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Comment Re:how about 4A (Score 2) 364

They couldn't force you with out the lead pipes and rubber hoses, fortunately those aren't allowed in the US yet. What you do in a situation like this is refuse to comply, force them to arrest you and spend the night in jail so you can call the ACLU and get the warrant tossed.

See they get away with it because no one refused to comply. Once everyone in the building complies there is no effective way to sue them and set a precedent that will stop this happening again. When they arrest you they move the warrant to the next stage and you now have grounds to sue them over the warrant that you don't have if you comply.

Sometimes standing up to illegal orders is hard, including being arrested hard. Know your rights and refuse illegal orders like this (yes I recognize the warrant was technically legal because it hadn't been challenged). Then use the arrest to go after them and make sure it never happens again.

Comment Re:Flight risk (Score 1) 44

From all the press reports I've read this guy took classified information home simply because he was working from home. There is no evidence he ever intended to release any of the information nor that he intended to do anything with it other than his job. The government wants to make an example out of him because of Snowden but by all appearances the guy was just incompetent at his job by doing stuff he shouldn't have done.

He should be punished for what he did as it exposed the country to great risk with over a terabyte of classified data at his house but there's no evidence he ever spied or intended to and we shouldn't roast this guy just because the government can't get the guy they are really angry with (snowden). The government's admitted in previous statements that they believe the guy had no nefarious intent and was simply incompetent.

Comment Re:Freedom Not Allowed ! (Score 2) 153

Had you read the article you would know your example do not apply. This law has no effect on rentals where the owner is present. Your live in boyfriend is not affected because you are present.

What the city is trying to stop is people buying up condo's and apartments, particularly rent controlled ones and then renting them out commercially like a hotel. They are basically gypsy hotels that aren't complying with any of the hotel regulations that exist to protect people and level the playing field.

Comment Re: DCMA Fair Use / Parody (Score 1) 216

It doesn't need fair use on copyright because Samsung doesn't have a copyright on this at all. Samsung MIGHT be able to claim a trademark violation (which this is clearly fair use), but the DMCA can't be used for trademarks. Unless Samsung can show this mod uses code samsung wrote there is NO copyright claim here and a blatant misuse of the DMCA.

Comment Re: That's, for better or worse, for a court to d (Score 1) 216

Its a good thing you posted AC because you are a fucking idiot.

The DMCA was design to protect the host seving the data while allowing copyright holders to identify the person that posted the material so they can be sued. Its a process whereby the copyright owner sends the host a takedown notice and the host removes the data. The poster can then respond to the host claiming the initial claim is in error and provide all their contact info. The host is now free to repost the material without any liability, the copyright holder now has the contact information of the poster and can sue properly to obtain a real legal injunction.

Thats the steps, not some ridiculous multi step take down, repost, take down 20 times made up process you pulled out your ass.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 244

Your arguing a per-programmed landing sequence with known physics is worse than a live astronaut controlling the landing when the time from initial problem to dead is literally 2-6 seconds. Most Humans couldn't even perceive the problem, develop a solution and react in that time frame.

Landing on Mars is hard, you've got a gravity well that's about 8/10ths of the Earth with about 1/100th the atmosphere to slow you down. Terminal velocity is VERY fast and the timeframe to react and burn for a slowdown is seconds where it's minutes on earth. This is the reason out of like 6 probes sent to mars only 3 have actually survived the landing.

Comment Re:Replacing USB-A with USB-C != removing USB (Score 1) 307

USB-A is going to be around for a LONG time, particularly given all the peripherals that still use A. It's is beyond premature to remove it from a laptop, hell it will probably still be premature in 5 years. USB-A is the only USB connector that's valid all the way from USB 1.1 to USB 3.1. It's not like they are space constrained on a laptop. This idea that there should be only one port on a laptop is just fucking stupid. It literally costs pennies to add 3 or 4 ports to a laptop as the support is already built into the motherboards and CPU and no additional chips are needed, only the USB header and traces (which are probably already there).

Every single laptop should come with at least 2 USB-C and 2 USB-A ports that fully support every USB version from 1.1 to 3.1 so you don't need a fucking USB hub to use your laptop.

Comment Re:And yet (Score 1) 409

He's always lying. He's a property developer, everything they say is a lie. This makes it easy to tell if he's lying, if he's speaking it's a lie. If you don't understand this you've never talked to property developers before.

My god he's denied saying things he's on video saying, you can't be a bigger liar than that.

Comment Re:I thought this was obvious? (Score 1) 151

And that clear warning might be because the FTC came calling. This is one of the reasons we need the FTC because without them companies start doing shit like hiding these types of conditions or costs until after the customer is signed up. The FTC isn't saying T-Mobile can't do what they did, what they are saying is you can't advertise one thing and provide another, it's called bait and switch and it's been illegal for longer than anyone alive in the US.

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