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Comment Re:Ignoring 98% consensus (Score 1) 167

Some voted because they were told the GBP350m a day we give to the EU (We don't, it's much less) would go to the NHS instead. They back tracked on that within hours of winning
Some thought we'd repatriate EU immigrants. We won't be, it has just been voted on by the government.
Some voted exit as a protest and didn't expect to win and now regret it
Within hours, certain areas of the country were demanding the government would make up the lost EU subsidies they'd just voted to lose
There are still plenty of people who are happy for Brexit but probably not enough to swing it if there was another vote.

Comment Re:Ignoring 98% consensus (Score 2, Insightful) 167

They are currently riding the high from leaving the EU

A) We haven't left yet. We haven't begun to leave yet. All we did was have a vote on if we should.
B) Pretty much everyone I know is bloody angry at the result, the economy is tanking and most of the stuff that was promised by the leave campaign has evaporated and many who voted leave are now regretting it.

Comment Re:because (Score 1) 282

As an European, we *don't* work so hard for an employer.

Except the UK which like everything else likes to mimic the US's worst habits including long hours, frozen wages and extreme pressure to keep climbing the ladder or be let go as a shirker.

Comment Re:Let me tell you how it is... (Score 3, Informative) 361

Despite what some people will make you think, the UK has only agreed to take 20k Syrian refugees and has only taken the first tranche of those, a tiny fraction of what other European countries are taking. Compare that to a million on Germany or the immediate countries next to Syria who have taken on a third extra in terms of their total population.

Comment Re:Not even the worst game on the platform... (Score 3, Interesting) 157

Indeed. Not only is it not as bad as people point out, it actually introduced many firsts such as a title screen. It was also not responsible for Atari crashing. There were many other things going on, this was just a symptom of an overall problem. There is an absurd amount of disinformation around both this and the 'buried carts' story which just seem to get repeated ad-nauseam.

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