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Comment Not the same rate of INCREASE (Score 1) 154

CO2 has increased at a MUCH LARGER RATE than has temperature; moreover the shape of the graphs are not really very similar with an increase in temperature rate of increase where co2 rate of increases show a lull.

I'll let you have the last response because I don't think you are really capable of actually understanding this concept yet. Don't worry, when climate scientists are forced to begrudgingly admit this in ten years or so you can say you knew it before they did.

Comment Look at the data (Score 1) 154

Do you deny CO2 in the atmosphere has shot up to record levels?

Do you deny that that increase is not matches by an equivalent temperature increase?

You are the one who wants everyone to fear. It is therefore incumbent upon you to prove the assertion that CO2 leads to runaway warming. The data does not show that any longer, but you are welcome to try so we all may laugh at you just like we do the other religious extremists trying to justify nonsense with faith.

Comment Read your own link (Score 1) 154

Read your own link retard. CO2 has had a much greater percentage increase over the past two decades than temperature has increased.

The whole point of government funded science making you scared of CO2 was to claim that CO2 leads to runaway warming (mandating of course much more government funding for the same scientists), which we can now see is a lie. It's fine if you choose to believe a lie, just don't ask others to which facts tell us otherwise.

All that's left is the fear now, no longer do you and your warming cultists run on facts... what a waste of a human mind.

Comment Still logical (Score 0) 154

That's only logical if there isn't some other reason to switch from fossil fuels

Even if you believe the fantasy that CO2 has anything to do with warming trends (as has been disprooved by decades of global temperatures not tracking with CO2 increases) a mere slowing down of the switch to electric cars hardly makes a difference, since all of the Warming Alarmists datasets assume CO2 use would continue to stay at current levels forever - plainly not the case if the large majority of cars are electric.

Besides, the U.S. (focus of this article) has ALREADY cut CO2 emissions beyond what was looked to in the Kyoto accords, so it does't matter as a whole if the U.S. is slower to adopt electric cars - we already did our part. Look to the rest of the world if you seriously consider CO2 as a problem (which no government does or it would reflect in actions, not words).

Comment If irreversible, why not let it continue naturally (Score 1) 154

I laso believe that "Car electrification is an irreversible trend".

So then why give hefty tax breaks to the 1% for buying electric cars today, rather than simply waiting for ten years when it makes sense that all cars are electric? You really aren't going to push the development that much faster than it would happen anyway.

Same is true for solar power and other alternative forms of energy. They are coming, they will dominate - just let that happen rather than trying to pick an exact winning form of that technology today.

Comment Apple software, not Apple Products Only (Score 2) 61

Want to watch this new pop-culture phenomenon? Here's a $300 dongle for your TV...

Apple doesn't care where you watch it from, but it has to use iTunes (which you may have forgot they have for Windows as well).

It's just that yes, it happens to be easier to watch all this stuff on an Apple TV.

Comment Re:Can only be played on Apple products (Score 2) 61

Everyone wants to own both the distribution channel and the content being sold over that channel. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu...

They all want their own programming so that going to a different store means losing access to content. If Apple's content does appear on Netflix, you can be sure of two things: (1) it'll be old episodes and (2) their programs will include melodramatic, never-ending story arcs.

Comment It's a good idea (Score 1, Troll) 61

We've already seen from Netflix that producing enough original content is a huge draw to making sure people use your service. No way would I ever unsubscribe from Netflix now.

Similarly, a good enough base of original content would be a pretty good reason to buy an AppleTV. Amazon is trying the same approach themselves with Amazon content, which has no AppleTV app yet.

The only issue is, can Apple produce anything anyone wants to watch? That's the real trick. To my mind Amazon has not yet been nearly as successful at that as Netflix has. But maybe Apple can do better with a greater knowledge of what people stream than Amazon has.

Comment Fungi are doing the same thing FYI. (Score 1) 280

I got something at the gym which resisted every OTC anti-fungal.

The doctor finally prescribed me something for it that killed it.

Fungi are creepy because they live on you as a food supply like you are walking dirt.

If you get enough and have a fungal bloom tho, they can kill you quickly.

Likewise, medicating a bad infestation too aggressively results in a toxin overload and can kill you.

I quit the gym when I got a second fungal infection about six months later that was also resistant (I was able to use the prescribed stuff to kill it).

Comment Vocational training for young kids is a waste. (Score 5, Insightful) 193

Who knows what jobs will be available in twenty years, between AI and offshoring? Coding doesn't look like a sure thing at all.

If you are going to focus on a skill, focus on ones that serve in that kind of future environment: being able to pick up on human context and nuance; to decode, no just the literal level of communication, but implicit levels of communication. Because even if AI and foreigners take our coding jobs, somebody is going to have to lay out specifications, and that take imagination and subtlety.

And you know what would be really, really good for developing those kinds of skills? Reading and discussing books.

Comment Re: The perils of success (Score 1) 94

You probably missed this report. Don't worry, you can find others if you look.

Several reports by Shin Bet officials (Yuval Diskin, Yitzhak Ilan) alleged that Hamas used Al-Shifa hospital as a bunker and refuge, knowing it will be spared by air-strikes. Ahmed Jabari was one of the leaders of Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades alleged to have hidden there during the 2008–2009 Israel–Gaza conflict.[9][11]

In 2009, The Palestinian Health Ministry, run by the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, accused Hamas members of taking control of wards in Shifa Hospital, using them for interrogation and imprisonment, while withholding medical care.[12]

During 2014, Operation Protective Edge, the hospital was described by The Washington Post as being a "de facto headquarters for Hamas leaders, who can be seen in the hallways and offices."[13] According to the WorldNetDaily, a conservative website[14] Middle Eastern security officials were said to believe that Hamas members are using the Al-Shifa Hospital complex in Gaza not only as a hiding place but also as a sanctuary command center for some of the Islamist group's operations targeting Israel and are using tunnels to move in and out of the complex.[15] A Palestinian journalist reported for Libération that just a few meters from the emergency room a section was being used by Hamas as offices.[16] This report was removed by Liberation at the journalist's request for unknown reasons. [17]

Reporting from the Gaza hospital to the Finnish Helsingin Sanomat Aishi Zidan reported that a rocket was fired in the middle of the night from a parking lot at the hospital.[18]

During Operation Protective Edge, Wall Street Journal correspondent Nick Casey tweeted a photo of Hamas MP and media spokesperson Mushir Al Masri using the outside of Shifa hospital for media interviews, but then later deleted it.[19][20]

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