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Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 79

According to an analysis that excludes pensions and social security, the richest 1% of the American population in 2007 owned 34.6% of the country's total wealth, and the next 19% owned 50.5%. Thus, the top 20% of Americans owned 85% of the country's wealth

So, if a plurality of the top 20% if they agreed, would decide POTUS...
I suppose that matches the empirical data...
with each 1%er being equal to some number of 2-20%ers...

Comment Re:Retard (Score 1) 79

The answer is No.
here's why:
Any(one)thing that can be done on a CISC can be done on an ASIC.
If you had an algorithm that say used the L1 cache to do some funky physics based transform (nevermind that this is a *bad* idea because new steppings will change the device physics) then you could design an ASIC that had only enough compute to run the L1 cache and devote the rest of the ASIC die to having 40 or 50 L1 cache fields.

The point of an ASIC is to be application specific, and it does that by first dumping all the design bits that don't pertain to the problem; then second, optimising what's left.

Comment Re:Do the Emails belong to company? (Score 2) 45

Of course they do, anything you do on your employer's network (including this /. post) is legally inspectable by your employer.

Anything I don't want my employer to know isn't done on their network. If I was a rogue trader and colluding with others you better believe we'd all have burner phones and using something out of band.

Comment Re:this isnt a surprise (Score 1) 43

if (!foo){break;}

the hidden goto :-)

if (!foo){break;}

So, with nested while, how do you exit ???

Actually my statement was more that people *effectively* use goto without even realizing they are.
functionally my example is no different than:

//begin block
if (!foo){goto CLEANUP_BLOCK;}

^/. is absolutely intent on making my colon prefix collapse up all the whitespace to the curly... no idea why.
Now, in my example case there is no condition, as the do-while construct is not actually being used as a loop, thus would not (validly) match your example.
in your example case I don't know that I would even want to do a goto escape as you're doing some double loop stuff that might leave things fairly inconsistent... but if I was confident that it was okay (maybe you're walking a pair of trees for something and you break when you find it?) then it would be simple to just use the goto above.
not sure if it's just my employer's style or more global, but we *always* lexically scoped our protected block in curlies (even though it's not syntactically required, it sure helps the human brain).

Comment Re:I don't expect action on this (Score 1) 49

recycling Aluminum is much cheaper than refining new aluminum.

Thus Al is expensive.
The more expensive a material is, the more impetus there is to recycle. More specifically, the larger the delta between using raw feedstock vs recycle existing OR the more rare the initial feedstock is, the more impetus to recycle

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 2) 192

no, that's not why it was taken out.
It shares quite a bit with other disorders on the autism spectrum.

An apt analogy:
there is a group of people that don't like lots of little tools in the linux kernel, so they aggregated the stupp into systemd.
Now there are those of us who prefer the more granular control (identification) of our systems (neurobehavioral) issues and take exception to that.

Sadly unlike linux, the psych community only supports the systemd version.

Yes I'm an aspie, yes I still identify as such even though DSM-V says I should identify as "autism spectrum"

Comment Re:Baddly worded summary (Score 3, Insightful) 101

If they are going to produce X/86 desktops then they would be dumb to produce their own motherboard.
Lots of companies already make very good X/86 motherboards for both Intel and AMD. What can they do better? Even if the want to tweak the motherboard OEMs can do that for them.
Now if they intend to build their own motherboards....
Well that could be the death of the company. They would have to compete with people that make good products already.

Comment Re:NK *is* a credible threat (Score 1) 296

None have launched a missile.
Based on the Golf which was outdated when it entered service. The Golf was based on the Whisky which was based on the German XXI class.
The B-52 is was state of the art at that time. The current today the B-52 is only a threat to a major power because of it's cruise missiles.
Nope the NK boat is just not a threat to the US. maybe to Japan and US bases in Korea, Japan and maybe Guam but only maybe. And all the people talking about how Diesel electric boats are better than SSNs and SSBNs they do not understand that they are only better when they do not have to transit long distances. They can sit and be very quite but once they start moving things go south for them. They have a very short range on battery and they have to go slowly. Once they have to use the diesel they are very loud and near the surface. To transit, they have to snorkel or run on the surface. The latest Virgina class SSNs are as quite as an SS at low speed. They use a natural circulation reactor that does not need cooling pumps and advanced propulsor in place of a prop, and everything is rafted.
The US never had a problem tracking Golf class subs even in the 1960s. Tracking one of the Korean boats will be a piece of cake. And yes the US probably has more than one sub dedicated to keeping tabs any NK missile boat that dares to go to sea.

Comment Re:Baddly worded summary (Score 2) 101

Really kind of sad that this is called making your own computer.
So system 76 is going to go to Foxconn, ASUS, MSI or some other OEM and have them make laptops for them. For desktops they will probably make their own case and go to Gigabyte, ASUS, ASUS or some other OEM and buy a motherboard.
It used to be that "making" your own computer actually made the CPU. Companies like DEC, CDC, IBM, Data General, Ti, HP and so one all made their own CPUs sometimes several different models.
So IC based CPUs came along. Then making your own computer meant making the motherboard and often the OS. Kaypro, Atari, Commodore, RadioShack, and so on.
Today it means making the case.
The only real computer companies left in the none mobile world seem to be IBM and Sun. Maybe Apple, HP, and Dell if you take the making your own motherboards as being good enough. The rest are just putting stuff in boxes

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