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Comment In bed by 9pm?? (Score 1) 96

Surely only a tiny fraction of people would be in bed by 9pm, so I can't see that explaining a spike in tablet use mid-evening. My guess is that the main TV was being used to watch normal programs and the iPads (lets face it, the tablets were almost certainly ipads) were being used to follow the olympics out of the corner of the TV watcher's eye.

Comment Re:Here We Go Again ... (Score 3, Insightful) 210

Wash. Rinse Repeat. Macs aren't as vulnerable because they don't have a big enough footprint so they aren't stumbling upon the infected sites or aren't being targeted directly.

I don't buy this reasoning. Malware writers would quite happily release malware for OSX if they could make it work. Just look back 20yrs ago - there was plenty of malware for Amigas and Ataris, even though their numbers were measured in thousands rather than millions.

Comment IT hates apple (Score 5, Interesting) 494

My comany's new CTO (a total MS drone) came in 18 months ago and the first thing he did was launch a jihad against all the Linux boxen that had been quietly sitting there doing their thing for years. Massive IT pain resulted followed by a major blow out in the IT budget as he busily wrote cheques to MS and Dell. He thought he'd won. Then along came the iPad. First the Board of Directors started asking why they couldn't read the board papers on their iPads, then the CEO wanted one and asked why he couldn't get his email working, then all the executives wanted one. Now iPads have spread down four levels of management. Then people started asking about integrating iPhone because they didn't like having to carry a blackberry just for work. The CTO kept talking about how insecure apples were compared to MS and that it'll take months of careful study to integrate. Last week the CEO sacked him.

Submission + - Google's new meta-tags for news story authors (

EreIamJH writes: Google News is experimenting with meta-tags in an effort to ensure that the correct news source is credit with an article. The original-source meta-tag will identify the newspaper that brakes a story, while syndication-source is for everyone who repeats the story. Both meta-tags can appear multiple times — for instance an article that sources information from other articles would include an original-source tag for each article used in preparing the new article. While the intention is worthy, I look forward to lots of snarky blogger fights as journalists vent their hurt feelings for having been omitted as an original source.

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