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Comment Re:FALSE COMPARISON (Score 1) 359

The Beatle did not go unchanged for it's production run and some of the changes where pretty significant including engine growing from 1100cc to 1600cc. So I would say it is valid. BTW they are wrong I would put money on Coke a Cola as being the most popular product of all time.

Comment Re:RNC? (Score 1) 133

Isn't more interesting that the actual contents of the email leak is not getting much attention on Slashdot? For example the email where they call outreach to hispanic voters Taco bowl engagement. Or the meeting between the DNC and MSNBC or the fact that a Poltico blogger sent a story to the DNC to get feedback before publishing it.

Comment Re: Not as big as... (Score 1) 157

It reminds me of the R3Y which the US made in the 1950s. The airframe worked well but the engines let it down so less than 20 where built. And no it was not an amphibian but like the PBY if the engines had worked an amphibian version might have been made.
Also take a look at the birdcage of struts on the tip floats. Those look like they would produce a ton of drag and look rather flimsy. They look a lot like the mounting for the PBM vs the much cleaner mountings on the P5M.
The US doesn't build amphibians for SAR or ASW any longer because frankly they are a pain. Let's take a multi million dollar aircraft and dunk it in salt water. We use land based aircraft for search part of SAR and helicopters for the rescue part. A flying boat can only land to pick up people in calm seas anyway.
Until they actually enter service you never know. The question is will it be worth it for China? Do they have a lot of forest fires? Do they have areas with many lakes where building airfields is too expensive like Russia and Canada does in the tundra? Do they need this big and expensive of a water bomber and SAR aircraft?

Comment What about Cats and Dogs? (Score 1) 2

I see them talking about rats but Cats and Dogs are not native to New Zealand but are predators. I do not thing that will go over very well with the population IMHO.
Sure get ride of the rats. Every nation on earth would like to get ride of their non-native rats including all of North and South America but we want our pets.

Comment Re:Who gives a fuck? (Score 1) 134

Actually the Tesla line of cards are for data mining and neural network research.
Nvidia has 3 PC lines of cards
Geforce Gaming
Quadro CAD/CAM and professional graphics.
Tesla for GPU compute. AI, data mining and other GPU compute functions.
The Titan is part of the GForce line and is a bit of an odd duck. It is a gaming card but like every other gaming card it can be used for AI, data mining, CAD, and even professional graphics but it is a gaming card. A very high end expensive gaming card.

Comment Re: In his Mother's basement (Score 1) 161

Why is it really dumb?
Is it any dumber than spending $50 going to a bar with friends?
He is no different than a guy that collects cars, art, comic books, airplanes, or old computers. Most of the cost seems to be the collection.

And this is the original post.
"I don't have a recreated $1.5m Star Trek bridge-themed home theater, so I'd say even in a one bedroom efficiency eating ramen I'm still better off in life."
Nope he is a snob.

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