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Comment Re:Jesus fuck grow up dorks. (Score 1) 77

If 1:1,000,000 is lower odds than the thing I was doing before, yes, I would buy that toaster. We're not discussing people that currently don't need transportation buying self-driving cars, but people who already are doing something to meet their transportation need. If that something is more dangerous than self-driving cars, then it is irrational not to switch, given the opportunity.

Comment Re:Jesus fuck grow up dorks. (Score 2) 77

The idea that you'd prefer a greater risk "just in case" you're in a collision, because you'll feel better about it if you were in control, is not a rational position to take. If the self-driving cars are genuinely and significantly safer than human drivers, the rational decision is to get over your phobia and switch to a self-driving car when you can afford one.

Comment Re:Fine (Score 1) 265

To be fair, all seats facing forward position is only for first gen autonomous cars anyway, because that's what people who buy cars expect cars to look like. After enough acceptance, some companies will start to challenge that assumption and produce other configurations. All facing rearward might be one, supposedly that is better in an accident, or perhaps all seats face inward so you can have a group conversation with everyone in the car.

Comment Re:Lots of products pass safety tests (Score 1) 265

Why would it even need to be parked near the building at all? The car could just drop you off and continue on to the municipal garage which has been specially marked to accommodate autonomous vehicles. For short visits, it could just orbit the block until you're ready to leave (probably this doesn't scale, though).

Comment Re:Meanwhile my phone crashes about once a month.. (Score 1) 265

I think having manual controls will increase the cost of insurance. You simply can't have an "autonomous" car that has the capability to hand-off to a real driver if it "gets tough". There's no point in it. It's hard enough paying attention when you really need to, but when 98% of the time it doesn't matter, but those 2% remaining you have to be at full attention? Good luck with that.

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