus and duplication the individual results should be interesting but not confirmed.

Comment Re:A ribbon clone? (Score 1, Insightful) 224

I hated the ribbon as much as you do. But after using it for a while I see why it's better and also easier for new users to learn. MS was right about this UI change, in fact I'd argue it was their most researched and tested UI changes that they've ever implemented. The one problem was it made learning it for existing users harder but the trade off in usability was worth it IMO.

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