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Comment Re:Say what? (Score 1) 364

Well, the dictionary definition is:

1. A member of any of the nine ranks of high public officials in the Chinese Empire.
2. A high government official or bureaucrat.
3. A member of an elite group, especially a person having influence or high status in intellectual or cultural circles.

It's sometimes used in a negative manner, especially with definitions 2 & 3.

Comment Re:Playing the race card again (Score 1) 1078

* From my standpoint, both the DNC and the RNC are a bunch of posturing hypocritical leeches on society who don't give a shit about anything but gaining power, money and control. Their only real difference is in how they each want these things exerted, and on whom, but their goals are the same so long as they are the ones in charge when the dust settles.

I like the cut of your jib. Please continue.


Submission + - SOPA: Stop Grandstanding, Start Crafting An Altern ( 1

gManZboy writes: "InformationWeek editor-in-Chief Rob Preston says it's time for breathless SOPA grandstanding to end. "An argument making the rounds among the digerati is that SOPA and PIPA are 20th century answers to a 21st century challenge, that the movie, music, and media industry lobbyists and their Congressional puppets just don't understand the dynamics of the Internet," he writes.

If Congress is so clueless about Internet dynamics, it's up to SOPA opponents to create a workable alternative for stopping online content piracy, Preston says.

"To its credit Google, whose YouTube is a dumping ground for pirated material, is behind an alternative bill--The Online Protection & Enforcement of Digital Trade, or OPEN, Act--and is seeking industry comment and collaboration. That collaboration must include movie, music, and media companies," he writes.

"Google and friends, the ball's now in your court. Where do you propose we go from here? ""


Submission + - Microsoft Pushes for Gay Marriage in Washington St (

plsenjy writes: "An article in the Atlantic outlines how Microsoft Corp. has submitted its support for a Washington State provision allowing gay couples to marry. Citing their inability to compete for top talent in the face of discrimination, Microsoft joins other firms such as Nike, Vulcan, and others to effectively change moral policy from the top-down."

Comment Old Joke, Similar Subject (Score 1) 235

Reminds me of an old joke (it's kind of a shaggy dog story, so apologies in advance):

The Kremlin is getting reports that theft is happening at one of their factories. Unfortunately, it is so disorganized, they aren't even sure what is being stolen, let alone who is taking the State's property. They decide to send some KGB men to the factory to find and punish the thief.

One of the KGB narrows it down to a couple of suspects. His prime suspect is a truck driver. Each day the truck driver goes by the front gate and the KGB guard stops him and searches the truck. Day after day, week after week. Nothing can be found.

The KGB man is getting very frustrated, but continues the daily searches. The truck driver always stands to the side and watches the KGB man search the truck, looking completely at east. (You see, the KGB man knows that the truck driver should be nervous. In Soviet Russia, the innocent are always nervous).

Anyways, this continues for months. Finally, the KGB man can't take it anymore. He pulls the truck driver aside and says, "Look, Comrade. I know you are the thief. I know you are stealing from Mother Russia. But for the life of me, I can't prove it. So I will make you a deal. You tell me what you are stealing and how you are getting away with it, and I will look the other way."

The truck driver thinks about it for a moment, he knows he probably shouldn't agree, but this is a joke, so he has to, and says, "Comrade KGB man, it is very simple. I am stealing the trucks."

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