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Comment Re: More about eliminating WrongThink (Score 1) 299

It does not mean precisely what you think it does. Trump has total and complete control of all houses of government, plus now the supreme court, and him and his party has complete freedom to quickly ram through their entire, radical agenda, which his appointments make clear he will do.

Right now he barely has control of his Twitter feed. And one thing that people on your side of the aisle are learning quickly, it's that things probably aren't going to work out the way you thought they would when you voted for him.

We'll see what happens.

Comment Re: More about eliminating WrongThink (Score 1) 299

Second, that popular vote "winning margin" is almost entirely in California...if you subtract California from both candidates' total votes, trump won the popular vote.

And if my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle. You wanna start subtracting states? Can we subtract Texas, South Carolina and Mississippi too while we're at it?

The majority of Americans have accepted that the election is over and that Donald Trump won.

They also accept that he got 3 million fewer votes than his opponent. Will he be president? Almost certainly. Will he have a mandate? Certainly not. Will he be considered legitimate at any point in the 18 to 30 months he'll be president? Nope.

Comment Same old tune. (Score 1) 68

One man's propaganda is another man's truth.

Propaganda, insider information, hate facts. Who cares. More power to the Russians if they can disrupt a bunch of corrupt people from getting their way (DNC). I'd love for them to start poking at the Republicans next.

Sun light sanitizes all things. Keep dragging the truth from all the dark holes it is hiding in.

Comment Re:Second to announce being first. (Score 1) 249

Is the US going to stop messing around in other countries with their military, the NSA spying and CIA ? That actually sounds very tempting. Maybe we will pay for a wall, maybe even a dome. ;-) That would put a lot of people in the US out of work. What I'm always surprised by is how the people in the US care so much about keeping manual labour jobs instead of getting more and better education and thus actually have a chance of getting a bigger paycheck.

After we take all the resources and the money from the US that you still own all the other countries in the world, their should be more than enough money to build that dome. ;-)

Here is a question: as many know, the US makes a mess of the middle east with their military forces because of natural resources. Why would they need to do that if there are enough natural resources in the US ? Have you ever thought about that ?

Comment Re:!Revolution (Score 4, Funny) 170

The word revolution also contains the word evolution, and you might have noticed that we've evolved past the point of calling a paper printer a necessary component of computing today.

And the word "internet" contains the word "tern", so clearly it is built upon angry arctic birds with sharp beaks that dive bomb anyone who gets too close to their nesting grounds.

Comment Re:because (Score 2) 170

Indeed. I've ordered 3d prints online several times and as things stand there is no reason I'd ever do otherwise. The choice is, "have something produced using top notch hardware and finished by professionals", or "have something produced by crappy hardware, by you". The marginal cost may be lower if you do it yourself, but you have to plop down $1k first, so unless you 3d print a lot, you don't win even on that comparison. It's just not worth it.

If you run a business where you're 3d printing prototypes every day, that would be different. But regular for home users, I just can't see an argument for it.

Comment Re:It's always cost (Score 4, Interesting) 170

That's really a key issue. Most "standalone" things people want are not made of plastics, except for toys. There are a some things - for example, parts for a small homemade drone or whatnot, where strength is not important but lightness is. But most often, if you want something "standalone", you want it out of metal.

Being able to print replacement plastic parts for other things could be nice, mind you. For example, I've twice had to replace a plastic part on my refrigerator and it cost something like $50 each time with a nearly month delay, due to customs fees, shipping to where I am, etc. Having been able to print one out would have been great. Except, having a 3d printer alone wouldn't have been enough, because there's no "universal spare part database" that manufacturers upload to. A 3d scanner as well might have been able to enable reproducing the part from scanning its broken pieces, except that not only do you have to have one, the part was transparent, and many 3d scanners don't like transparent objects.

A "3d printing revolution" may come some day. But things are a lot more complicated than just making it possible to print something out of some material.

Comment Re:Init alternatives (Score 1) 219

I think if it were just an init system, most people would be ok with it (or gripe a little and then move on, like with other alternative init systems that have existed in the past).

The major issue people are concerned about is that things will be built on top of systemd (and they have been built on top of systemd), and then you have a huge unrelated dependency on this init system which makes it hard to swap out in the future if you want to use containers.

Comment Dell Precision (Score 1) 230

I got a precision with a touch screen and a Linux preinstall (No windows) a couple months ago and the thing works great. The default wireless doesn't connect so well, though. I found I get much faster wireless if I use wicd-gtk. Touch screen works with Ubuntu, as well!

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