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Submission + - Humble Indie Bundle 2 Launches (humblebundle.com)

Enderandrew writes: "The Humble Indie Bundle returns. Name your price for a bundle of 5 games that are DRM free and run on Windows, Mac and Linux. You decide how to split up funds as well (to the game devs, the EFF and Child's Play Charity). Two of the most common trends on Slashdot is people complaining they can't get games without DRM, or that they can't get Linux/Mac-native games. Isn't it time for Slashdot posters to put their money where their mouth is and support some good causes? How many people will pirate the bundle despite the fact that you can purchase it for as little as a penny?"

Submission + - Creating a Security Test Evironment 1

Enderandrew writes: "Our IT department has been tasked with creating a list of authorized software, and only allowing software to be added to such a list after it has been thoroughly tested. On principle that sounds like a great idea. I wonder why he haven't done that already. The practical side of me then immediately wonders how we should test apps to make sure they are secure. We have tools to scan internal websites, and we use MBSA for our Windows servers. However, I'm turning to Slashdot wondering what are the best methods for creating a test environment where I can analyze apps for security vulnerabilities. We're a multi-platform shop, but my main concern lies with Windows apps."
GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - Does GPLv3 violate GPLv2?

Enderandrew writes: "I'm not a lawyer, but the following question just crossed my mind. The GPL does clearly state that there may be future versions of the license, however clause number 6 jumps out at me. "You may not impose any further restrictions on the recipients' exercise of the rights granted herein." Given that the GPLv3 imposes new restrictions, does this violate the above clause?"

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